10 Steps To Learn Anything – John Sonmez



10 Steps To Learn Anything – John Sonmez


Discovering these techniques for yourself will change your entire outlook on software development-just like it did for me.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the flood of “must-know” new technologies, frameworks and tools that you’re bombarded with every day, you’ll adopt a Zen-like attitude toward the churn. 10 Steps To Learn Anything – John Sonmez


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10 Steps To Learn Anything – John Sonmez

To Every Programmer Who’s Ever Scanned

Hacker News And programming And Thought.

“How Will I Ever Keep Up?”

Here’s How To Turn “Information Overwhelm”

Into An Efficiency Edge That Can

Quickly Boost Your Income,

Earn You “MVP” Status With Your Team,

And Make You The In-Demand Developer

Companies Are Dying To Recruit

10 Steps To Learn Anything Quickly

Discovering those strategies for yourself will alternate your complete outlook on software program development-much like it did for me.

Instead of feeling beaten with the aid of using the flood of “should-recognize” new technology, frameworks and gear which you’re bombarded with each day, you’ll undertake a Zen-like mindset closer to the churn.

You’ll loosen up with inside the know-how which you DON’T ought to bounce on each new trend (or chance getting left behind).

You’ll have the self-belief that you may select out up a brand new era and comprehend it returned to the front in some days or multiple weeks.

Instead of feeling scattered and distracted, your studying time may have laser-like recognition and structure.

And you’ll in the end revel in the pleasure of really FINISHING. You’ll recognise while you’ve discovered sufficient and you’re equipped to transport on.

This 10-step gadget will display you:

How breaking out of the “studying livestock chute” allows you to grasp even the maximum tough technology quickly.

The motive why which include a mandatory “playtime” for your look at classes can rocket you up the studying curve quicker than you idea possible-despite the fact that you sense like you’re simply goofing off.

A dependable heuristic for understanding what to read and what to ignore. That’s proper: Dumping that big stack of unread books and deleting your Instapaper queue will truly make you a quicker learner. (This will unfasten you from “Amazon studying listing guilt” forever.)

How to harness your herbal creativity and interest for better, quicker studying (with 0 frustration and overwhelm).

How to chart your personal direction for studying a brand new subject matter. This will unfasten you from the tender tyranny of ebook authors and running shoes who assume they recognise the pleasant manner as a good way to analyze.

The three important questions you should solve while you begin studying whatever is new. (Don’t waste weeks wandering around misplaced and confused. These questions will factor you withinside the proper direction, each time.)

How to quickly get a “toehold” on any new subject matter earlier than you dive deep. This approach helps you to pass properly beyond the component in which your head spins from overwhelm.

How to interrupt out of the “countless studying loop,” in which the greater you read, the greater your studying listing grows.

The manner to set yourself up for studying success. When you do this, you’ll recognise while you’re achieved with a subject and equipped to transport directly to new challenges.

How you may use your new studying superpowers to quick advantage recognize as a frontrunner and an authority. Your crew will appear to you while it’s time to assess new technology, and you’ll have top-notch employers beating down your door.

How to analyze greater with the aid of using studying less. (This is important to removing overwhelm-and in reality placing what you’re studying into practice.)

Here’s How It Works

10 Steps To Learn Anything Quickly is NOT a “speaking head” lecture on summary concepts.

For this direction, I desired to reveal to you the strategies in motion. So I determined to allow you “appearance over my shoulder” as I educate myself on a state-of-the-art skill-a way to create pixel art.

With every step, we’ll begin with a quick assessment of what’s involved, which includes your purpose for the step and the particular moves you’ll take.

Then you’ll get to pay attention to my mind as I carry out the stairs properly in front of you on camera.

As I unpack the primary 6 steps for you may:

Go from feeling beaten and intimidated with the aid of using a new area you’re tackling to self-belief which you recognize the breadth and scope of your subject matter.

Discover which you now “recognise what you don’t recognise”.

Develop your personal custom, simply-for-you motion plan that lays out precisely what you’re going to analyze and what steps you may take to put in this new know-how for your mind.

Then withinside the ultimate four steps, you’ll bite thru your studying motion plan in file time.

This component is fun, due to the fact you’ll faucet into your personal interest and child-like choice to explore. There’s even a MANDATORY play time-and a danger to reveal off the whole lot you’ve discovered.

And all of it enables to anchor your new know-how for your mind so that you can pull it out months or years later and it’s equipped there, precisely while you want it.

The complete direction is supplied in 12 HD-quality .mp4 movies. The movies are DRM-unfastened so that you can download and convert them for viewing at the participant of your choice. (Or even pace them as much as 2X if that’s your thing.)

And genuine to the spirit of “studying quick,” the strategies in this direction won’t take you weeks of look at to grasp.

In fact, you get the complete gadget in only seventy-two tightly edited minutes.

That way you may rip thru the complete direction over your subsequent lunch smash after which positioned the gadget to be just right for you immediately.

I positioned a number of ideas and attempt into developing this direction, and the movies virtually stand alone.

But I need to do the whole lot in my energy to look at you grasp those 10 steps.

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