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I once spoke to two guys after a seminar I hosted in Toronto.

These two guys were alike.

They both came from middle class families.

They both graduated from prestigious universities.

They were both intelligent.


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I once spoke to two guys after a seminar I hosted in Toronto.

These two guys were alike.

They both came from middle class families.

They both graduated from prestigious universities.

They were both intelligent.

And they were both ambitious and driven.

One was what you’d consider a successful but mediocre guy. He had a decent job, an average house, and went on vacation once or twice a year.

The other man was a multi-millionaire who had his own company, drove sports cars, had a portfolio of properties in desirable places around the world, and enjoyed a lifestyle of abundance.

Have you ever wondered how some people achieve massive success?

They have their own companies.

They make millions or billions of dollars.

They have a great relationship.

Have cool friends who’ve got their back.

Live in their dream homes.

And have a life most people can only fantasize about.

It’s what makes the difference for athletes who win races by just a split second.

Poker players who manage to keep their cool and win at the highest stakes.

Entrepreneurs who clinch high pressure deals that can make or break them.

It’s simple…

When you think mediocre, you’ll be mediocre.

If you want to be mediocre, then you can stop reading now… This isn’t for you.

However, when you’re serious about achieving goals important to you… then I urge you to keep reading.

Because I’ve been working hard putting together a course specifically to help you develop the mindset you need to start seeing big results in your life.

It’s called DRIVE.

Inspired by over a decade of work helping people get the breakthroughs in their mindset to finally reach their goals in dating, lifestyle, business, and other areas of life…

Based on the latest research in the field of neuroscience,

It’s a step-by-step process you can do in the comfort of your own home… in just an hour and a half… which will get rid of the unconscious barriers holding you back from success once and for all.

Elite military like US Marines… and professional athletes like NBA stars, football players, and UFC fighters… use this same technique to push themselves to the limit.

And when they’re competing, it gives them the special edge they need that makes all the difference between victory or defeat… survival or death… and becoming champions in their respective sports, winning trophies, and smashing world records.

So you can understand how powerful the unconscious mind is for soldiers and athletes, let me give you a famous example…

Scientists used to believe it was impossible to run a sub-four-minute mile. They believed the cardiovascular system wouldn’t be able to cope with being put under so much pressure.

Since then, more than a thousand athletes have achieved the same feat… including high school students like Jakob Ingebrigtsen, a 16-year-old from Norway, who’s the youngest athlete to break the four-minute mark.

As best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell wrote:

Once Bannister did it back in 1954, other athletes started to unconsciously believe the so-called impossible was possible and immediately started breaking the four-minute barrier.

And it’s not only soldiers and athletes who use this process to activate the power of their unconscious minds and reach new heights.

It’s also what many entrepreneurs, Hollywood actors, and famous musicians use to perform at a higher level than the average person.

It’s what helps entrepreneurs make billions of dollars… Hollywood actors to win Oscars… and musicians to sell millions of albums.

And the 100-minute process in DRIVE is going to do help you get the success breakthrough you need too!

It’s going to activate your unconscious mind and make you perform at a level higher than you’ve ever seen.

However, before I reveal what it is, there’s something important you need to know…

Because your unconscious mind has been influencing your decision-making to such a high degree, you’ve likely been setting goals well below what you’re capable of.

So I want you to do something…

I want you to think of a goal which excites you the most… and this time make it BIG.

If you want to be more confident, imagine having so much charisma when you walk into a room, you light everyone up… as they all enjoy how much value you bring just by your presence.

If you want to have a better body, imagine being so ripped, you can’t help but admire the view every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

If you want to find a great partner, imagine finding the one you’ve got such intense chemistry and passion with that you can’t keep your hands off each other.

Or if you’re already in a relationship and want it to be more fulfilling, imagine it as a never-ending honeymoon where you enjoy mind-blowing sex every night.

If you want to change careers or get promoted at work, imagine having so much money in your bank account, you can retire and your life is now one never-ending adventure…

where you travel around the world meeting amazing people… and don’t have to think twice about buying whatever you desire.

The only problem is… your unconscious mind is probably telling you it’s not possible.

Experiences you’ve had in the past have programmed your unconscious mind to operate in a certain way. This means you’re stuck in thought patterns… causing you to act in ways that hold you back from getting what you really want.

For example, if you weren’t popular as you grew up and didn’t hang around with the cool crowd, your unconscious mind has been programmed to think, this is how you are.

However, this is a faulty assumption you made when you were a kid and couldn’t see the bigger picture, like the toxic ideals you held back then of what cool looked like. Yet this toxic thought pattern can hold you back in social situations and prevent you from making new friendships that are good for you.

Faulty thought patterns you developed when you were younger and didn’t know any better… can hold you back in all areas of life.

Here’s how…

The Unconscious Drive Exercise is a 100-minute step-by-step guided meditation exercise that bypasses your conscious mind and speaks directly to your unconscious.

After you do it, you’ll break free from the control of your unconscious mind and finally take control of your life.

It creates a subtle yet profound shift inside you that causes a massive difference in your life:
● Success will stop seeming like an endless struggle… things will start to flow and you’ll overcome any obstacles in your way with a greater sense of enthusiasm than ever before.

● You’ll be able to unleash your full potential so you can live a life of significance… build something meaningful… even leave a legacy that can last beyond your lifetime.

● You’ll realise there’s nothing separating you and high achievers like multi-millionaires… You can amass your own personal fortune and become as wealthy and successful as them.

● You’ll turn into the high value person you were meant to be and will develop the confidence to be your authentic self… magnetically attracting members of the opposite sex to you.

● You’ll develop friendships lasting a lifetime as your full personality comes to the surface. You’ll connect and form bonds with people like never before.

● You’ll break free from your comfort zone and firmly grab hold of any opportunities you would have previously let slip by.

● Your mind will start working for you instead of against you… and you’ll finally start achieving goals that currently seem out of your grasp.

● You’ll be super motivated and have the boldness to finally go for what you want and build the lifestyle you want.

● You’ll stop repeating destructive patterns of behaviour and will develop habits that will take you towards your goals instead of away from them.

● You’ll build an unshakable foundation of self-confidence that will never leave you… and will start to thrive in your career and personal life.

● You’ll break free from feelings of fear, worry, self-doubt, anxiety, and experience a greater sense of freedom than ever before.

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