7 Day Business Turnaround – Mark Joyner



7 Day Business Turnaround – Mark Joyner


7 Day Business Turnaround – Mark Joyner Download. Now you can use incredible “paint-by-numbers” turnaround
tactics to stockpile months of operating expe…

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7 Day Business Turnaround – Mark Joyner

Now you can use incredible “paint-by-numbers” turnaround
tactics to stockpile months of operating expenses in only a week…

Based on ALL NEW Cash Injection Technology…
and PROVEN in the field.

From: Mark Joyner
Palo Alto, California
Sunday, 9:57 AM

On this page, you’ll discover a host of revolutionary secrets to erase the desperation and stress caused by the dreaded “cash-crunch.”

From radical new “cash injection technology”, to proven tactics from turnaround titans, you’ll learn scores of secrets for creating stunning windfalls… at will.

Also, from multi-million dollar business owners, to “wet behind the ears” newbies, you’ll see how common stumbling blocks are blasted to smithereens.. inside of a week.

You’ll see how to be a smashing success in business whether it’s online or off, even if you’ve struggled in vain for years to have consistent, dependable cash flow.

And you’ll discover…

  • An easy trick to get your head in the game with “bleeding edge brain hacks” that practically force you to hit your goals with stunning regularity… in a fraction of the time
  • How to create winning advertising in minutes with a “paint-by-numbers” copywriting method that generates cash jackpots with next to no effort… even if you never wrote an ad in your life
  • Little-known post dot-bomb cybermarketing methods that are scientifically proven to work and can catalyze any business for rapid growth

You can launch your very own “Cash Injection Mission” in the next 3 days – and repeat this process as many times as you like – anytime your business needs a surge of cash-flow.

Want to find out how?

Read on and you’ll unearth the facts. (And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…)

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It’s easy to find out.

Ask yourself this question:

When I got up this morning, did I make my decisions based on:

A.  Doing the things I enjoy doing most for the long term interest of my family, my company and myself?
.. or ..

B.  What do I need to do today to solve my cash flow crisis?

If you answered B, then chances are you are in desperate and critical need of a turnaround.

Heck, you could have a million dollar business , but if you have to pull off a monthly marketing miracle to meet THIS months obligations… you need a turnaround too. (One of my “Space Monkeys” did. What is a Space Monkey? Hang on… I’ll tell you shortly.)

Because if you ever want to sell your business, you can’t depend on divine providence as a business plan.

The problem is, most entrepreneurs are in a perpetual state of stress and overwhelm. In fact, “working for the man” was a picnic in comparison.

The simple truth is, as an entrepreneur you often times end up working longer and harder for less pay.

That’s the catch-22 of business ownership that nobody tells you.

See, if you are always in a state of needing right-now-money just to survive, it’s simply not possible to make lasting changes to your business.

Because you can’t have lasting business success until you pull yourself out of that frustrating “cash strapped” state.  No one could.

You see, if you’re constantly putting out cash flow fires, you just don’t have the time to make strategic growth choices.

What’s more if you feel stress about not having enough time in the day... that’s an even stronger indicator that you’re a prime candidate for a turnaround.


Because an intelligent turnaround quickly relieves the stress that saps your power. Then, and only then, are you in a realistic position for long term growth. 

After all, that’s your dream, isn’t it? Otherwise you wouldn’t be going through all the heartache. You must sense there’s a pot of gold at the end of your rainbow… but how do you find it?

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Look, this isn’t the time to beat yourself up because your business is floundering. You have more important priorities right now. Your future is at stake. Your family is depending on you.

But the facts are, stress is caused by uncertainty. So allow me to relieve it right now.

Here’s the facts.

According to Brian Head, Economist for the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy (US) the top three reasons most businesses fail are:

  1. Starting a business for the wrong reasons, such as having the illusion that it will instantly make you more money and have more time off.

  2. Poor Management. New business owners frequently lack relevant business experience and management expertise in finance, selling, hiring and managing employees.

  3. Insufficient Capital. Business owners frequently underestimate how much money is needed and how quickly they can establish positive cash flow.

At least one of those must be a worry right now, or you wouldn’t have read this far. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

And you know what?

Chances are pretty good it’s not your fault the business is a mess right now.


Because business, by definition, is about risk.

To make great gains, one must take great risks.


So, you can’t fault yourself for being a risk-taker. I commend you for having the gutsYou’re a hero in my book.

I know you’ve learned a lot. Even made some mistakes along the way (we all do… even me). Now you’re feeling stuck because of all you DON’T know. It all seems so overwhelming.

The time has come to snap out of it. Because right now, you don’t have the luxury to dwell on it.

Now it’s time to focus on the solution …

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Read this carefully. I’m going to actually give you the formula for a business turnaround.

And whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a one man (or woman) show, these are the precise 4 steps in any turnaround situation.

    1. Stop The Bleeding. Both time and money are precious commodities in the world of business. It’s like “found money” when you actually get serious about plugging the holes. Just about every business on Earth has this problem… it’s that sinister.

    2. Stop The Stress. You can’t experience a turnaround with the stress of overdue bills, tax payments and creditors making those humiliating calls.  And as I stated before, uncertainty is a major stressor. So getting clarity on where you are and where you need to go is vital. Because, until you do, greatness will always elude you.

