Intro To Conscious Intimacy – Deeper Sex



Intro To Conscious Intimacy – Deeper Sex


Intro To Conscious Intimacy – Deeper Sex

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Intro To Conscious Intimacy – Deeper Sex

Intro To Conscious Intimacy - Deeper Sex“In a time of severe isolation and physical disconnection, having the necessary tools needed to reconnect with oneself & others is of high priority to our spiritual, mental, energetic and sexual wellbeing.”

This workshop gives an immediate and sensible perception into Chris’ maximum precious discoveries supporting human beings withinside the place of intimacy. The occasion specializes in realigning you together along with your authentic essence, through an expertise of ways we feature energetically – and the way the frame is our maximum mighty get entry to factor to deeper intimacy, connection & meaning. During Chris’ stay events, he’s emitting a mighty transformative frequency at some stage in the whole workshop, which is likewise seeded inside this recording. For this reason, it’s far not unusualplace to enjoy profound shifts in one’s frame and active system. Each occasion serves as its personal active re-tuning session.

Please Note: This workshop recording is open to both men and women.

Areas covered in this workshop include:

  • The true definition of conscious intimacy
  • How intimacy heals trauma
  • The mind / body balance
  • How to open the body, and support others in opening safely.
  • Understanding Tension
  • The art of slowing down
  • Understanding your energetic polarity
  • How men/women function energetically
  • Energetic lovemaking
  • Practical tools & techniques to develop deeper intimacy and energetic potency during sex.
  • The importance of compassion

This workshop recording features the main transmission/teaching portion of the live workshop.


  • The Q&A section was not recorded, to respect the privacy of the attendees.
  • The recording you are purchasing is only available for online viewing.

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