10 Best-Ever Anxiety Treatment Techniques – Margaret Wehrenberg



10 Best-Ever Anxiety Treatment Techniques – Margaret Wehrenberg


You know the havoc anxiety can have on your clients.

The mental exhaustion from playing out worst-case scenarios in their minds. The constant fear of danger that drives them to isolate from others. The nausea, chest pain, restlessness, and dizziness that add more fuel to that anxiety. 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Treatment Techniques – Margaret Wehrenberg

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10 Best-Ever Anxiety Treatment Techniques – Margaret Wehrenberg

You realize the havoc tension that could have on your customers.

The intellectual exhaustion from gambling out worst-case situations of their minds. The consistent worry of threat drives them to isolate themselves from others. Nausea, chest pain, restlessness, and dizziness that upload extra gas to that tension.

Fortunately, the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience studies have discovered 10 foundational strategies with a view to assisting disturbing customers to reclaim their lives…

And you may use them to assist your customers beginning today — releasing them from the tension plaguing their lives and keeping them again from pursuing their dreams.

In our new online certification schooling course, you’ll grasp those 10 crucial tools, even as showcasing your know-how and dedication to exceptional practices by turning into a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (CCATP).

International anxiety trainer and speaker Dr. Margaret Wehrenberg will teach you her expert insights learned from over 40 years of clinical experience treating anxious clients. You’ll learn:…

  • The new, innovative interventions that have made other established interventions obsolete
  • How to adapt the most effective interventions to different age groups and client populations
  • How these effective anxiety management techniques can actually change the way the anxious brain works
  • And much more…

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Here’s What’s Included withinside the Course:

In this groundbreaking online certification course, you’ll find out – and exercise for yourself – the ten only equipment to alternate your customers’ disturbing thoughts, unfavorable behaviors, and dangerous lifestyle choices… supporting them take manage in their fear as soon as and for all.

This series of strategies will empower you to efficiently deal with most of the maximum not common styles of tension, along with social tension, panic disorder, generalized tension, and phobias.

Even if you’re a pro clinician who has dealt with tense customers for years, you’re assured to find out new interventions and precise approaches to use them in your exercise on your very subsequent session.

Module 1 :

Anxiety: Where does it come from?

  • Best-Ever Technique #1: The 2 all-natural ways to boost reward chemicals in the brain, increasing pleasure, and decreasing anxiety
  • How your client’s cell phone may be changing their brain and wiring it for anxiety
  • The most frequently misdiagnosed medical problems associated with anxiety and how to spot them
  • The 4 common substances your clients take daily that spike their anxiety without them even realizing

Module 2 :

Panic and Fear-Based Anxiety Disorders

  • Best-Ever Technique #2: How to put the brakes on your client’s fight-or-flight response by stimulating the vagus nerve
  • Apps and free resources to help your clients wrangle their anxiety between sessions
  • How “accurate anticipation” and planning the right way may be the key to curing your client’s panic
  • Best-Ever Technique #3: How to change the catastrophe conversation playing in your client’s head

Module 3 :

Social Anxiety Disorder

  • Why your exposure exercises are doomed for failure without these 3 elements, referred to as “the 3 C’s of successful exposure”
  • Best-Ever Technique #4: The simple grounding exercise that helps your client feel less anxious about uncomfortable sensations
  • Best-Ever Technique #5: How to persuade socially anxious clients to engage in situations that terrify them using their own internal motivations
  • Why the source of anxiety for millennial and iGen clients may require slightly different twists to treatment
  • 4 tools and mindset shifts you can teach children to help change anxious thoughts
  • Best-Ever Technique #6: The best way to prepare your socially anxious clients for exposure to uncomfortable situations

Module 4 :

Stress: How it Impacts Your Clients and How to Manage It

  • The quick, easy, heart-based solution to making difficult life decisions
  • The 4 core competencies your client needs to recover from chronic stress
  • How to manage a busy schedule and cluttered space to help your client finally feel at peace
  • How the 3 “Musts” cause your clients to feel stressed and anxious in their relationships
  • Best-Ever Technique #7: “2-minute relaxers” your client can use easily even when they’re swamped at work (or when you’re between clients)

Module 5 :

Generalized Anxiety and Worry

  • Best-Ever Technique #8: How to help clients function better at home, school, or work by containing their worry (and how to adapt this for clients of any age)
  • Best-Ever Technique #9: How some clients accidentally spike their own anxiety and how to get a handle on it to give them the control they’re after
  • Best-Ever Technique #10: How to stop anxious thoughts in their tracks by engaging your client’s prefrontal cortex

Module 6  :

Phobias and Perfectionism

  • The most effective ways to help your clients stop procrastinating and follow through on working toward their goals
  • How changing a few key words for your clients can help them stop worrying about making everything perfect
  • How to help your clients overcome intense fears of driving, flying, and health problems

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Complete your online CE tests and earn up to 12.25 CE hoursClick here for total course CE Credit and credit details specific to your profession.
You’ll end this intensive training with a course certificate of completion to apply towards your Certified Anxiety Treatment Professional (CATP) certification!

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