High Ticket Selling System – Doberman Dan



High Ticket Selling System – Doberman Dan


High Ticket Selling System – Doberman Dan

​Just so you know, I sold REAL products (hard copy books, courses and nutritional supplements) in REAL consumer markets… like fitness and health. I did NOT sell scammy ebooks to the scummy biz-op/make money market like so many of the first online marketers did back in the beginning days of Internet marketing.

High Ticket Selling System – Doberman Dan

Introducing Doberman Dan’s contrarian and darn near “effortless” way to sell high-ticket deals…

Without sales calls, strategy sessions, webinars… or any kind of chasing, arm-twisting or high-pressure selling!

​In practically no time at all you’ll be closing high four-figure and even FIVE-figure deals… while relaxing at home in your pajamas!

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to sell high-ticket services… and do it darn near “effortlessly”…

​With NO strategy sessions, NO sales calls, NO webinars…

​In fact, with NO high pressure selling of any kind…

​Then what I have to share with you today will be a GAME CHANGER for your business, your lifestyle, and most important, your INCOME.

​Here’s what it’s all about:

​After years following the accepted “norm” for selling high-ticket… always feeling disappointed, defeated and depressed with my results… I’ve created something better.

​MUCH better.

​It’s a way to sell very high priced programs — especially coaching, courses and DFY (done for you) services — with MUCH less time, effort and hassle. Using nothing but…

​A website and/or sales letter…

​An online form (You can use a free Google form if you like)

​And two emails

That’s it!

​Well, there’s actually one more requirement:

​You need to be willing to give up all the “grunt work,” stress and never-ending frustration caused by constantly chasing people, doing endless phone calls and “strategy sessions”… and always experiencing disappointing results.

​In other words, you need to get used to doing…

MUCH Less Work… While Closing A LOT More High-Ticket Deals!

I’ll reveal all the details in just a minute.​ First, allow me to introduce myself. For a couple of reasons:

  • So you know that I’m not another one of the LEGION of online lying douchebags trying to sell you something that he himself has never successfully done. (There’s a lot more of that out there than you know.)
  • Even more important, so you can see that if a “not-the-brightest-bulb-on-the-Festivus-tree” guy like me can do this… YOU can do it, too.

Listen, I’m so bored with telling my backstory that I’ll just give you the ‘Cliff Notes’ version.

I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for more than 34 years. (Actually, more than 45 years if you include my childhood entrepreneurial ventures.)

​For the last 26 years, all of my businesses have been driven with direct response marketing and sales copy. With yours truly as the chief — and often the only — copywriter.

​I honed my chops with offline direct response marketing in space ads and direct mail… because those were the only media available to ‘bootstrap entrepreneurs’ like me at the time. (The pre-Internet marketing days.)

​Then, back in the Wild West days on the Internet in 1996, I started marketing online, too.

​There were very few people selling online in those days. The few people — like me — who sold online back then were the pioneers of online marketing.

​Just so you know, I sold REAL products (hard copy books, courses and nutritional supplements) in REAL consumer markets… like fitness and health. I did NOT sell scammy ebooks to the scummy biz-op/make money market like so many of the first online marketers did back in the beginning days of Internet marketing.

​As a matter of fact, I was the first advertiser EVER to use a URL as a call-to-action in full-page magazine ads in the bodybuilding market.

​Whatever. I guess that’s ancient history now.

​I’m just doing some shameless self-aggrandizing to show you that I’ve been doing this online marketing thang a long time. MUCH longer than the wet-behind-the-ears rookies promoting themselves as “online marketing experts” these days.

​Speaking of self-anointed “experts,” here’s a SHOCKING secret…

The “Experts” Are Often WRONG… Especially About High-Ticket Selling!

You see, the experts all say that to sell high-ticket services you need to…

Speak at and/or host in-person events, meticulously choreographed over a period of days to lead to your high-ticket pitch and close…

​Do 60 to 90-minute webinars day in and day out… building to a CTA (call to action) of scheduling a “strategy session” (which is really just a disguised sales call)

​Get on the phone or Zoom with prospects and strong-arm ’em with old, outdated, high-pressure closes that feel EXTREMELY uncomfortable to introverts like me…

​Endlessly chase down all the prospects who no-showed you on your “strategy sessions”…

​Juggle a never-ending series of follow-ups, always badgering all the prospects who had to “think about it,” “check the budget” and/or “talk with my wife/partner/mommy, etc.”

