Elliot Hulse – Crown Yourself The Blueprint



Elliot Hulse – Crown Yourself The Blueprint


Things like:
  •  Neurotic Holding Patterns
  •  Muscle Imbalance
  •  Negative Self-Talk
  •  Self-Doubt
  •  Depression

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Elliot Hulse - Crown Yourself The BlueprintElliot Hulse – Crown Yourself The Blueprint

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From the time we were born up until now, we’ve slowly had our power taken from us.
We’ve been told to sit down, shut up, and listen,
We’ve been told to stop listening to our hearts and do something “realistic”,
And worst of all…
We’ve shut down our bodies and have become SLAVES to Other People’s’ Expectations
This forces us into three very undesirable situations:
  •  We’re forced to surrender our masculinity
  •  We unknowingly begin to forfeit our power
  •  Overthinking paralyzes us, and prevents us from taking action
When you succumb to the pressures from a society of sheep, you lose your SELF

And the fight against that pressure isn’t easy.

In fact, in those battles, we develop wounds that cripple our ability to competently chase after what we want.
Things like:
  •  Neurotic Holding Patterns
  •  Muscle Imbalance
  •  Negative Self-Talk
  •  Self-Doubt
  •  Depression
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Prevent us from fully harnessing our power while we attempt to build our legacy.
But, what I’m about to share with you will help you come back to yourself, aid you in taking back your power, and allow you to CROWN YOURSELF.
Listen up!
About 10 years ago, my life was in chaos.

I had just quit my cozy personal training job where I was making a solid sum of money so that I could venture off on my own and develop my own business.

I’d read the sales and marketing material I thought I needed to succeed
And I was absolutely giddy.
I had set out on my Hero’s Journey

And I was ready to build my legacy.

But problems quickly arose…
My clients didn’t follow me,
The economy collapsed,
And I was a personal trainer living in, what was voted, the laziest city in America.
I was in Hell on Earth

At night, I’d lay awake thinking about the next steps I needed to take,

My mind flooded with worst-case scenarios,
And I was constantly dwelling on how I’d need to budget my money so that I could keep the house, put food on the table, and keep the lights on.
Anxiety, Depression, and Despair were no stranger to me…

I felt like I was on a torturous treadmill.

I’d sprint really fast, make some money, and get to the front-end of the treadmill. I’d feel secure, like things were going up, but there was something blocking me from getting to the next level.
Then all of a sudden, clients would leave because they lost their jobs, and I’d scramble to keep myself from FLYING off the back of the conveyor belt.
And maybe you’ve felt this way before…

Like everything was against you, and there’s no way out.

Or maybe you know there’s something wrong, but you can’t quite put your finger on it, no matter how hard you try.
I’ve got great news for you
These Feelings Mean You’re in the Beginning Stages of Your Life’s Journey

And you’re close to the BREAKTHROUGH you need to Build your Legacy…

You need to prepare.
Just like Luke Skywalker, Neo, Katniss Everdeen, and Frodo Baggins, you’ll come face to face with forces that inspire fear into your heart,
You’ll be taken far, far, out of your comfort zone,
And you’ll be forced to look at the darkest parts of your being.
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Get Elliot Hulse – Crown Yourself The Blueprint at the CourseAvai

You Need to Be Adequately Prepared for Battles like This…

I wasn’t.

I was in over my head.
And the battle wounds began to take over.
Like I said above, the depression hit, negative self-talk began sinking in, and my high hopes for the success of my legacy began to be dragged down by harsh realities and self-doubt.
I wasn’t in control of my power
My natural way of being was BLOCKED.
And it wasn’t until I took the time to take a step back and rethink things that I began to really make strides on my journey.
Simple preparation was all it took. I needed to:
  • Define my Journey
  • Develop Processes that would Support me on my Journey
  • Build my Legacy
It sounds easy
But many people who don’t take the time to do this the right way fall victim to the powerlessness and battle wounds I’ve been talking about.
They Become STRANDED on their path.
And I know you’ve seen people like this before…
People who get stranded on the path turn to a lifestyle that is unsupportive. They turn to drugs, alcohol, porn, and other pleasures to numb the pain of their failure.
Really, all they needed was a little guidance.
I want to arm you with vital knowledge that will give you the best possible chance of success.
Everyone deserves a framework that will help them be more in control of their journey.
Because as you read above, I had to journey through Hell to get to where I am today – Custom painted Tesla, thriving gym business, large house (complete with a pool and home gym) and a group of close friends I can confide in.
But more importantly…
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I have the freedom to do whatever I want
I don’t worry about my bank account anymore,
There’s not a negative seed to be found ANYWHERE in or around my being,
And I feel fulfilled as a result of building a legacy that benefits others.
I’m not bound to anything, any person, or any idea.
But here’s something I can’t stress enough…

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