Ed O’Keefe – Time Collapsing Course + Bonuses



Ed O’Keefe – Time Collapsing Course + Bonuses


6 Proven Steps To Making Money Fast

… In ANY Industry

The system I used to build every single business I had Pre-Time Collapsing was incredibly simple:
1- Find the Market
2 – Figure Out What I Was Going To Sell Them

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Ed O’Keefe – Time Collapsing Course + BonusesEd O’Keefe – Time Collapsing Course + Bonuses

6 Proven Steps To Making Money Fast

… In ANY Industry

The system I used to build every single business I had Pre-Time Collapsing was incredibly simple:
1- Find the Market
2 – Figure Out What I Was Going To Sell Them
3 – Get Website Traffic
4 – Make it Profitable
5 – Scale The Crap Out Of It
6 – Leverage (Either with my own team, or by outsourcing.)
Seems like a winning formula, right?
Here’s why:
1. You get really, really busy going in all sorts of directions and TRYING a TON of things.
2. You have no idea where your revenue is coming from, and where you’re losing money.
3. You work every hour you have, and start to lose sight of what really matters – friends, family and fun.
4. You become blinded, and can’t figure out how to make MORE Money, While Maintaining Control.

What seems so successful to start with starts to rob you of your health and happiness.
The overwhelm, the worry and the stress are one thing, but this hit and miss approach means your business will not make money long-term.
Your “Winner” Now Becomes A Hidden Trap That Is Preventing You From Growing

My system, that I thought worked so well to start with, quickly became a nightmare, sapping the life, the energy (and the cash!) from me.
I knew things had to change.
I needed a new way of working:
One designed for SPEED


One where I could still LIVE MY LIFE

And one that made better use of my time
I Created The Time Collapsing System Because My Life Was Out Of Control… And My Business Was Going To Die… Fast.
I tried and tested EVERYTHING…
Spending over $100,000 a year for over a decade, attending events, masterminds, hiring consultants, and getting on an airplane to stay “plugged in” taught me ONE THING.
Virtually everything being touted by business experts and marketing gurus either “might” work in a specific context … or it “used” to work, but is now obsolete.
So whenever I tried these tips, tricks and hacks I was taught … I fell flat on my ass.
I learned from my mistakes. And now you can too.
The Time Collapsing System is NOT another productivity course you pay a couple of grand for, leave feeling amped up and motivated, then get back to your business and wonder how the hell you’re supposed to apply the stuff you were just told.
Time Collapsing Is Different

With Time Collapsing, we take each of those 6 areas above, EXPAND on the concept so you understand WHY the lesson is important for your business, then go back down to the tactics.
For Example, in my recent live 1 day Time Collapsing Academy Event, when I was training 40 high level entrepreneurs: most of the day was spent removing all the blockages, traps, and frictions slowing them down.
Then, I took them through a process which freed them up to build a future without their perceived limitations.
By taking away that overwhelm, confusion and stress, they had renewed energy and enthusiasm for business, increased clarity, and a perfect vision of what they would achieve.
I want to help you with this too.
Because only once you’re stress-free, happy and focused, can we dive down into the details, secrets, strategies and tactics of growing your business, podcast, tribe, or whatever your money machine is!
I’ve stripped out every activity that’s a time waster and ONLY give you the 3% that works!
The Brand New “3% Process” For Creating Your Personal Time Collapsing Money Machine!
This is the same 3% process which has allowed me to:
Make over $50 Million Dollars in a highly competitive supplement market with no experience.
Make 7 Figures in Less Than 12 Months with complete simplicity.
Generate $1.6 Million In Sales in Only 4 Days.
Now You Can Steal The Time Collapsing Formula
– 100% Risk Free

Because you said YES to The Time Collapsing Book, and because you’re a customer now, what I’d like to do is literally GIVE you these Time Collapsing Moments in business broken down in detail so you can replicate the process I used for yourself.
I literally want you to STEAL what I did, and copy it.
It works, so why reinvent the wheel?
The 1-day event I mentioned earlier cost the 40 entrepreneurs over $1,000 each.
And it was worth 10 times that. We got the feedback to say so.
These guys were serious too.
The deal was: they had to be doing over $1,000,000 a year just to be in the room and be ready to super-charge their business, because I was laying out my entire Time Collapsing Acceleration Process.
I promised them I’d show them how to make more money with ease, and they promised me they’d do whatever I told them to.
We both stuck to our side of the bargain.
There was NO Theory, NO BS…just the raw simple truth about what works for Time Collapsing…so they could see results FAST!
And now I want to do the same with you.
I’d like to take you behind the curtain to that training I did for the 40 high level entrepreneurs who all paid $1000 to be in the room, so you can get personally trained by me.
Because ALL I care about is Results, SPEED, And Your Happiness!

I know, that might sound cheesy, but what I’ve found is that there are LOT of people who have found “success”, yet happiness eludes them.
My Training Fixes That!

We go DEEP.
You’ll learn literally dozens of insider secrets from the worlds of 7- and 8-figure business that were built FAST and are still making crazy money to this day.
I’ve broken down the Time Collapsing Money Machine process into a 6 Week System so you can learn the secrets of success as used by companies like Tesla, Apple and Dollar Shave Club.
This course will walk you through each of the key areas in business

Module 1
The Opportunity and The Question
Social media has given EVERYONE opportunity to make it big.
That’s good AND bad news.
It means you no longer have the edge over your competition with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but in this module , I guide you through what is working NOW
Thanks to expert help from the brains behind Digital Marketer, you get insider secrets to stand out from the noise online.

Module 2
The Fastest Way To Accelerate

There are 9 key friction points that will kill your success before you’ve even begun.
Not one of the 7- and 8-figure entrepreneurs I’ve mentored has known what these are, yet when we removed them, they fast-tracked their profits.
Module 3
Freedom Question
Discover the long-lost, buried question the marketing experts of old used to ask themselves.

Module 4
The Leap Frog Time Collapsing System

• Never Take The Stairs to Success Ever Again
• Learn how to establish yourself as an authority figure quicker than you ever imagined.
Module 5
Advanced Power Relationship System
• How to Get A Billionaire, Celebrities To Mentor, Hire, or Endorse You
• The Secret to: 2, 5, 20,100, and 1000

Module 6
Building Your Own Personal Time Collapsing Machine

I made the 1st ever time collapsing machine. Learn how I (a father of 7) manages to run 2 multi-million dollar companies while still having enough time to take my kids to the ballgame, and going on date nights with my wife.
Module 7
“The Future You” Interview! Fun training that will give you the power to truly life-style design
Every entrepreneur I know (from the 50,000 Leads-a-Day Super-Affiliate Who Quietly Builds Houses and Schools For Orphans!, to the white rapper turned private jet company owner) used THIS very training exercise.

As you can see there’s a LOT covered.
Anyway, here’s the deal:
I’m offering you this complete Time Collapsing Formula for only $997.
If you’ve decided this is for you, the second you click the button below we’ll add the complete program to your order, you’ll get instant access to:
Module 1: The Opportunity and The Question
Module 2: The Fastest Way To Accelerate
Module 3: Freedom Question
Module 4: The Leap Frog Time Collapsing System
Module 5. Advanced Power Relationship System
Module 6: Building Your Own Personal Time Collapsing Machine
Module 7: “The Future You” Interview! Fun training that will give you the power to truly life-style design

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