Convert Like A Charm – Jon Buchan



Convert Like A Charm – Jon Buchan


Convert Like A Charm – Jon Buchan

Using humour and persuasion together changed my life. Let me teach you my own style of copywriting that gets results. 


Convert Like A Charm – Jon Buchan

Convert Like A Charm - Jon BuchanDoes your sales copy get positive replies and enthusiastic buys?

Using humour and persuasion together changed my life. Let me teach you my own style of copywriting that gets results. 

The Charm Offensive copywriting style began its life as a way to get responses from cold emails and other cold pitches.

This context is very different from writing pitches to an existing opted-in email list or by posting a pitch on social media.

More recently, I’ve blended my disarming humorous style with rhetorical devices and the persuasive concepts of direct response copywriting to great effect.

There are studies on the use of humour in the world of advertising and persuasion.

I have included a few succinct cherry-picked tidbits from these studies below:

“Humour attracts attention.” ~ Weinberger and Gulas, University of Massachusetts.

”The use of self-effacing humour by a source would increase the effectiveness of a persuasive message.” ~ Lyttle (2001)

“Humour enhances liking. In fact, the link between humour and liking is stronger than for any of the other factors.” ~ Freedman, Sears, and Carl Smith (1978)

“One positive quality in a person causes us to assume that the individual has many positive qualities.” ~ Seiter and Gass (2004)

“Humour does not harm comprehension.” ~ Weinberger and Gulas, University of Massachusetts.

“Humour is a tool that can enhance a well-crafted persuasive message.” ~ Lyttle (2001)

“People who are in a good mood are less likely to disagree with a persuasive message.” ~ Freedman, Sears, and Carl Smith (1978)

I’ve developed a style which stands out, entertains, and most importantly, converts.

I’ve distilled my process for creating this potent blend of charm and persuasion in an ebook that will teach you all you need to know to start applying these techniques to your own copy.

Enter the Converts Like A Charm Ebook.

So what does the ebook cover?

This awesome 95-page ebook will go into great detail, covering:

  • How to use these crafty coy little bullet points that evoke curiosity with their combination of vagueness and specificity. *ahem* ?
  • Incorporate easy to use joke formulas such as “The hyperbole pack pedal”, “Words in their mouth”, “2 Hands” and a variety of others to add spunk, chutzpah, and moxie to your copy
  • Use conflicting word combinations to make copy to maintain attention and make people smile
  • The counter-intuitive way of talking up your own self-interested goals to great persuasive effect
  • Quash your prospects objections with the “absurd scenario” technique
  • Deploy unorthodox calls to action to maximise click-through rates
  • Make the use of scarcity far more fun for everyone involved, while still maintaining its efficacy
  • A simple clever trick that uses informal and formal copy together to create humorous sentences
  • The common mindset issue that people have that prevents them from writing high-converting, charming, funny copy
  • How to provide ‘silly’ reasons for sales offers that make people laugh and reach for their wallets
  • A few crafty tricks to maximising open rateson your most crucial, time-sensitive pitch emails
  • The 5 key elements you need in any charming sales pitch
  • The ‘scenic route’ tactic to celebrate your successes without appearing arrogant, and to criticise others without being direct.
  • The ‘creative pattern interrupt’ techniques I use on social media to stop people from scrolling
  • The charming little lines I add to social media posts to boost engagement and reach significantly.
  • The clumsy, herky-jerky, sentence structure that when used, adds a sort of ‘comic-timing’ to your copy
  • The weird ‘metric humour’ trick I learned from watching my favourite sitcom growing up, Cheers
  • A cunning, but lazy technique that uses specificity to make your copy resonate with more of your audience
  • An unorthodox post you can make on Facebook that will get enormous reach and promote whatever you want
  • A simple tactic you can use to generate a huge level of responses from the first email in your autoresponder sequence
  • How to write emails even when you’re in a bad mood or have no motivation or are recklessly hungover
  • The key elements to ask to be included in your client testimonials that will maximise their persuasive effect
  • How to make people want to click on links to your video testimonials, and engage with them on social media
  • The most cost-effective cosmetic that anyone can add to their copy to make yourself more likeable and drive a ton more sales
  • Use the power of recognition to write funny in-jokes that will resonate with your audience, building a strong level of rapport in the process
  • Effectively incorporate humorous storytelling into your sales copy, allowing you to generate an ROI from your memory of your life experiences. (Even some of the bad ones!)
  • The clever little rhetorical trick used by a former UK Prime Minister and several former US Presidents to make them appear more likeable, and how you can use this tactic in your copy
  • Write funny P.S. lines to finish your email with a wry smile
  • An overview of the various types of email I send, and their structure
  • The writing mindset I learned from one of my favourite authors, Hunter S. Thompson and how you can use it to write more captivating and entertaining copy
  • What my top selling products are, why they are the top sellers, and how to create your own versions of these for your market
  • The amusing “tenuous transition” technique you can use to not so gently move in to your pitch
  • The tiny but crucial change I made to my pitch emails after seeing Ben Settle’s that completely changed how I wrote emails to my list
  • How to maximise the reach of any social media pitch post by doing one thing a little differently
  • How to do subtle “soft” promotion of your new product to build awareness and and anticipation
  • Generate genuine testimonials for your product before you’ve even sold a copy

Only today, Convert Like A Charm – Jon Buchan – Price $22. You will be supported lifetime. Don’t forget to sign up to receive the email, and earn even more rewards.

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