How to Self Publish Your Book – Joel Pitney



How to Self Publish Your Book – Joel Pitney


How to Self Publish Your Book – Joel Pitney

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How to Self Publish Your Book – Joel Pitney

How to Self Publish Your Book - Joel Pitney

How To Self Publish Your Book – Joel Pitney

How%20to%20Self%20Publish%20Your%20Book%20 %20Joel%20Pitney%201 - BoxSkill USPublishing your own book is easier than ever. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. We’ll teach you the unique formula we use to professionally self publish books with our clients every day.

Self Publishing is Confusing

If you’re considering our course, you’ve probably done some research about self publishing and found that it’s confusing!

There’s conflicting information out there about how to go about the process, and a lot of it is simply wrong. This course is designed to help you cut through all the confusion and create a beautiful, professional-looking book that won’t look self published… and save you time and money in the process.

This Course Will Help You:

Honor Your Author Goals

We’ll help you get crystal clear on your goal(s) for publishing so you can use it to guide the many decisions you’ll encounter in self publishing your book.

Publish With Confidence

It can be extremely confusing to figure out self publishing and all the intricate details that go into bringing a book into the world. We’ve simplified the process for you.

Save Time and Money

With insider tips on where and how to hire the right people to design and format your book, you won’t make the same mistakes we did when first starting out.

Learn To Do What We Do

We have a decade of experienceorking with hundreds of authors to publish and promote their books. We show you every step we take and every trick we’ve learned in publishing.

Start Your Journey Right

Publishing your first book is the first and most rewarding part of your author journey, but it’s only the beginning. We help you do it right to set you up for future success.

What You’ll Get

Step-by-step guidance to go from finished manuscript to published book

Whether we’re explaining the various book formats, sharing exactly which publishing platforms we use, or teaching you how to set up an account, we give you step-by-step instruction to make the process as simple as possible.

A decade of experience boiled down to our proven self publishing formula

We’ve learned a few things over the years, including what not to do. We explain exactly how we arrived at our unique self publishing formula and then help you put your book through the same process.

A transparent, honest, anti-hype approach to self publishing

We won’t make promises we can’t keep, and this course isn’t about becoming a bestseller. It’s about publishing your book and making it look as professional as possible, in as much time as it takes (typically 4-6 months).

Access to our online community

Once you enroll, you’ll be invited to our private Facebook group where you can access our team directly to get help with any self publishing related questions.

Zero affiliate links

None of the platforms or organizations that we recommend in the course are paying us to promote them. We’re doing so simply because they’re the best, and we use them, too.

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