Authority Profit Machine 2022 – Paul Clifford



Authority Profit Machine 2022 – Paul Clifford


Authority Profit Machine 2022 – Paul Clifford

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Authority Profit Machine 2022 – Paul Clifford

Authority Profit Machine 2022 - Paul Clifford

Authority Profit Machine 2022 – Paul Clifford

If you’re an expert, coach, consultant or simply someone who’d like a proven system to create and publish a world-class eBook in 27 days or less to:

  • Tell your story, share your expertise, experience, passion and knowledge with more of the world!
  • Establish yourself as a credible, go-to expert in your field… with cash-rich clients and customers seeking YOU out and lining up at YOUR door… securing a prolific, profitable, stress-free 2022 and beyond!
  • Amass an army of die-hard fans, leads, customers and clients eagerly waiting to hear whatever you have to say and… chomping at the bit to buy any product or service you put out there… almost sight unseen!
  • Use an eBook in your funnel as a front-end product to give a taste of your expertise before selling them on your more expensive products and services… tearing down objections… and making selling your high-ticket offers a breeze!
  • Establish and promote your brand or make your business a known entity in your field!
  • Grow your business and multiply your income along with it!
  • Generate 1000s of book sales,100s of sizzling-hot reviews from your readers… and convert them into big-ticket clients and customers…

If you’d like to achieve anything (or everything) I’ve mentioned above — read on. Because this may be the most life-changing message you’ll ever read.

What’s In Store For You In The APM Program!

MODULE 1 – The Big Picture (This is your TICKET to fast and guaranteed success with your APM eBook.)

  • Birds-eye view of the overall APM funnel and how to bang one out… in less than an hour!
  • 3 REAL, invisible reasons why you haven’t been able to create and publish your eBook yet! (And how one dead simple trick will burn each of these 3 reasons right to the ground!)
  • If you have published your eBook you’ll see WHY exactly you are not getting the kinds of results you hoped for!
  • How one simple tweak in your eBook funnel may turn even a dismal failure of an eBook into a monster authority-building asset bringing you leads, sales, and clients 24/7!
  • How and why 19 sales of a single, short, 60-page APM eBook… can easily bring you more big-ticket clients and cash… than most best-selling non-fiction authors get with thousands of books sales!

MODULE 2 – Research & Choosing A Topic For Your eBook

  • How to flesh out BOOMING – yet severely overlooked – niches within YOUR industry… where… people are starving for the solutions you have to offer… BOTH in your eBook AND in your higher ticket products and services!
  • How to tap into five, under-the-radar market data sources… to validate your eBook idea and get a definite answer to the all-important question – will your eBook sell?… and… do it in less than 15 minutes for free!
  • How to uncover the deepest pain points in your market! (And build your entire eBook outline around those to ensure it can’t help but strike a chord with your prospects… in 40 minutes or less!
  • How to measure the amount of money there is to be made in your niche!
  • 3 anti-common-sense tactics for tapping into the most lucrative – yet invisible – markets… and… using your APM eBook to milk it for as many cash-rich clients as you can handle!
  • How to know exactly what info your audience is hurting for RIGHT now!
  • What exactly to write in your eBook! (No guesswork.)
  • How to find and strategically deliver to them that info they’re craving for… via APM eBook… for instant authority status and clients! (Even if you’re making your very first steps in that niche!)

MODULE 3 – eBook Creation

  • How to map out a detailed outline for your eBook using our one, proven, tested framework… in less than 10 minutes!
  • How to create a sizzling-hot title for your eBook that will stop your prospects dead in their tracks… and have them burning to buy and read your eBook!
  • How to choose “hot” keywords for your eBook title and its description to make sure it ranks high on Amazon… right out of the gate!
  • The counter-intuitive – yet 100% legit – reason why you shouldn’t aim to create a signature eBook!
  • The risks and dangers of over-delivering value in your eBook! (And how to deliver just the right amount of valuable info in your eBook… so you’re not UNDER-delivering either!)
  • And much… MUCH… more!

MODULE 4 – List Building/Marketing

  • The #1 most criminally-underused, list-building source on the planet… where you can find tens (and hundreds) of thousands of ultra-targeted leads for your APM eBook AND… your other products and services!
  • How to tap into that vast, grossly-overlooked pool of piping-hot prospects… and squeeze it out of as many readers and clients as you want… like it’s going out of fashion… for free!
  • How to build a list of prospects who’ll be eager to help you create title/subtitle, description, and… even… entire sections… of your eBook… for free!
  • One free strategy for building a list super-fast!
  • TWO paid strategies for building a list of ultra-targeted prospects and boosting your personal brand while doing it… even if right now no one knows you from Adam!

MODULE 5 – Publishing

In this module you’re going to discover:

  • How to format your eBook for different platforms! (And do it both on – and off – Designrr.)
  • Step-by-step walkthrough of how to publish your eBook on Amazon!
  • How to use images in your eBooks… the right way!
  • What is Amazon’s KDP Select program… and why and when you may want to have your eBook enrolled in it! (And how to do it the way that brings maximum eBook sales and five-star reviews from your target customers and clients!)
  • How to protect your eBook from digital pirates!
  • How to price your eBook!
  • And much more!


  • How to warm up your audience and have them wait for your eBook with white-hot anticipation!
  • How to launch your eBook in a way that can’t help but generate a host of sales, five star reviews… and big-ticket clients… on the very first day when you publish your eBook!
  • Three, a bit sneaky – yet 100% ethical and legal — strategies for generating a downpour of five-star reviews for your eBook!
  • Fill-in-the-blanks examples of what you should tell/write to your audience in the warm-up stage of your launch and… what to tell/write them DURING the actual launch…. to get them chomping at the bit to grab your eBook and go for your other products and services!
  • And MUCH more!

Only today, Authority Profit Machine 2022 – Paul Clifford – Price $77. You will be supported lifetime. Don’t forget to sign up to receive the email, and earn even more rewards.

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