5 Second Massacre 6 DVD Set – Russell Stutely



5 Second Massacre 6 DVD Set – Russell Stutely


5 Second Massacre 6 DVD Set – Russell Stutely. Packed Full Of Bad, Mad, Low Down And Dirty Techniques Previously ONLY SHOWN To Government Controlled Forces.

This Clip Shows Live Pressure Testing Of A Few Of The Techniques You Will Learn From This DVD Set.

5 Second Massacre 6 DVD Set – Russell Stutely

”The 5 Second Massacre”

Let’s take a detailed look at what is in this incredible 6 DVD Package.

DVD 1 – “5 Second Savage Head Finishes”

For illustration purposes only. This is Digital Download.

This is all about taking out your opponent in less than 5 Seconds with the best and most invaluable finishing techniques.

We all know that the head is one of the most ”vulnerable” targets on the Body, and is hit most often when it comes to street self defense.

But, many people get this all wrong, they flail and swing and fail to finish the fight fast

This details how to finish the fight fast in a brutal, no-nonsense way, enabling you to walk away clean in no time at all.

  • How to do a brutal single-strike knockout My style! This is one of the fastest and best ways to drop a guy like a sack of potatoes. I reveal how to combine the right pressure points with the right power…to brutally knock a guy out with ONE strike.This isn’t even five seconds…this is UNDER ONE second…and you’re done.
  • How to do a devastating waveform head butt…in other words, how to generate unheard of power…pushed into a head butt that brutally mangles a guy’s face. This is brutal and devastating stuff!
  • Cheekbone destruction: one of the most painful things possible is breaking a cheekbone. Russell will show you not just how to break it, but how to literally turn it into mush and dust. This is over-the-top brutal. (And it’s to be used only in extreme self-defense scenarios.)
  • Temple devastation: how to take a guy out using his temples – again, this can cause serious damage, so is only to be used in extreme scenarios.
  • How to use my power secrets, along with a potent head pressure point to wreak havoc. The guy’s legs will collapse, and possibly worse. This is one to use when the s*it has really hit the fan – your opponent will think he’s been hit with a sledgehammer!
  • And loads more besides…

DVD 2 – “5 Second Brutal Neck Demolitions”

I don’t need to tell you just how dangerous the neck can be in a self defense situation.

And this DVD could be considered ”rather disturbing”.

This is just Brutal stuff that can be achieved in less than a second when utilising my methods.

I urge you to take on board the training methodology espoused on this DVD.

Even at medium speed and power you can Kill someone!

  • How to pop out a guy’s Adam’s Apple leaving him swinging in the wind. VERY dangerous stuff. Use this simple ‘pincer’ movement and you’re ready to ROCK AND ROLL. Combine this with power for awful results.
  • A move so dangerous that we won’t reveal it in this letter today. It’s a neck-based technique, let’s just say that…and it’s incredibly devastating (almost TOO devastating) if used correctly. Use my ‘depth of penetration’ for even worse results. Full details revealed!
  • Windpipe crusher alert! Another brutal move that must not be used unless absolutely warranted. I will again reveal all – showing you where and how to strike with ultimate power to end the fight…instantly (and brutally). (note: THIS MOVE IS DANGEROUS. DO NOT USE UNLESS YOU REALLY HAVE TO)
  • How to use a vicious BITE on the neck to instantly end the fight! (This stuff is over the top brutal and one of the reasons Ian G thought I had ‘gone mad’!). This technique would get you banned for life from every ‘standard’ martial arts club or fighting competition in the World if you did it for real.

WARNING: These neck moves are very dangerous and brutal, and must ONLY be used when the situation absolutely warrants it

DVD 3 – “5 Second Brutal Soft Tissue Takeouts”

We all know that the ‘soft tissue’ parts of the body are some of the most painful areas to ‘manipulate’ in a self-defense situation.

And then imagine me telling you HOW to use these areas for maximum pain, damage and hurt.

I’m talking about eyes, balls, ears and worse here.

