Ip Man Series: Chum Kiu Form – Sifu Sergio



Ip Man Series: Chum Kiu Form – Sifu Sergio


Ip Man Series: Chum Kiu Form – Sifu Sergio

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Sifu Sergio – Ip Man Series: Chum Kiu Form

Ip Man Series: Chum Kiu Form - Sifu Sergio The Chum Kiu form teaches us the bridging part of the Yip Man Wing Tjun system. It teaches how to bridge in a very condensed and simple way.

Dear friend,

On this DVD you will find next to the version that the late Grandmaster Yip Man (teacher of the late Bruce Lee) taught during his last teaching period, some variations that Sifu Sergio Iadarola learned during his research in China over the last decades.

This unique DVD is really full of the best instruction you can get outside of having a one on one private lesson which will cost you much more by Sifu Sergio Iadarola and even then you would have to wait for at least 2 years as his schedule is fully booked for the next two years.

It’s very rare to find DVDs like this on the martial arts market, most DVDs are there to demonstrate how good the teacher in question is, but the question you should ask is


And thatís exactly what Sifu Sergio Iadarola did. He thought about YOU when shooting this and all his other DVDs.

If You Really want to learn Wing Chun from a DVD look no further it does not get better than this, but donít take my word for it Order it NOW. And If you canít learn one single detail that will improve your wing Tjun, you get your whole money refunded!

Think of it, you save yourself the countless trips to China, the flights the hotel costs and of course the costs of the lessons itself, not to mention the trouble it would give you too find the real deal Sifu who can show you all this knowledge about the chum kiu.

Take a look at just some of the things YOU will Learn:

– Learn the complete Chum Kiu form in detail.

– Learn some differences between lineages in performing the Chum Kiu.

– Learn the application by the movements.

– Learn the concepts and meaning of Chum Kiu.

– Learn the different ways of stance turning.

– Learn the details of the Yee Gee Kim Yeung Ma stance.

– and much much more!

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