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Enneagram Global Summit 2020



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If you buy Enneagram Global Summit 2020 course right now, you’ll get LIFETIME SUPPORT as well as UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.

The Enneagram Global Summit sessions are free for 48 hours. However, the Enneagram Wisdom Collection 2020 gives you the opportunity to receive INSTANT (after broadcast) and lifetime access to:

  • Streaming Videos of EVERY session in the Enneagram Summit – watch on any connected device
  • Audio Recordings of EVERY session in the Enneagram Summit – listen on any connected device
  • PDF Transcripts of each session – to refer back to, follow directions, take notes, highlight, and search for keywords
  • PLUS Your BONUS PACKAGE of TEN compelling audio and video recordings, including a 2-part selection of modules from top Shift Network Enneagram courses (a more than $375.00 value in itself!)

Transcend Reactivity Through a Deeper Understanding of Yourself & Others
We’re living in an environment of unrest, with intense feelings rising within and around us. It’s important to examine how we’re handling the changes in our world.

The Enneagram gives a grounded framework to expand profound self-awareness… which, in instances like those, can assist us circulate from emotional reactivity to presence and resilience. It can provide us the equipment we want to evolve to the present day demanding situations and make contributions to the collective restoration that desires to be done.

You have such a lot of precise presents to share… yet, even supposing you’ve been on a non secular direction for an extended time, you could nevertheless discover your self caught in recurring styles that don’t serve you — or every body else.

The Enneagram is a poignant device that permits you to apprehend your complete self — the elements that serve you well, and the elements you’d want to transform.

Unlike different character typing systems, the Enneagram doesn’t bind us to at least one kind or constant manner of being. We all keep factors of every of the 9 types, and advantage from their perennial wisdom — which evokes and enables us deepen our connection to the complete ecosystem.

The Enneagram offers us a roadmap to well wield our innate powers of transformation and radical connectedness, as we discover ways to harness those 9 vital energies and stay in concord with them.

Let’s experience Enneagram Global Summit 2020 , Only Price $37

With the Enneagram, you can build a robust understanding of your temperament, personality, essential nature, and full potential. It’s a time-tested guidance system that integrates your body, heart, and mind… your shadows, your behaviors, and your gifts.

Because it doesn’t lock you into a rigid box, the Enneagram liberates you to develop ALL of who you are by presenting you with foundational tools necessary to access your own wisdom.

When you purchase the Enneagram Wisdom Collection 2020, you’ll have access to an abundance of far-reaching wisdom, powerful tools, and practical applications at your fingertips to help you transcend your unconscious fears and beliefs — and the resulting negative patterns of perception and relating — and live into your highest potential!

PLUS, you’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to these BONUSES when you act NOW:

Therapeutic, Coaching & Transformational Processes to Support Healing & Awakening for Type One
2-Part Session From the Enneagram for Healing Practitioners Course, With Russ Hudson, Helen Palmer, David Daniels & Jessica Dibb
As facilitators we can become more skillful at helping one to release and relax out of destructive patterns of perfectionism, judging, frustration and excessive self-control. We can partner with them to create a healing and learning environment that allows them to make contact with a greater breadth and depth of their capacities, freeing up the gift of their essential wisdom and integrity in a way that optimizes their self-care, choices, vocation, relationships and self-actualization.

In this module, you’ll discover unique, dynamic creative ways to:

Understand and practice know-how approximately the Ones’ adolescence temperament to guide customers in convalescing their wholeness
Learn precise approaches of the way to assist Ones increase an internal observer
Learn how to make use of the Hornevian, harmonics, and item family members of the One to guide them in growing insight, harmony, and balance
Learn how customers task onto restoration professionals — transference
Recognize how clinicians task onto customers, and restriction patron development — countertransference
Support in expertise their developmental pathways to better expression of its middle gifts
See how striving for perfection reinforces the One structure
Understand the middle worry and compensatory behavior of Type One
And loads more!

Best of Enneagram Global Summit: Curated Sessions Package
6 Selected Recordings From the Enneagram Global Summit
These famous interviews from our Enneagram Global Summit data will deepen your know-how of the restoration and evolutionary blessings of the Enneagram and its severa applications. You’ll analyze from specialists like Suzanne Stabile, Dr. Katie Hendricks, Marion Gilbert, Chief Mike Alexander, Dr. Deborah Threadgill, and more!

You’ll receive:

The Enneagram and Grieving, With Suzanne Stabile
Revolutionary System Changes with the Enneagram, With James Flaherty
The Marriage of Inner Vastness and Human Dimensionality: How All of Us and Each Enneagram Point Can Engage Both, With Dr. Katie Hendricks
We Care: An Exploration Into How Types 2, 3 & 4 Arise From the Sensitive Receptivity of the Heart Center, With Marion Gilbert, PT
Towards a Unified Theory of the Enneagram, With Helen Palmer
Transforming Your Inner Critic Patterns with the Enneagram, With Michael Naylor MEd, CCS, LADC, CPCC & Lynda Roberts

The Enneagram & Diversity Package
4 Selected Recordings From the Enneagram Global Summit
This very special package includes a 90-minute panel discussion with five inspiring African American leaders, coming together with Jessica to discuss pivotal, important, tender, painful and transformative issues facing people of color using the Enneagram in underserved environments, as well as confronting head on the issues people of color encounter in interfacing with the current professional Enneagram community. You’ll also receive additional in-depth sessions with some of the leaders on the panel.

You’ll receive:

Can the Diversity of the Enneagram Support Diversity Wellness in the World, With Jessica Dibb, Rev. Dr. Shelley D. Best, Alex Senegal, Chief Mike Alexander, Dr. Deborah Threadgill Egerton, and Tracy Cooper
The Enneagram for Diaspora Spirituality, With Rev. Dr. Shelley D. Best
Police Resilience: The Enneagram Transforming a Paramilitary Environment, With Chief Mike Alexander
The Platinum Connection: Facing the Divide, Embracing the Journey, With Dr. Deborah Threadgill Egerton

Let’s experience Enneagram Global Summit 2020 , Only Price $37

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