As I say on this DVD: “These techniques are horrific”…!

  • How to POP OUT both your attacker’s eyes…at the same time! Again, this is brutal stuff and not to be toyed with. I’m talking eyeballs rolling around the floor here. Needless to say, this is over-the-top brutal.
  • Not finished with him yet? Then here’s how to rip both EARS clean off the head…and let them ‘say hello’ to his eyes (on the floor)!
  • How to ‘Freddy Krueger’ a guy with nothing but your bare hands. This super-powered move will leave your attacker doubled-up in agony, vowing never to attack YOU ever again! (Extra powerful when done with intention)
  • Strike a pressure point at a certain soft tissue area so it makes him WET himself right where he stands. Not only will you finish the fight, but you’ll also embarrass the heck out of the loser as he writhes in his own filth (as you walk away).

WARNING: You will see me demonstrate the ear rip on a Pigs Head. Not for the squeamish!

DVD 4 – “5 Second Multiple Attacker Massacres”

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare…but it’s getting more and more common these days.

I’m talking about NOT just one attacker…but two (or more).

Fortunately, on this next DVD, I show you how to deal with this…and how to ‘massacre’ the multiple attackers that DO try to attack you.

And once again this is brutal stuff. I’m talking bodies flying all over the shop, and even body parts flying all over the shop too!

  • Two attackers? Two brutal strikes and you’re done. The secret is to use My infamous ‘WaveForm Power’ in conjunction with pressure points. Do that…and watch them both crumble like the proverbial cookie around your feet!
  • Attacker has a knife? Use it against HIM and then HIS BUDDY…leaving a sorry mess as you get away clean. Not pretty – and not for the squeamish
  • What to do if one attacker grabs, and the other tries an attack? I reveal all. Yet again, the result is multiple opponents left in a heap!
  • And loads more….

DVD 5 – “5 Second Weapon Eradications”

You see, as no-one wants to fight fair these days and since I am no longer concerned about ‘fighting fair’ in any case – why not put the ‘unfair advantage’ in your hands?

I’m talking about using ‘legal’ weapons here to finish the fight even more quickly and easily than you could in any other way.

In this DVD I reveal how to use normal objects, such as ashtrays, keys and so on to destroy and obliterate anything that stands in your way.

  • How to use an old-school boxing technique with an ashtray to ‘extinguish’ your attacker and make sure he never wants to come back for more!
  • An awful move using keys that will only be revealed to people who actually get hold of a copy of this new material (we don’t like to always reveal all in these letters…as we don’t know who is ‘watching’ and what their motivations really are)
  • The brutal belt strike. Combine this with the correct pressure point and watch him go down quicker than Obama’s approval rating!
  • And more that I can’t reveal here….

DVD 6 – “Avoidance And Awareness”

Yes…this is important.

You see, YOU don’t ever want to get into a dangerous situation unless you are FORCED to.

Fact is, you’re best off avoiding these situations altogether (But if you DO…then we also want to make sure you have all the tools you need to escape which is why I am here for you).

Yes…awareness and avoidance is still critically important.

Even more so today. And that’s why we filmed this extra DVD on avoiding trouble altogether.

The great thing here was that this was actually filmed ‘live’ on the streets…with me ‘talking over’…so you can see how to keep aware and hopefully avoid trouble altogether.

This DVD is ideal ‘backup’ to ensure you can stay out of trouble altogether…which is just as important as knowing how to deal with trouble EFFICIENTLY should the need arise.

How often do you hear someone say “What if someone who knows what they are doing, attacked you?” or ”what about a full speed attack?”

Well my friend I decided it was time to put that one to bed.

We also filmed a ‘live’ session where I donned the gloves, or not, grabbed a training partner…

And showed you a selection of the 5-Second Massacre moves in real-life action.

This is unique, as it was effectively done at full-speed.

So you’ll have no doubts how real and practical this information really is.

I tried to control my reactions to the attacks – but a few times it went wrong… or should I say right?

That is at the end of DVD 5

Those DVDs alone are priceless!

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