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Master YouTube – Matt D’Avella


Master YouTube – Matt D’Avella

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Master YouTube – Matt D’Avella

Master YouTube - Matt D’Avella

Master Youtube – Matt D’avella

There’s no better time to start a YouTube channel than right now

The game has changed and anyone (yes, even you!) can create their own platform and share meaningful content with the world.

When you compare your videos to those of your favorite creators…your filming & editing skills are coming up short

You’re determined to start with what you have (even if that’s just your smart phone, a plastic tripod, and a flimsy ring light from Amazon).

But you’re still struggling to figure out the lighting, how to edit your videos, record crystal clear audio, and so much more!

  • You know making better quality videos takes time and practice…
  • But when you’re already juggling a hectic college load or a 9-5 job, improving your limited skills has no choice but to take a backseat.
  • And there’s absolutely no way you’re putting out a less than perfect video – especially if you’re going to be broadcasting your face to strangers on the internet.

Then there’s the content itself –


You want to create content in a style your subscribers will know is 100% yours… But that’s really freaking hard to do when every idea you have feels like a copy of someone else’s video.

Even if you did want to add your own perspective, you still have no clue how to package up your information in a compelling way…

Or how to tell a story that’ll keep viewers watching to the very end.


Figuring out where the heck to start

Writing, editing, and re-writing the script

Stressing about whether you look stupid or like a robot on camera

  • MODULE 1:

    Get Clear On Your Vision

    Before starting this game-changing journey, you need a final destination in mind. And no trip is complete without a solid plan, a few good friends, and snacks (lots & lots of snacks).

    • How the algorithm works and what you need to focus on to beat it
    • The 3 keys to success that’ll help you win at the long game
    • The mindset shifts you need to make to overcome self-doubt and avoid burnout
    • How to build an inner circle of people who will lift you up and support you
    • How to develop an original content strategy for your channel, including what topics to explore, who your target audience is, and how to identify your unique style of videos
    • The exact email templates I use to pitch YouTubers & creatives I want to collaborate with – these are yours to tweak and personalize!
  • MODULE 2:

    Build Your Foundation

    Let’s get this show on the road! It’s time to pack your bags, fuel up your car, and load up all on your essential gear…which is exactly what we cover in this module.

    • A step-by-step walkthrough of how to set-up your channel without the overwhelm (and how to keep it secure)
    • A tour of YouTube studio and how to make sense of your metrics – plus what stats I pay attention to and what I ignore
    • The essential gear & tools you need (and don’t need) in your kit to start filming and editing
    • My tips & tricks to build up your gear kit on a budget – hint: you can find handy substitutes for your gear using common household items
  • MODULE 3:

    Develop Unique Ideas For Your Channel

    “Smooth roads don’t make good drivers. Practice does.” – (A quote we butchered to fit this analogy). The best way to become a successful YouTuber is to consistently create original, engaging videos. This module will show you how.

    • The simple production workflow I use to film & upload videos on a consistent basis – never waste time stressing about where to start
    • My framework for coming up with original ideas that align with your values and your niche
    • How to write an effective title that actually delivers on its promise – no clickbait here!
    • How to improve your video’s performance through a simple title change
    • The exact checklist I use to decide if a video is worth making or if it’s best left on the cutting room floor
  • MODULE 4:

    Learn to Make Better Videos (Faster)

    Want to bring more people along for the ride? This module will show you how to attract the right ones to your videos so you can grow a community full of engaged fans.

    • A walkthrough of how to go from an idea to script to video
    • The 6 rules for effective storytelling to keep viewers engaged from start to finish
    • The basics of filming yourself. Plus my best tips on picking a location, framing your shot, and talking to camera.
    • Learn a process for how to edit your videos twice as fast.
    • How to create & edit the movie poster of YouTube Videos: The Thumbnail – including how I use them to tell a story
  • MODULE 5:

    Grow Your Audience From 0 Subs to your first 1,000 True Fans and Beyond

    You started this journey to make a positive impact on people’s lives. So let’s get more eyes on your videos and form the building blocks to make this a living.

    • The 3 stages of audience growth and what to do to advance from one stage to the next
    • The behind-the-scenes look of how I grew my channel to over 3 million subscribers
    • How to monetize your channel with intention and in a way that feels good for you

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