Landscape Summit 2021 Recordings – Mike Andes



Landscape Summit 2021 Recordings – Mike Andes


Landscape Summit 2021 Recordings – Mike Andes

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Landscape Summit 2021 Recordings – Mike Andes

Transform Your Business!

In Landscape Summit 2021 we covered the following topics:

1.) Going From Hourly Pay to P4P (Pay For Performance)

2.) How to Implement Open Book Management

3.) How to Create a Profit Sharing Program for Management and Field Workers

4.) Creating a World Class Culture Using Incentives and Money

5.) The Best Places to Spend Your Marketing Dollars

6.) Creating Your Marketing Budget for the Year

7.) Planning for Retirement… Using Your Business

8.) How to Attract World Class Employees

9.) How Covid-19 Changed the Industry Forever


Example Curriculum

DAY 1: Thursday

  • Preparing Your Business for the Next Wave (Covid Changed Everything)(67:28)PREVIEW
  • FEED THE BEAST (Your Small Business): The Best Wealth Creator(78:14)START
  • Humility Wins This Game(63:07)START

DAY 2: Friday

  • Lee Park Keynote: Failure and the Difference Between an Employee and Owner Mindset(23:24)START
  • Don’t Be Lazy! Implement P4P!(92:35)START
  • Videos from Other Companies (Bryan Connor, Kevin Koehn, Dave/Matt)(19:44)START
  • Work-Life Balance: While Doubling Your Business?(39:55)START
  • GAMIFY/ Creating Your Team Scoreboard(26:14)START
  • Loni Keynote: Changing Through Emotional Intelligence(43:41)START
  • Practicing Open Book Management(79:09)START
  • How Profit Sharing Will Change Your Business(49:34)START
  • Nic Reed – Ski Lift Operator to Business Owner in Less Than 2 Years(37:08)START
  • Staying Busy in Winter Without Snow Plowing(28:18)START

DAY 3: Saturday

  • Liz Naber Keynote: Present Like a Billionaire(56:35)START
  • Creating a Career-Driven, Money-Motivated Team(60:18)START
  • Stay Paranoid, Stay Alert, Stay Alive(31:44)START
  • $5000 Giveaway for Franchise of the Year Award and Trophy Presentation(13:33)START
  • Marcus & Lee – Learning to Become Estimator in Two Weeks(32:44)START
  • Simplification: The 80/20 Rule and Why No One Listens to It(36:20)START
  • The Big 4/ New Marketing Methods for 2021… And the One I am Testing Now!(57:51)START
  • Goals and Strategy Planning (The Power of 10% Change)(34:14)START

Documents and Downloads

  • DownloadsSTART


  • Friday Evening(88:58)START
  • Saturday Afternoon(61:40)START
  • Saturday Afternoon 2(28:03)START
  • Saturday Evening(116:33)START

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