Helen Hefter – Introduction to Academic Writing



Helen Hefter – Introduction to Academic Writing


In this course, you are going to follow the six essential steps to turn a lousy essay into an OUTSTANDING paper—that gets a top grade.


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Helen Hefter - Introduction to Academic WritingHelen Hefter – Introduction to Academic Writing

Do you wish to have all the objectives for learning critical essay writing in one place, available 24/7?

In this course, you are going to follow the six essential steps to turn a lousy essay into an OUTSTANDING paper—that gets a top grade.

And you’ll do it through snappy, informative videos and accompanying transcripts, helpful quizzes, useful self-assessments, and writing activities.

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This course is for learners who want to:

  • Study academic writing at high-intermediate or an advanced level.
  • Learn critical essay writing for the first time.
  • Work at your own pace.
  • Use online learning tools.

This is NOT for learners if you:

  • Study low-level academic writing.
  • Are uncomfortable with online materials.
  • Want to just want to play around.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Academic Writing

Study Guide

Pre-test your knowledge of academic writing

1. Focus your argument

1. Preview questions

1.1 Introduction: laying the foundation (2:26)

1.2 Specific purpose: distinguish between subject & topic (5:43)

1.3 Debatable thesis: what’s your point? (5:04)

1.4 Literary analysis: introduction (6:14)

1.5 Literary analysis: character, plot, point of view (10:57)

1.6 Literary analysis: setting, style, theme (9:46)

Reading: Narrative, person, distance, author

Reading Quiz

Activity 1.1 Subject vs. topic

Activity 1.2 Literary terms

Activity 1.3 Thesis statements

Self-assessment Worksheet

M1 Quiz_20 points

2. Develop your ideas

2.1 Introduction: gather your material (1:59)

2.2 Do research: know how to read with SQ3R (11:04)

2.3 Take notes: 3 note-taking methods (8:24)

2.4 Think critically: take a stance (8:26)

2.5 Paraphrasing: use your own words (5:57)

2.6 Summarizing: keep it short and sweet (4:29)

2.7 Quoting: direct or indirect – your choice (7:55)

2.8 Use tables: explain the facts (4:33)

2.9 Use graphs and charts: make it visually interesting (5:07)

Activity 2.1 Logical fallacies

Activity 2.2 Take Notes

M2 Quiz_10 points

Self-assessment Worksheet

3. Write concisely

3. Preview Questions

3.1 Introduction: communicating clearly and concisely (2:10)

3.2 Use simple sentences: practice your writing skills (4:58)

3.3 Being clear and brief, or applying the “less is more” principle (4:59)

3.4 Varying your sentence structure is “the spice of life” (5:38)

3.5 Work on paragraph organization: use a topic sentence (7:35)

3.6 Write coherently: make it easy for your reader (5:02)

3.7 Don’t plagiarize: cheating can get you in hot water (7:09)

Activity 3.1: Write concisely

M3 Quiz

Self-assessment Worksheet

4. Organize your ideas

4.1 Introduction: Putting the material together (1:01)

4.2 Use an outline: phrase or sentence (6:59)

4.3 Writing a draft is worth the effort (5:57)

M4 Quiz

Activity 4: Organize your ideas

Self-assessment Worksheet

5. Self-Edit your writing

5.1 Introduction: making it right (1:08)

5.2 Revise: get the overall picture right (4:35)

5.3 Edit: rework your sentences & vocabulary (8:25)

5.4 Proofread: use your own red pen (13:19)

Activity 5: Self-Edit Your Writing

M5 Quiz

Self-assessment Worksheet

6. Present your final paper

6.1 Introduction: making it look great (1:00)

6.2 New Notes: MLA 8th Edition (11:38)

6.3 Revised – Proper Layout: follow the rules (10:34)

M6 Quiz

Activity 6: Present your final paper

Self-assessment Worksheet

Answer key

Film / novel analysis

Lecture A: Why teach literature (8:02)

Lecture B: What literature to teach (8:56)

Lecture C: Using film (7:27)

Lecture D: Getting to talk (7:38)

Lecture E: Getting to write (9:23)

Film Activities

Film Review: IMDB

Film Essay: Casablanca Analysis

Film Essay Outline

Questions about the novel

Oral Evaluation Criteria

Film Analysis: Bladerunner

Six Writing Tips

Debate Project

Debate Project Overvew

Debate Model

Activity 1. Debate Model Practice

Answers Activity 1. Debate model practice

Activity 2. How to write a claim or thesis statement

Activity 3. Research 3 Sources of Information

Activity 4: Build a vocabulary list

Activity 5. VWT outliner

Debate Instructions: Speaking exam

Debate Instructions: Writing exam

Sample Final Essay: Added Sugar Tax


How to Give a Short Talk

Short Talk Worksheet

Student Discussion Guide

Essay Writing Checklist for Revising/Editing

Works Cited

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