Charisma on Demand – Emotional Mastery 2022



Charisma on Demand – Emotional Mastery 2022


Charisma on Demand – Emotional Mastery 2022

It’s simply to point out that even though we care primarily about how we FEEL, we spend our effort on things that don’t work long term!


Charisma on Demand – Emotional Mastery 2022

Charisma on Demand - Emotional Mastery 2022Want to consistently feel more energy, self-confidence, and happiness?

Not only that, but to be less driven by negative emotions: whether it’s self-doubt, discomfort with conflict, or fear of failure?

What if you were more in control of unwanted surges of stress, anger, and nervousness?

What if instead you felt level-headed and even happy in the situations where you used to lose your cool – be it with friends and family or in the working world?

How would you behave differently?

And what would your life look like if you could maintain that emotional clarity for an extended period of time?

That vision might seem a far way off, but it’s more achievable than you think.

But you’re going to have to take a different approach than most people.

You see, at some level we ALL want more joy and less fear in our lives.

We just go about it in different ways. Some people work hard to…

Get wealthy
Cultivate a perfect body
Be praised by a huge audience
Find the perfect romantic partner
But there is a huge problem with all these approaches.

Because even if you get those things, you’re likely to find that the goalpost for joy just moves a bit farther ahead…

Like, “Okay that was an amazing achievement – but now I need to do THIS achievement to feel good.”

And rather than removing negative emotions, you tend to just positively reframe them with a new name.

So instead of being fearful of failure, you say you’re a “perfectionist.”

Instead of feeling uncomfortable with conflict, you say you’re “too busy with other things.”

And instead of feeling hesitation and self-doubt, you say you’re “stressed about work.”

In short, no matter what you DO or SAY you’re likely to find that you don’t FEEL much different.

At least not for long…


Because even though it’s important, the external world doesn’t have the final say in how we feel.

Think about it: how many celebrities have “everything,” yet still self-destruct, sometimes taking their own lives in the process?

And closer to home, what was the last goal YOU had to hit? A financial goal you needed to cross? A fitness achievement you needed to check off your list?

Months later, how much happier has it made you?

I’m willing to bet “not much.”

That’s not to say that getting certain things can’t contribute to your happiness.

It’s simply to point out that even though we care primarily about how we FEEL, we spend our effort on things that don’t work long term!

The problem is we don’t understand the “subconscious thermostat”

You see, the subconscious mind is made up of hidden beliefs, self-concepts, and ways of seeing the world that act like a thermostat…

It keeps your experience of life within certain boundaries. You can’t go too high or too low.

And though major life events can pull us away for short periods of time…

Like a thermostat, we’ll always find our way back to our personal “normal.”

This operates on everything from our emotions: how much joy, frustration, and stress we tend to experience…

To our behaviors: how assertive we are, how much we stick up for ourselves, and how likely we are to pursue the things that inspire us.

This can operate in your favor — pulling you towards more joy, happiness, and success as YOU define it.

Or it can work against you — pulling you towards stress, limitations, and success as OTHER people define it.

And what’s most crazy is that we aren’t even aware of the pull the subconscious has on us.

Instead, we invent reasons after the fact to explain why our behavior can land so far from our expectation, like “I’m just off today” or “That’s just how I am around people like that.”

Really though, the subconscious is heading EXACTLY where it’s programmed to be.

Sadly, most people have never directly influenced this subconscious thermostat. And they don’t even realize it’s set far below where their true potential lies.

Imagine though that you COULD influence that subconscious thermostat

So you prime your subconscious for more joy and happiness.

When you start off happier, not only do you get the amazing benefit of FEELING happier more often…

You also limit self-defeating behaviors, like:

Avoiding the important conversations that need to be had

People pleasing and seeking approval at the expense of your self-esteem

Stressing out over things that are ultimately unimportant

Instead, you’ll bring clarity and confidence to whatever problems might arise, solving them without needless emotional baggage.

Similarly, you can take power out of the things that make you stressed, angry, jealous, or insecure.