    3. Inject The Business With Cash. This step is all about breathing room. The formula for your Cash Injection Target is (Monthly Operating Expenses) x (2). With all of the businesses that fail due to under-capitalization, it’s critical to get this buffer as swiftly as possible. That gives you the resources for step 4…

    4. Refocus The Business. Albert Einstein once said“ The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” How true. Fresh new marketing, beefed up management skills and dependable cash flow will set the stage for long term growth and stability.

That’s it. Pretty simple… at least on the outside.

With that strategy alone, you could engineer a turnaround. If you know the tactics to accomplish each step, my work is done here. Go forth and execute.

If you don’t… keep reading to uncover your answer.

But first, you may be wondering…

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Turnaround DAY 1

  • A step-by-step action plan that swiftly stops the bleeding of your most precious assets (pg 1 WS)

  • The secret (yet super-simple) tactic that magnetizes and draws you toward vital daily objectives… and virtually eliminates activities that sidetrack you (pg 2 WS)

  • A 4 point system for identifying money sucking time wasters and stopping them cold (pg 2 WS)

  • The ONLY 4 questions you ever need to answer about whether an employee is an asset… or a liability. And exactly how to painlessly relieve them of duty if they don’t make the grade (pg 4 WS)

  • The 5 Step process to your 7 day business turnaround that makes cash injection technology as easy as following the bouncing ball (pg 3 VB)

  • The ONE simple task that “tunes” your turnaround for maximum Formula 1 race car speed. No, it’s not cash (that’s vital too), but a commonly overlooked step that supercharges your results (pg 4 VB)

Turnaround DAY 2

  • How to put yesterday’s action plan into motion and stop the bleeding TODAY. All the forms, scripts and tips you need to get the job done quick and easy ( pg 1 WS)

  • Two potent ways to clean up the mess from haunting old bills… the fact is, most of us just don’t know how simple it is (pg 2 WS)

  • 5 no-nonsense tactics to deal with Tax Agencies (like the IRS) and soften potential adverse consequences you would normally face. Don’t mess with the tax man, he’ll shut you down in a heartbeat (pg 4 WS)

  • Five tips for slashing expenses on essential services have a shot at success – I can guarantee you’re paying way too much (pg 4&5 WS)

  • How to plug the 3 invisible cash-flow holes of every business – miss one and kiss your turnaround goodbye (pg 7 VB)

Turnaround DAY 3

  • Eight classes of business assets (many are commonly overlooked) to select for your upcoming cash injection. These resources are unutilized and hidden from plain view, you just need to know where to look (pg 1 WS)

  • The new PMCFT method for rapidly injecting your business with “Vitamin C” … CASH! (pg 2 WS)

  • 5 essential steps for creating your own unique cash injection so business success is no longer “Mission Impossible,” but Mission Probable (pg 2 WS)

  • The 3 part “blue laser” action list that launches you toward your cash injection goal… sucks away your stress and uncertainty… faster than a speeding bullet (pg 3 WS)

  • How to use a simple formula to calculate your “cash injection target,” so you swiftly create financial reserves to reinvigorate your business (pg 10 VB)

  • Three business myths that hold most marketers back from greatness… finally debunked! Here’s one: “Only a marketing genius can bring in fast cash to a company” Not true at all… that is if you know this revolutionary new cash injection technology (pg 11 VB)

Turnaround DAY 4

  • How to find money sitting right under your nose! Doesn’t matter who you are or what kind of business you own, the dough is there. These “underutilized assets” can be turned into cold hard cash in a matter of days… (pg 13 VB)

  • Four sure-fire cash injection tactics that create money out of thin air. Any schmuck on the planet can find at least one of these tactics to pull in profits (pg 13 VB)

  • How to use two types of contests (leveraging little-known human psychology) that quickly get OTHERS doing your selling! (pg 14 VB)

  • Using “_______ offers” for an instant sales boost and the sneaky trick (perfectly ethical) that gets people buying ON YOUR SCHEDULE so you meet your injection goal on time! (pg 15 VB – hint: the missing word is not “irresistible”)

Turnaround DAY 5

  • How any human being can create bankable NEW products – like magic – in a matter of hours… no matter where you live, or what your IQ (pg 16 VB)

  • 5 quick new product creation tactics you can use to whip up a stream of speedy dollars and funnel them straight to your bank account (pg 16-18 VB)

  • The easiest and least expensive way to jack up the value of your unique expertise and claim guru status (pg 17 VB)

Turnaround DAY 6

  • How to meet your cash injection goal if everything else fails (pg 19 VB)

  • An easy way to instantly generate needed cash… and what you need to do to insulate yourself from the perceived risks associated with this technique (pg 19 VB)

  • How to add value to your enterprise while simultaneously ensuring enough capital to fund your long term business needs (pg 20 VB)

Turnaround DAY 7

  • The one minute “brain booster” for generating a slew of out-of-the-box, breakthrough and highly profitable marketing ideas to re-invigorate your business – “new ideas” will never be your problem again (pg 1 WS)

  • The one (when all else fails) method to “un-stick” your mind and elicit new insights and ideas you can use for your business and your marketing… so you have an endless river of “brain juice” that makes your cash flow safe and stable (pg 3 WS)

  • The BIG 3 checklist for long-term business health. Ignore these concepts and you’ll be right back where you started in a “New York minute.” (pg 22-25 VB)

  • How to boost your money power expertise after you meet your restructuring goals (pg 24 VB)

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