Geez, I HATED that!

But… I could’ve tolerated it… if the results were worth it. The sad fact is, for me and many others, the results of following that “expert” advice are NOT worth it.

You see, unless you’re a ROCKSTAR salesman… with decades of experience… you’ve mastered three dozen high-pressure, arm-twisting, ‘ole skool’ Zig Ziglar closes… and you’re bulletproof to constant, never-ending rejection… your results with that old, outdated system are gonna be pathetic.

After enduring the grueling work of following the “experts” way of selling high-ticket… and getting VERY disappointing, discouraging and depressing results… finally… I experienced…

A HUGE Breakthrough!

You see, I’ve always been a contrarian.

So even though I’ve done those old high-ticket selling models in the past… with limited success and a LOT of frustration… silly lil’ ole me believed I could bypass all that excruciating grunt work and “just sell the darn thang.”

Without even so much as a phone call.

And I’m not talking about just selling stuff for $500 or $1,000 bucks. I’ve tested my contrarian system by selling programs priced at $6,000… $7,500… even up to $10,500.

Crazy, right? Nobody sells high-priced programs like that without a phone call… or at least some kind of personal interaction, in-person event or Zoom call. Not even the best-of-the-best marketers.

But here’s what happened…

It Worked Like A Charm!

As a matter of fact, it’s soooooooo much more efficient, effective and enjoyable… I’ll never go back to the old fashioned, outdated, “grunt work” way of selling high-ticket programs… EVER.

And if YOU have the desire to sell high-ticket deals, I’ll show you every last detail about how you can do this way, too.

​Just for a minute imagine this:

​In only a few days from now, highly qualified leads start arriving in your inbox. Prospects with credit card or checkbook in hand, waiting with baited breath to pay you high four-figure and even five-figure fees… WITHOUT a single sales call!

​I can tell ya from experience… YES! that can happen for you. (Especially now that I’ve agreed to show you how to do it.)

​I gotta tell ya, selling high-ticket deals this effortlessly is great. Especially compared to the old, outdated, “grunt work and sales calls” way of doing it.

​And when you have my breakthrough (and contrarian) new high-ticket selling system working for you… ease, convenience and crazy high conversions aren’t the ONLY things you’ll enjoy.

​Because once you discover how to sell high-ticket deals the BEST way — my way –​ you’ll have access to a PROVEN system that gives you the ability to enjoy…

Consistent Five-Figure and Six-Figure Months… Even If You’re Just A One-Person Business!

That is, if you’re willing to put in the work.

Because even though I’ve found my system much easier than the old, inefficient “grunt work” selling model, it still ain’t no “magic money button.”

​It’s for a serious businessperson ONLY. A person who understands that anything worthwhile — like making high four-figure and five-figure “chunks o’ money” in one fell swoop — requires focus, determination and some work.

​Granted, the way I see it, it’s simple and enjoyable work. A whole heckuva lot more enjoyable than the old, outdated, “grit-your-teeth-and-stay-glued-to-the-phone” way of selling high-ticket. But still, it’s work, ya dig?

​So, if you’re willing to do the work — and you take me up on my offer today — I’ll pull back the curtain and show you EVERYTHING I do to get SUPER high conversions to my high-ticket offers.

​And more important, how I get these crazy high conversions with NO phone calls, NO “strategy sessions,” NO webinars… and…​

No High Pressure Selling At All!

In fact, it might not even look like “selling” to you.

Certainly not any kind of selling you’ve ever seen in the past.

As a matter of fact, your prospects won’t even feel like they’re being “sold.” All they’ll experience is you asking some simple questions in a couple of emails.

​They’ll never feel pressured, manipulated or uncomfortable in any way.


Because when you use my system, they’re already qualified and ready to buy as soon as they come to you.

​Listen, nobody in the online marketing world has ever revealed ANYTHING like this. Probably because all the online marketing “experts” are so stuck in their boxes that none of ’em even believe it’s possible.

​But I’ve PROVEN that it works. By consistently selling $5,000 deals… $7,500 deals… $10,500 deals…

Only today, High Ticket Selling System – Doberman Dan – Price $79. You will be supported lifetime. Don’t forget to sign up to receive the email, and earn even more rewards.

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