Then you’ll stay more cool, calm, and collected in high pressure situations…

And you’ll almost effortlessly perform better.

Not to mention that when you exude GENUINE positive feelings and are quick to dispense with negative ones, good people will naturally gravitate towards you.

And persistent problems that might arise in your closest relationships can be productively resolved.

In short…

The most important areas of your life are ALL lifted when you make changes on a subconscious level

The problem of course is that even though we pay lip service to the power of the subconscious, almost no one has any idea how to influence it.

So when we want to change our lives, we focus on external symptoms.

Like earning more money, making people like us, developing skills to build up our self-esteem and self-image.

When we focus on outer achievements we inevitably realize that no matter what we do, our core feelings just don’t change much.

That doesn’t mean the external approach is “bad.” I think it’s great when people are able to make their external conditions more closely match their dreams.

After all, getting people to like you quickly is a big part of what I teach with Charisma on Command. It definitely made me happier for a period of time and I don’t regret focusing on it at all.

But one thing developing my charisma, running my own business, and essentially living my dream life has taught me is…

You can get EVERYTHING you think you want…

And it won’t necessarily change the way you FEEL.

Because it doesn’t address your subconscious programming.

Not only that, but if you never address the core issue, everything you do is going to be only partially effective. A temporary fix.

Think about it…

What is a big, but difficult life improvement you’ve tried to make? Being more confident? Feeling more positive? Caring less what other people think?

Chances are, you’ve made some behavioral level changes. And chances are, they helped. In fact, a tremendous amount of what I share on the Charisma on Command Youtube channel is along these lines.

At some point though, you’ve probably found that behavioral level changes become high maintenance and less effective.

And even when you’ve built good habits of positivity, taking responsibility, and raising your personal standards, some things just can’t be shaken.

You STILL doubt yourself, though you try to cover it up

You STILL seek approval rather than pursuing your dream life

You STILL feel like you have to shrink away from or justify yourself around certain people

And perhaps worst of all, you still move through life feeling “okay” instead of genuinely joyful.

While surface changes can help, a deep part of your subconscious is holding you back from your true potential.

And no matter how many affirmations, positive reactions, or impressive achievements you stack up, the subconscious doesn’t care.

But you don’t have to stay stuck in the programming.

There is a method to re-program your subconscious limitations and it’s exactly what is inside Emotional Mastery.

What is Emotional Mastery?

Emotional Mastery is a 24-day step-by-step program designed to give you tools to feel more happiness and less anger, stress, anxiety, and fear.

This isn’t fluffy theory stuff either. You’ll get ready-to-use exercises that you can implement immediately so that each week you’re seeing positive changes.

You’ll also get an actionable, step-by-step guide so that you know how to integrate everything you learn into your daily life.

Here’s just SOME of the things you’ll be able to do using Emotional Mastery:

Consistently have your baseline level of happiness and joy higher so that you feel amazing more often

Get to the root of your motivations so you can distinguish between healthy skepticism (which you should heed) and limiting self-doubt

Feel motivated by your genuine desires and not feel controlled by the fear of what you “ought to be doing”

Quickly uncover lingering blind spots that are holding you back and keeping you playing small in your career and personal life

Stop patterns of anxiety driven behavior so you consistently come across cool, calm, and collected in pressure situations

Have proven tools to reduce stress, limit emotional decision making, and improve your judgement, so you’re the calmest person in the room (who also gets the right answer)

Overcome the fear of making mistakes so you stop missing opportunities while sitting on the sidelines or not going fast enough

Reprogram your subconscious mind so it pulls you towards your full potential instead of holding you back

Restore balance to your life instead of feeling like you have to impress people all the time through work, your appearance, or your achievements

Turn your emotions into fuel to live the life of your dreams so that you’re drawn to the best decisions, not the easiest

Emotional Mastery will take you step-by-step each leg of the journey, guiding you along so that as long as you follow the program, you’re guaranteed to see massive gains.

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