New Money Day (Intro to Snapchat, Native Ads & Facebook)



New Money Day (Intro to Snapchat, Native Ads & Facebook)


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New Money Day (Intro to Snapchat, Native Ads & Facebook)JOIN THE WHITE HAT ECOM (R)EVOLUTION

The industry is changing. Are you changing with it?

Native Advertising * Ecom * Facebook * Snapchat * Copy * Design



We found the money, baby.

After months of traveling to meet as many of the world’s top-performing marketers as he could, James Van Elswyk found a pattern – something he didn’t expect:

All of the biggest players in media buying are shifting to White Hat Ecom because it has become the most profitable source of income in the industry.

Native ads. Listicles. Facebook. Single-product funnels. Snapchat. Creatives. They’re all part of an elaborate, highly profitable, customizable formula for long-term success as a performance/affiliate marketer.

There’s only one problem:

Cut and paste doesn’t cut it any more.

To thrive in today’s crowded media buying world, you need fresh ideas… ever-growing marketing skills… and serious support from your community. It’s not easy to crack high-profit Ecom. But it is proven. And you can get there. Sustainable profitability has been achieved and repeated by independent marketers helping each other grow.

That’s what Geek Out: Tel Aviv is all about. If you’re ready to put in the work, we’re here to lift you up to the top – and leverage the power of community to keep you there.

Whether you’re already running white hat ecom or you’re ready to dive in, this event is the total package for scaling your business to new levels of sustainable profits.

But we can’t help you make the leap alone. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to some friends of ours…


As the saying goes: “Iron makes iron sharp; so a man makes sharp his friend.”

We’re taking that to heart at Geek Out: Tel Aviv. Not only are we limiting this event to 40 people (allowing you to make 39 high-level, long-term friends in the industry)… we’re also teaming up with GiddyUp and Taboola to create the most transparent, valuable, actionable white hat learning session possible.

Taboola is a famously profitable native ad platform that’s notoriously difficult to get into. But here’s where it gets interesting: They’re excited to help people like you promote more Ecom products (especially the offers at GiddyUp); it’s the future. At Geek Out: Tel Aviv, you’ll get paired with a rep and learn the secrets to launching and maintaining profitable campaigns on the platform.

GiddyUp (#33 on the Inc. 500 fastest-growing marketing companies in the US) is the unquestionable leader in the white hat performance marketing space. Their exclusive CPA network features the ultimate collection of pre-tested, high-converting offersfor unique, innovative brands that you’ll truly love to sell. (Yes, all offers are tested in-house for conversion before being released to you.)

When you combine Geek Out’s community-orientation and lasting support with Taboola’s powerful platform and GiddyUp’s high converting white hat offers, you get a mix-and-match formula that guarantees success to anyone willing to put in the work. This is synergy.



You’ll join 39 other eager, talented marketers for 5 days of raw, hands-on learning. Build lifelong friendships and learn from talented experts – AND each other.

NOTE: Some events are available as single tickets (New Money Day, ECOM ROAS and Snapvertising & Dumbest Dinner). The Taboola Day and Jerusalem Day are only available through all-access.


10 & 11 February 2019

Welcome Dinner, Taboola Day + Jerusalem Day

Half of the group will join us at Taboola HQ for a full day of deep Native learning with James Van Elswyk and the Taboola team, and the other half will spend the day in Jerusalem, sharing marketing tips and soaking up history. The next day, the groups swap.

  • Includes Welcome Dinner
  • Only for the 40 All Access members (no single-day tickets)
  • Lunch provided by Taboola
  • Livestream + Unlimited Replays Available

Special guest:James Van Elswyk  and the Taboola team


Schedule:Taboola Day: 9:00am-6:00pm

Jerusalem Day: Full-day tour

12 February 2019

New Money Day (Intro to Snapchat, Native Ads & Facebook)

Forget the old ways… this is a full day of actionable tips and formulas for cracking new sources of revenue. Learn about new opportunities on Snapchat; discover an insanely profitable style of “Performance Ecom” like you’ve never seen before; dive into the latest Facebook best practices; streamline your creative production with Landing Page & Copywriting tips. This day alone is a full package.

  • 250 seats available
  • Included in All Access Pass (single-day tickets available)
  • Lunch provided by Geek Out
  • Livestream + Unlimited Replays Available

Special guest:James Van Elswyk & Ben Opsahl

Location:Tel Aviv Stock Exchange – Main Room


13 February 2019

Snapchat Matt

Snapchat Matt ditched all other platforms for the ripe grounds of Snapchat, and he’s never looked back. He’ll show you how he pulls in 80% ROI on $20k/day spend, including hands-on help with your campaigns.

  • 50 seats available
  • Included in All Access Pass (single-day tickets available)
  • Intensive workshop day: Snapchat
  • Lunch provided by Geek Out
  • No Live Stream (We’ll Workshop Private Campaigns)

Speaker:Snapchat Matt

Location:Tel Aviv Stock Exchange – Private Room


14 February 2019

The Shack Show Tel Aviv

Nick Shackelford is one of the top media buyers in the world right now – managing million-dollar spend on multiple campaigns. We’ll spend the full day workshopping live campaigns to increase profitability and break down practical examples of the latest tactics and best practices for Facebook and Ecom.

