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Etheric Recharge – Presence Healing Inc


Etheric Recharge – Presence Healing Inc Download. (3 hours) This class teaches a series of 9 energizing breaths called Mentalphysics. Originally created…


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Etheric Recharge – Presence Healing Inc

(3 hours) This class teaches a series of 9 energizing breaths called Mentalphysics. Originally created by Edwin Dingle, these breaths quickly build up the power in our etheric body or the body made of prana. The etheric body feeds the emotional and mental body. Throughout the day we use the etheric fuel to power up our daily thoughts, feelings, and emotions. With the increased activity of the astral body during these modern times, this can quickly deplete our etheric body of needed energy and fuel.

When our etheric body is full of energy it is likened to a fully charged battery on your cell phone. All functions work at optimal speed, the screen is shiny and bright, and the usefulness of your cell phone is optimized. This is also true of a fully charged etheric body. When it is fully charged and clear, the etheric body leads to a sense of brightness, calm, and joy. The secret to a happy outlook is a fully charged and clear etheric body.

If you have ever thought along these lines then you may have also sought out a quick and efficient way to recharge your etheric batteries. Enter Mentalphysics. I have worked with this series of 9 breaths for the past 15 years and have found them to be one of the quickest, most efficient, and powerful ways to recharge my etheric body. In the class we will go over how to do these breathing exercises. They do include light body movements done standing so you will want some room to be able to do the movements and breathing during the time of the class. Also, you will be provided with the video of the class to be able to practice the movements and breathing afterwards. 

The movements and breathing are easy and straightforward. The full set can be done in a matter of minutes (5-10 minutes). You can also do a few of the breaths in any one setting for a quick recharge in a matter of seconds. This also allows for immediate results that can then be sustained over time to not only recharge the etheric body but also to make it stronger each day. The accumulated effect of doing these breathing exercises makes for a stronger and more powerful energy body which is helpful in all aspects of life including healing and being a channel for healing. We will also discuss the principles of the etheric, overall breathing practices to charge the etheric body, and how to get the most out of this breathing practice.

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