Become Ridiculously Good with Klaviyo in 5 Days – Rob Allen



Become Ridiculously Good with Klaviyo in 5 Days – Rob Allen


Become Ridiculously Good with Klaviyo in 5 Days – Rob Allen

In this video training, I show you the secret to turning the same email list into 25%-50% more profits … by properly slicing and dicing up your messaging to certain groups.


Become Ridiculously Good with Klaviyo in 5 Days – Rob Allen

Here’s a sneak peek!

Day 1: The course begins with my famous “Pop Up Power-Hour” training

In this lesson, I show you how to design, write and launch pop ups that convert at 20+% and even higher.

This is a crucial area of Klaviyo account management that so many people skip.

And they get slower results because of it.

But I actually start here.

Because it’s one of the fastest ways to help brands grow their subscribers and sales … without even having to write and email or build a flow.

That’s because, with Klaviyo, there are ways that you can personalize the onsite experience for people who would already be likely to buy and get them to do it sooner.

There are also ways you can take existing popups and gather more targeted info to improve later marketing messages.

In this training, I’ll show you specific info you can capture that make your prospects think, “WAIT! How did they write this just for me?”

Plus, we’ll get into the 3 different types of signup forms, where to deploy them and even what offers/copy to use for different types of traffic.

And that’s not all.

I’ll also show you:

  • How you can make forms look amazing … even if you’re not a designer yourself!! (Make sure you follow my “form design best practices,” including the critical 5 FORM ingredients you must have to make them convert well)
  • An idea I stole from the pet supplement industry to improve email revenue (this can make you a GENIUS in the eyes of your client if you do it right).
  • The one question you can add to any form that creates an entirely NEW flow for individuals that’s hyper profitable
  • My favorite trick to perfectly time exit pops that ensures they’re shown at the exact right time
  • How to hide one-time offers from people already on your email list
  • How to have secret sales targeting your best customers … without even emailing about it
  • How to exclude or include specific geolocations for your forms (this is REALLY important if your product can’t be shipped to certain regions)
  • The chrome extension I use to make sure that I have the perfect branding for my forms
  • The “PERFECT WELCOME OFFERS” to put on your sign up forms that boost sign ups and lead to higher sales numbers (Don’t guess! When you can just follow these examples).
  • Conversion rate sign up benchmarks and how to absolutely DOMINATE the base line (Shockingly most brands just convert 1% but the way I’ll show you how to do it converts as high as 20%)
  • Plus, you’ll get 30+ examples of great sign up forms for different kinds of segments that you can model!

It’s a lot of material, but I cover it all in just 25 minutes…

Which if you’re like me and watch it on 2x speed, means you’ll consume that entire video in just 12 minutes!

And you’ll thank me when you’re done.

Because implementing just this can result in a huge lift in email results…

Because you’ll putting more subscribers on your lists and showing custom messaging to the subscribers you already have!

It’s really hard NOT to grow sales when that happens.

But that’s just the beginning.

I Also Show You Advanced Strategies of Segmentation to Drive EVEN More Revenue, Faster

In this video training, I show you the secret to turning the same email list into 25%-50% more profits … by properly slicing and dicing up your messaging to certain groups.

And you will see my 6 “cheesy animal” way of thinking about segments, exactly how to create the lists, and what the goals with marketing to them are.

PLUS, you’ll get DOZENS of EXACT campaigns and flows to send them to unlock even more sales.

Day 2: I Show You The Art of Converting Email Copy And Techniques For Creating Beautiful Email Designs

Brace yourself for Day 2 fun!

Because this is where you’ll get some of the most anticipated trainings in the course.

First, I kick things off by showing you how anyone can create well designed emails … even if you’re not a designer.

You’ll see the exact tools to use pull off a BEAUTIFUL email recreation and even get to watch me create an email from scratch.

I show you my “Vital 6” elements of a converting email design to radically boost the response of your emails.

It’s 25 minutes and some people’s FAVORITE video of the whole course.

Then, once you see how to lay the email out, let’s talk about writing the content for it in my “Body Copy Tips and Tricks” training.

In this lesson, I show you 6 core persuasion principles that move people to take action in droves…

…And EXACTLY how and when to incorporate each element into your emails.