  • 50 seats available
  • Intensive workshop day: FB & Ecom
  • Lunch provided by Geek Out
  • No Live Stream (We’ll Workshop Private Campaigns)

Speaker:Nick Shackelford

Location:Tel Aviv Stock Exchange – Private Room


15 February 2019

Pixels & Pints & Dumbest Dinner

This is where it all comes together. After 5 days of getting to know each other, our heads filled with ideas and plans, we’ll gather for two awesome events: a Pub Crawl edition of Pixels & Pints and the infamous Dumbest Dinner. Humility, open-mindedness and big ideas are all on the menu. Ego is not.

  • Only for the 40 All Access members (no single-day tickets)
  • Epic Tel Aviv pub crawl led by Daniel Javor
  • Dumbest Dinner with all 40 attendees

Special guest:Daniel Javor

Location:Tel Aviv

Schedule:Evening-Late Into The Night (TBA)

GeekOut Edu is proud to work together with David Popovich–the owner and leader of eCom Israel, the thriving official home of the Israeli eCommerce entrepreneurs.

All beginning and advanced eCommerce members of eCom Israel will be granted a special “members only” discount to attend all training events at Geek Week in Tel Aviv!

This is an amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity for all eCom Israel members to learn how the top 1% of online marketers are scaling their ecom products on Facebook, Native, and Snapchat!



FEB 12, 2019

New Money Day (Intro to Snapchat, Native Ads & Facebook)

Attend Live: New Money Day

Free Lunch and two coffee breaks included in the price for attendance

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: Main Room

Be there for an all-in-one introduction to Native Ads, Snapchat, Landing Page Copy and Optimization. Discover new techniques, gain a full understanding of what’s working today, and walk away completely prepared to test a new revenue source.

  • Native Ads
  • Snapchat
  • Advertorials
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Copywriting
  • Design

FEB 11-12, 2019

2 Day Live Stream + Unlimited Replays

2 Day Live Stream + Unlimited Replays of Taboola Day and New Money Day

Get Exclusive Current Training From:

  • Nick Shackelford
  • James Van Elswyk
  • Maor Benaim “The Wolf”
  • Matt Smith “Snapchat Matt”
  • John Belcher
  • Daniel Javor
  • Ben Opsahl
  • Topher Grant
  • Heath Wilcock
  • And Special guest: Eliran Ben Yehuda the managing Director of Taboola in Israel and Africa

FEB 14, 2019

The Shack Show Tel Aviv

Attend Workshop: ECOM ROAS with Nick Shackelford

 Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: Private Room

Let Nick Shackelford show you everything he does to increase ROAS for his major Ecom clients. See how he sets up campaigns, get bidding & budgeting advice, learn FB best practices for media buying and creatives, and have all your questions answered.

  • Increase Your Ecom ROAS
  • Get Hands-On Help From Nick
  • Campaign Structuring, Case Studies, Split Testing Methods & More
  • Personalized Advice (No Live Stream)

FEB 13, 2019

Snapchat Matt

Attend Workshop: Snapvertising with Matt Smith

 Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: Private Room

Join Matt Smith in a private room for a full introduction to Snapchat, including a hands-on workshop in which Matt will show you the ropes using live campaigns. Get all your questions answered by a veteran of the up-and-coming platform.

  • Complete Intro to Snapchat
  • Get Hands-On Help From Matt
  • Learn What’s Working NOW
  • Personalized Advice (No Live Stream)

FEB 13-14, 2019

ECOM ROAS & Snapvertising Live

Bundle: Attend ECOM ROAS & Snapvertising Live

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: Private Room (2 days)

Get both ECOM ROAS with Nick Shackelford and Snapvertising with Matt Smith. Walk away with a full set of new ideas and methodologies for Ecom, Facebook, Snapchat and more. Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity or want actionable tips from experts to increase your profitability, this is a powerful investment in your future campaigns.

  • Two Full Days of Deep Learning
  • Increase Your Ecom ROAS
  • Unlock The Secrets To Snapchat
  • Get Hands-On Help From Matt & Nick
  • Personalized Advice (No Live Stream)

FEB 10-15, 2019

Welcome Dinner, Taboola Day + Jerusalem Day


 Taboola HQ, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Jerusalem

The All Access Ticket is your pass into a private group of 40 tight-knit learners who will learn, laugh, debate and build each other up with practical advice and support.

Ticket includes access to all 8 events:

  • Welcome Dinner
  • Taboola Day
  • Jerusalem Tour
  • New Money Day
  • Snapchat Matt
  • The Shack Show
  • Dumbest Dinner
  • Tel Aviv Pub Crawl

Get New Money Day and Taboola Day – Purple Knowledge Lab (James Elswyk) – $73. You will be supported lifetime. Don’t forget to sign up to receive the email, and earn even more rewards.


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