Elite Course Package – Roger CPA



Elite Course Package – Roger CPA


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Elite Course Package – Roger CPA

All four exam sections, plus additional benefits:

  • CPA Review | AUD / FAR / BEC / REG Updated for the 2019 CPA Exam
  • Patent Pending SmartPath Predictive Technology™ to target strengths and weaknesses & pass faster
  • Mobile app with streaming & offline access
  • Unlimited Course Access
  • Full CPA Exam Flashcards
  • Full Audio Lectures


Or as low as $263/month*

  • 100+ Hours of focused, dynamic SmartLectures™
  • Digital and physical textbooks
  • 6,200 MCQs and TBS, including AICPA released questions
  • CPA Exam Simulator with an unlimited amount of practice questions
  • Full access to 24/7 Homework Help Center
  • Free updates to materials
  • Elite Customer and Technical Support

Now including patent pending SMARTPATH™technology!

We’re excited to announce the launch of SmartPath, a data-driven platform that provides targeted recommendations on where and how to focus your efforts by comparing your performance to those that have passed the CPA Exam.

Students with the Elite Course Package don’t leave anything to chance when preparing for the CPA Exam. These students launch their studies armed and ready with the essential key course components, increased flexibility, supplemental study tools plus a fully guided final review. This is the top choice among our firm partners, and offers the highest value to CPA Exam Candidates.


Plain and simple, we teach our students. Before diving into practice questions, it is essential that students first learn and understand the concepts. With the guidance of the industry’s top CPA Exam experts, we have created a proven system to help students learn and retain the concepts necessary to pass the CPA Exam.


The course is broken down into lessons delivered with a micro-learning structure. Each lesson incorporates a 10-25 minute video lecture, a short section from the course textbook, and corresponding class questions. This efficient format allows for easier consumption and retention of concepts.


The full course includes over 100 hours of lecture taught by the industry’s top CPA Exam instructor, Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA. For over 25 years, Roger’s highly motivating teaching style has kept students engaged in their studies, and focused on exactly what they need to know to pass the CPA Exam. He is renowned for breaking down difficult CPA Exam topics into simplified concepts, and his memory aids and mnemonics help students retain this information in a fun and easy way.


Each of the four CPA Exam sections include a corresponding textbook, which is provided to students in both its physical bounded format, as well as online within the course portal. As the foundational curriculum for the entire course, textbooks are constructed by the editorial team, led by the profession’s top CPA Exam powerhouses, Roger Philipp, CPA, CGMA (Author, Instructor) and Mark Dauberman, CPA, EMBA (Senior Editor), pooling over 65 years of experience. Textbooks are written in a simplified format that gets straight to the point, eliminating any unnecessary theoretical jargon. We provide exactly what is needed to pass the CPA Exam, and never confuse students with optional chapters.


The entire course is delivered via an interactive system, integrating purposeful tools to enhance each student’s learning experience. For example, every student learns at their own pace. Therefore, we have included the ability to adjust the actual speed of the video lectures, along with the option to turn on Closed Captioning for increased comprehension. Furthermore, students can insert video bookmarks, take online notes and even highlight their E-textbooks. All learning tools have been tested and proven to help students retain more information with optimum efficiency.


To solidify the concepts, it is important for students to apply what they’ve learned to actual AICPA questions via a system that simulates the computer-based CPA Exam. To help achieve this goal, each student has access to the Interactive Practice Questions from their online course.


Practice makes perfect, and we provide students with a bank of over 6,200 questions to do so. Questions include those provided by the AICPA, the actual writers of the CPA Exam. This ensures students are testing themselves with questions that emulate real CPA Exam questions.


While the base questions come from the AICPA, our team of CPA Exam Experts provide full solutions. These solutions include thorough and easy to understand explanations to why each answer is correct or incorrect, helping the students get to the root of their topic comprehension.


As students work through their Interactive Practice Questions, the system tracks their overall performance on all available questions. When viewing their progress, students can then choose to review, sort, and quiz by unanswered questions, questions answered correctly, questions answered incorrectly, or bookmarked or flagged questions. This allows students to always have a firm understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, guiding the focus of their studies and their final review leading up to the exam.


The Interactive Practice Questions system is designed so that students can customize their practice by individual chapters, multiple chapters or full practice exams. This allows students to start with more focused sessions, and move into testing themselves over a broader spectrum as they approach their exam. Questions are delivered in a format that simulates the CPA Exam, so there are no surprises on exam day. As students near Exam Day, the CPA Exam Simulator helps to hone a test-taking strategy, time management skills, and self-discipline with an unlimited amount of full-length practice exams.


At Roger CPA Review, our mission goes beyond seeing our students pass the CPA Exam—that’s a given. We provide support and guidance every step of the way to foster the most Efficient, Effective and—most importantly—Enjoyable learning process.


Research shows that students who have a solid plan, and stick to it, are more likely to succeed on the exam. Therefore, each student will have access to 3, 6, 9 or 12 month study planners that can be customized to meet their individual scheduling needs. In these planners, the entire course is mapped out, including specific lectures, textbook chapters and practice question sessions. Also incorporated are days off, final review and suggested days for exam scheduling. This keeps students on track with their studies, and encourages overall accountability.


At times, students may find specific topics exceptionally difficult. This is understandable, as the CPA Exam is no easy task! For this reason, the Elite Course Package includes full read and post access to the Homework Help Center. This 24/7 online platform helps students find fast answers from a database of 17,000+ student-submitted questions with expert CPA answers, plus the option to receive direct guidance on course questions and content as they progress through their studies.


The sheer amount of information students need to learn to be successful on the CPA Exam can be overwhelming. For this reason, we provide several Progress Assessment Tools so that students can monitor how far they have advanced through each course section, each chapter and each topic. Additionally, students can plug in their scheduled exam date into their dashboard and count down to exam day.


The CPA Exam can be a daunting task….but it doesn’t have to be! The Personal Trainer delivers tips, tricks and motivational encouragement directly to each student’s inbox. Because this feature is tied directly to the individual student’s course, they will receive tailored information based on their own progress. For many students, this is the extra boost of motivation they need to reach the finish line!

Package Extras

The Elite Course package includes all Roger CPA Review products for an unparalleled study experience and a savings valued at $1060..


For a limited time, students who enroll in the Elite Course Package have access to their course materials until they are a CPA! While the AICPA requires all four sections of the CPA Exam to be completed in an 18-month window, Unlimited Course Access helps students easily meet this requirement, with a cushion to fall back on if life gets in the way.


Flashcards help solidify all of the important concepts students have learned in their CPA Exam Review course. The Elite Package includes flashcard decks for all four of the CPA Exam sections, each containing over 200 terms, summaries or mnemonics, accompanied by a brief and easy to understand definition. This is a great way for students to enhance their learning with increased comprehension of key CPA Exam topics.


CPA Exam Audio Lectures help students use their time wisely, making every moment count. Whether it be during the morning commute, at the gym or while nodding off to sleep, students can immerse themselves in over 40 hours of focused, dynamic lecture covering the most highly tested CPA Exam topics. Audio Lectures are delivered as an easy MP3 download, so students can listen on the device of their choice.

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