You’ll learn about some of my favorite email ideas and copywriting techniques in this section, including:

  • The one email you can add to any clients account and 2x revenue as a result
  • My favorite “persuasion hack” for increasing the performance of a client’s holiday sale by sending a single email BEFORE the sale starts
  • How to strategically use buttons to improve response rates with my “button buster” technique
  • How to get your email subscribers to like your brand more … by introducing characters into your emails
  • How to showcase the amazing qualities of a brand and build authority … without coming across as “braggy” or “showboaty”
  • The one thing I put near buttons that’s ugly but has a powerful effect on your emails conversion rate
  • And so much more

This 12-minute video is so stuffed with copywriting wisdom that some have said it’s easily worth the price of the whole course by itself.

But it’s only 1 part of everything you get inside Become Ridiculously Good with Klaviyo in 5 Days.

Day 3: You’ll See The Keys of Converting Flows (And Little-Known Funnels That Can Drive INSANE Profits)

On Day 3, we really get serious about “evolving” your skills as we start looking at the 3 most critical flows inside a Klaviyo account and the psychology of why they exist.

In this lesson, I don’t just say, “here are the flows, good luck!”

I give you everything you need to know about them.

  • 3 characteristics of each one that makes them convert 2-10x better
  • Sample cadences
  • And the biggest mistakes most people make when building out their flows

I even give you over $10 million in REAL email samples that we’ve written for clients that you can study and model.

Plus, you’ll see:

  • How to “trip the wire” with my signature “tiered” approach to emailing
  • Ways to incorporate storytelling and bonding into your flow emails (this make readers LOVE you and results in almost instantly higher performance)
  • The most important thing to do within the first 24 hours of an abandoned cart (this boosts response every time)
  • A vital “conditional split” you should consider building into your flows that can lead to a big boost in AOV
  • The 3 words I say are vital to browser abandon flows (that most people never even think about)
  • Sample sequence and exact potential subject lines you can use in emails that pull in huge revenue numbers every time

And if that weren’t enough, you’ll also get access to a bonus training on “hidden lucrative funnels.”

These are flows that VERY few people know exist that can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

Some leverage AI and predictive analytics technology inside Klaviyo.

While others require a deep dive into our customers’ behavior.

But one thing is for sure…

Once you get these flows turned on, they convert like wildfire.

In fact, sometimes these “hidden funnels” are the key to email growing from 5-10% of total sales … To 20%, 30%, and even 40% or more.

Day 4: I Show You The Secrets of Conducting Account Audits

In addition to all the new flows and campaigns you’ll learn how to build, you’ll also get a rapid training on how to properly conduct an account audit.

This can be a paid service you pitch to clients to uncover deficiencies in the account.

Or it can be a free service you offer as a way to sign clients on large retainer projects.

In addition to the training on how to conduct the audit, you’ll also get a step-by-step checklist that will show you exactly where to look for services to offer clients.

Knock it out in 20 minutes and get paid handsomely for your expertise.

Day 5: Brace Yourself For A Data Masterclass with A Rare Bonus Interview

Jesse is a DATA monster.

We worked together at Ancient Nutrition.

He was hired to run all these crazy analysis on different cohorts and spoon-feed me campaign ideas.

People said we were like Batman and Robin … if they were total nerds and focused on maximizing email revenue instead of saving Gotham City.

(So practically the same thing, right?)

That’s why I knew I wanted to interview him for my Klaviyo course because when it comes to using data to make informed decisions I literally don’t know anyone who’s as good as him.

(That’s probably why he went from Ancient to one of the top data firms in the country and now he heads up the analytics for WP Engine).

I got him to share the most important data he looks at for a new store, open up about successful campaigns he’s run and even pretend to launch and scale a new brand based on data.

It’s consistently rated one of the BEST parts of the course.

Outside of this, you’d have to pay Jesse $2k/per hour for his time.

But it’s included in your training program!

Only today, Become Ridiculously Good with Klaviyo in 5 Days – Rob Allen – Price $57. You will be supported lifetime. Don’t forget to sign up to receive the email, and earn even more rewards.

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