My List Building Bootcamp – Tanya Aliza



My List Building Bootcamp – Tanya Aliza


My List Building Bootcamp – Tanya Aliza

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My List Building Bootcamp – Tanya Aliza

My List Building Bootcamp - Tanya AlizaINTRODUCING


The hands-on, step-by-step
“6-weeks-to-a-sales-focused-funnel” for entrepreneurs who want to see perfect-leads come in all day, every day (without the tech overwhelm,
information overload, and half-baked “tactics”)

PSA: This is not your usual home study course.
This is Bootcamp, baby

This means you get support, accountability, and (gentle) butt-kicking so you can implement as you go and have an automated sales funnel in 6 weeks.

FACT: The stress of being an entrepreneur is REAL.

You’re constantly figuring out the next step for your business, distracted by shiny object syndrome, and trying to “justify” your business to your family.

You know what you want and maybe, even how to get there but you worry. You worry you’re missing the “steps”.

You worry about the tech needed to set up the “systems” you need so you can attract buyers.

You worry about finding the time between juggling Zoom classes for the kids, playing chauffeur, making dinners, and basically, trying to live a life.

Most of all, you worry that even if you end up doing ALL the things, you’ll still be in the same place, a bit like the Flintstones in their little caveman car. The feet are moving fast, but you aren’t going anywhere.

THAT worry is real.

Figuring out “funnel speak”, feeling like you’re stuck on a spinning wheel with constant activity for very little growth, and watching your sales trickle in while your expenses stack up…

This is NOT what you signed up for.

Seeing more money go out than come in. Financial freedom feels like a constantly moving goal post.

Stuck on your phone all day long, missing those all-important moments with your kids. Your calendar hasn’t seen a vacation marked on it in forever!

Struggling to find direction, clarity… and confidence because it’s hard to feel confident when nothing you do seems to stick.

Spending hours listening to social media “gurus” spouting regurgitated, untested “hacks” that do more harm than good.

Signing up for program-after-program only to find you’re no further than you were at the beginning but are now deeper in debt.

The whole idea of FREEDOM feels like a fancy fairytale without the happily ever after.

A Step-by-Step, Zero-Stress
Revenue Generation System for Smart Marketers Who Want REAL RESULTS in 6 Weeks FLAT!

Lay The Foundation For Your Lifestyle Business

Your Essential List Building Foundation

In this module, you’ll get step-by-step lessons to understand exactly HOW to:

Build a business that aligns with the lifestyle you desire.

Shift your mindset to one of abundance and clarity.

Develop consistent, lasting results with a freebie funnel.

Know exactly WHO to attract as a perfect buyer.

Use my secret Brand Identifier Formula for captivating the attention of your best people.

Understand Exactly HOW To Give VALUE To Your Audience

Crafting Your Irresistible Freebie

Ditch confusion and overwhelm with this module, where you’ll master HOW to:

Create the perfect-for-you freebie for rapid list building and sales. You’ll use my special “secret formula” to speed up this process.

Name your freebie so it stands out even in crowded niches and magnetizes distracted attention spans.

Include subtle sales triggers in your freebie so it helps you make sales while you sleep.

Navigate the tech involved without feeling like you’re behind the 8-ball.

Feel completely confident about sharing real VALUE with your audience.

Discover The Easy Ways To Automate The Buyer Attraction Process

Build The Funnel with Your Money Maker Page
(Take-it-Easy Template INCLUDED!)

Automating isn’t complicated. You’ll discover that with this module when you master HOW to:

Get more exposure for your offer with easy-to-follow tutorials that show you how to shoot a sales video and upload it.
Examples included!

Create your success toolkit with essentials that will help you create a funnel minus the frustration. Tech tutorials AND my proprietary plug-and-play template will walk you through every step so you aren’t floundering like a fish on dry land.

Position your offer in your specific freebie funnel so you never wonder where your next sale is coming from.

 Create Easy Connection Mechanisms That Feel Good To You

Build The Funnel: The Money Is In The List

When you set up easy ways to stay connected with your engaged audience, it’s easier to sell. In this module, you’ll learn HOW to:

Captivate an audience you own versus a social media following.

Craft compelling emails to deliver your freebie to your engaged audience.

Create your list and set it up with my preferred email software and a step-by-step tutorial.

Shift From Simply Attracting Prospects To Finding Ready-To-Pay Buyers

Build The Funnel: Create Immediate Sales

Finding ready-to-pay buyers is easy when you know exactly what to add to your funnel so it converts. In this module, you’ll learn HOW to:

Use my proprietary “Immediate Money Maker” Script to turn brand-new subscribers into loyal buyers.

Record a powerful Thank You page video and host it easily with the help of our set up tutorials.

Set up a sales-boosting Thank You page with the 6 key elements that most entrepreneurs overlook.

 Pour Fuel On Your Sales Automation System Without Over Complicating It

Building The Funnel: The Magical Front Door

Now that you have the funnel set up, it’s time to open the door and welcome free-flowing sales! In this module, you’ll discover HOW to:

Create a high-converting freebie offer page so you attract perfect buyers, give great value, and close sales with confidence.

Connect all the pieces with our easy-to-follow tutorials that take you from step one to done!

Use free and low-cost tools to create a professional and branded offer page for your audience.

 Celebrations & Champagne Moments

Graduation Ceremony & Your Very First Lead!

Sales automation is simple but it needs your watchful eye so you don’t leave money on the (virtual) table. In this module, you’ll learn HOW to:

Test your funnel & generate for first lead!
Audit your funnel with our nifty step-by-step Testing checklist.

A Special Graduation Ceremony with Tanya to celebrate YOU and your new Freebie Funnel

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