Ge Guo Liang – Cheng Style Gao’s Bagua Series Complete Collection



Ge Guo Liang – Cheng Style Gao’s Bagua Series Complete Collection


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Develop your knowledge with the Ge Guo Liang – Cheng Style Gao’s Bagua Series Complete Collection course. Purchuse at here with price $69.99 $20. You will get the full course with the same content as Salepage.

Master Ge GuoLiang is the 4th generation of Cheng style Baguo. And it is going to be an splendid experience to learn Traditional BaGua 64 Palms from professional Kung Fu master Ge GuoLiang. Handworks and Footworks are clearly demonstrated with master’s well structured instructions. Each of the important movements are given repeatedly with slow motion camera slots. For people who DOES NOT speak Chinese, it is also a beneficial Kung Fu reference.

DVD 1 – Yin Yang Blades================41 MinutesOne of the fastest performances sets of a normally not that fast weapon. This one takes alittle room. The movements of the Mandarin Duck knives (or yin yang, or deer horn, or midnight noon) are very clear and well presented. There are also some knife applications, against spear and a breakdown of the basic strikes.

DVD 2 – Straight Swords================55 MinutesA very solid sword set for Bagua, in fact one of the best I’ve seen. The assistant instructor is quite limber and the poses are easy to see and hard to imitate because of this. A classical set with clear actions and done with a distinct Bagua flavor. As usual, solid movements typical of Cheng style and especially Gao Branch. Requires at least intermediate skills to catch the correct poses and nuances.

DVD 3 – Double Headed Spear================61 MinutesA number of spear sets in the Bagua system are for the two-headed spear. The reason is probably obvious looking at the structure of Bagua and its symmetries. This has a clear breakdown with teacher and student both working on the set. There are frequent demonstrations of the moves with double spear contending with a large single headed spear. The movements of the set are solid and reasonable despite the fact that the weapon is the double-headed spear.

DVD 4 – Big Saber================41 MinutesThe nice thing about this branch of the Bagua system is that the movements have the flavor of Bagua but retain the look of solid applicable martial actions. This saber form is no exception. It employs an oversized weapon but not excessively so. A number of the sections are shown with application of saber battling straight sword or another saber.

DVD 5 & 6 – Pre Heaven Palm===================135 MinutesThe Pre Heaven or intrinsic palms of Bagua shown as palm changes with some representative applications shown against a partner. Even the basic palm positions are demonstrated. A crucial form to this style of Bagua.

DVD 7 & 8 – Post Heaven 64 Palm=====================92 MinutesThis is Cheng style Gao Branch of Bagua. Here is a series of Bagua kicking patterns, most of them about six movements which are immediately repeated on the other side. Other techniques are demonstrated including some grappling maneuvers. The movements are clearly shown with plenty of the details that make such actions work. Though not every move is shown the bulk of the material is quite understandable. A good practice series for those interested in seeing some applications and practicing the Bagua arts in a marital way. Teacher Ge Guo Liang is a fourth generation student of the Gao style. His movements are assured and particularly adapted to the directness of a stocky man.



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