Brand Titans: Master Course – Bill Schley (of the Advertising Mad Men)



Brand Titans: Master Course – Bill Schley (of the Advertising Mad Men)


Brand Titans: Master Course – Bill Schley (of the Advertising Mad Men)

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Brand Titans: Master Course – Bill Schley (of the Advertising Mad Men)

Brand Titans: Master Course - Bill Schley (of the Advertising Mad Men)How to Stand-Out from Every Competitor in 4 Weeks. Or it’s FREE.

About five years ago I heard a story that made my heart break. It wasn’t the first time I heard a tale like this of course.

A friend told me about his favorite coffee shop that had just gone out of business. He really liked the owner, too.

He said they had great coffee, great service, and awesome pastries. It was better than Starbucks!

And then I asked him the question I always hate to ask:

“Did people know about them…that they were unique?”
Long pause.

“Not-t-t-t really,” he said. “A few regulars did, but…hardly any.”

You see, the thing is, when most people think “coffee shop,” they instantly think “Starbucks.”

Even in that Connecticut town. But, with a completely forgettable name and NO BRANDING WHATSOEVER, they died.

And the worst thing is— THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO!

I’ve seen this happen in EVERY SIZE business! Start-ups to Fortune 500s. And I’ve proven that ANYONE can solve it—IF they know the ONE REMEDY THAT FIXES weak, forgettable Brands!

The fact is: 50% OF ALL BUSINESSES have a death sentence the day they open. And time after time, lack of good branding is why so many good businesses don’t get ahead. Or too often, die.

I’ve taken my entire Branding formula, and all the background information and techniques, and broken them down into 15 easy-to-watch, Hollywood-quality video sessions. “Bite-size” pieces of the puzzle. You get everything you need to know about how to become a #1 Brand—as well as clear warning about all the traps and temptations to avoid. (This is the “what” and the “why.” )

1. The Brand Titans® Master Course

Here’s a quick tour through the whole course:

I. The Mad Men Foundation (3 classes)

The forgotten secrets of Branding… what branding is and is not… 3 secret qualities of the best Brands in the world… and much, much more.

II. The Unshakable Framework Pieces (3 classes)

You’ll learn the quick test to confirm your brand is completely yours… the exact blueprint Brand Titans used for creating stories that sold millions… how Smart Branders own a place in their customers’ minds… and lots more about setting yourself apart and using stories to secure your #1 Brand.

III. The Floor, Walls and Ceiling (5 classes)

7 proven blueprints to position a #1 Brand… the “inseparable couple” of every #1 Brand (you’ve gotta have both)… The 4 vital tests your business name must pass… and much, much more.

IV. The Finishing Touches (4 classes)

The best types of visuals to use in Branding… How to make 6 or 8 words more powerful than 6,000… Why smaller companies can Brand circles around the “Big Guys” … and everything else you need to complete your Stand-Out Brand.

Class 13 coming August 10, 2022

Class 14 coming August 17, 2022

Class 15 coming August 24, 2022

Here’s just a small selection of what you’ll be watching

2. The Roll-Up-Your Sleeves Sessions

After each Master Class video, you get a second, short, informal video with extra hints and action steps to start implementing what you just learned.

These sessions will steadily move you forward toward building your own #1 Brand. (This is the “how.”)

Here’s a quick selection of video from the Roll-Up-Your Sleeves Sessions.

3. My Own Private Vault of Brand Stories

A lot of people talk about “Branding as a Story.” But hearing that from people who really don’t understand Branding (I’m sad to say, that’s nearly everyone else teaching it, these days) won’t boost your sales or your acquisition price.

My Private Vault of Brand Stories is a power tool that’s one of a kind. All told—these 15 one-page stories were worth over a $Billion dollars in real market value to real companies! I wrote them along with my clients, and their brands instantly had the pathway to #1 in their Category. These are the actual stories that companies paid tens of thousands for. You’ll not only see exactly how they work, they’re yours to model for your own company!

Most of what’s in here has never been published anywhere before. It’s a treasure trove of Branding Gold that will help you tremendously, when it comes time to put together your own, new Brand Story (which is part of the Master Course).

4. Your Brand Guardian Policy:
How to Insure the Life of Your #1 Go-To Brand

Your new Brand can easily become your most valued asset—But you’ve got to protect it too—from the false prophets and bad actors, not to mention competitors, once you’ve got it. This is not a financial insurance policy, but a set of iron-clad rules and guidelines. So no one in your organization or your agency mistakenly pours all that carefully-crafted value down the drain.

I brought in an award-winning journalist turned veteran business consultant to interview me about all the well-meaning—as well as nefarious—things people inside and outside your business will try to do to derail and destroy your Brand value. Don’t let them! I’ll show you how to protect yourself.

5. Membership in the exclusive Brand Titans Community

Once you enroll, you automatically become a Charter Member of the Brand Titans Community. This special online group allows you to network with your peers and share ideas. One great thing about membership in the Community is you won’t stand alone against the tidal wave of misinformation about Branding that is so widespread in business today. You’ll have like-minded friends and colleagues along with me, to help you focus on what works when you’re a Brand Titans Brander.

6. Special Brand Titans ONLY Live Coaching Sessions

I’ll start with six of these. The sooner you get in the course, the sooner you’ll have a chance to participate and get your questions answered. In these classes, I’ll also zero-in on topics of special importance. You’ll deepen your understanding and sense of ease about what’s really important—as well as build and strengthen your Brand Titans mindset. Again, this is your opportunity to get personal feedback from me.

How much should I charge for this course?

Companies pay me up to $10,000 a day for an in-person consultation… over $20,000 a month on retainer to help them find their #1 Brand. That means hundreds of thousands for the same information and Branding formula you’ll get here.

My friends and associates told me to start at $5,000…

But — my Mission now is to keep the Great Principles Alive and Affordable for the thousands of companies who might never discover the Stand-Out Brand that’s waiting for them, if I don’t show them the Brand Titans formula.

And that’s why I’ve decided to keep this system well within reach of everyone who needs it.

Here’s the complete system that’s waiting for you:

  • Video Brand Titans® Master Course
  • Video Roll-Up-Your Sleeves Sessions
  • The Master Vault of Brand Stories
  • Brand Insurance Policy
  • Membership in the Brand Titans Community
  • Six Live Coaching Sessions
  • Certificate as a Brand Titans Brander (once you complete the Course)
    All of this for only $995

Only today, Brand Titans: Master Course – Bill Schley (of the Advertising Mad Men) – Price $237. You will be supported lifetime. Don’t forget to sign up to receive the email, and earn even more rewards.

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