Master Trello for Business – Abagail & Emylee


Master Trello for Business – Abagail & Emylee


This video training completely eliminates the stress and overwhelm that most business owners have about what to do on a day-to-day basis.


Master Trello for Business – Abagail & Emylee course is available you will get immediately after payment only $17.

What will you get: 

  1. Are You Ready

  2. Tech Tutorials

  3. Quick #TrelloTips

  4. New Ways to Use Your Boards

  5. Connecting Apps with Trello

  6. BONUS

Cette formation vidéo élimine complètement le stress et la surcharge que la plupart des propriétaires d’entreprise ont à propos de ce qu’il faut faire au quotidien. Utilisez cette formation pour organiser toute votre année, planifier un lancement, créer des calendriers de contenu, organiser vos produits, vos clients ou même une équipe.

Get organized. Get your shhhh done.


We’re taking you inside Trello and walking you, step-by-step, through our workflow to show you how we manage our own small business. Not only are you getting a peek into exactly how we run things every single day, but we’re giving you the exact templates (with instructions) so you can do the same thing. We’re getting you to a better place so you can spend less time being a frazzled hot mess and more time checking things off like the total boss you are.

Just because your best ideas might come out of chaos, doesn’t mean you need to run your business that way. A lack of organization and a freakin’ plan is the #1 problem every small business owner faces. And while there’s a shhhhh ton of resources out there to help you create those plans you still need a system so you can implement it.


It’s really hard for most people to go from big ideas to day-to-day tasks

But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve created a revolutionary 2-board system that enables you to have a bird’s eye view of your business and a laser focused view so you have both when you need it.


We created a system, not a software

While we personally use and love Trello, this training can be applied to other systems as well (like Asana or Clickup). We’re gifting you a system that works no matter the interface. Heck, we’ve even known a few peeps that use this system with an old fashioned planner. Don’t let the software stop you from unlocking the tools that will take you from total hot mess to total boss.


Your day-to-day isn’t the only thing you need to plan

So that’s why you’re unlocking eleven boards, tactics and strategies. Not only do you get each board that you can copy & paste to use as your own, but you also get pre-loaded checklists, cards and lists to make the process super seamless. Each board comes with it’s own quick training video so you can understand how to use it right away.


so you can start focusing on what you do best…


Upon enrollment, you get instant access to EVERYTHING inside, ain’t nobody got time to wait. Once inside we encourage you to start from the top and work your way down through the lessons. Pick your favorite snack and pour a fresh cup of coffee as you binge watch everything or take it board by board – totes up to you.


As you start having a-ha moments left and right, hop in our private community and shout it from the rooftops. Use that space if you have additional questions, ideas for others, or creative ways that your using your new found freedom. We’ll be there to encourage you through the process and support you along the way.


Literally by next Monday you could have an entirely new outlook on your business and alllllll the things that need to happen in order to make it all work. This is perhaps the most actionable and immediate program you’ll ever take. Buh-bye old notebooks, scattered post it notes and half-ass attempts at staying organized. This ones a whole new lifestyle!

Get Master Trello for Business – Abagail & Emylee , Only Price $17

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