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PlayPauseyoga – Strumpi LTD


PlayPauseyoga – Strumpi LTD

We decided to structure the course in a way that makes learning easier, faster and long lasting. To be able to efficiently digest a discipline as vast and as complex as yoga the only way is to divide the information into many smaller bites.



PlayPauseyoga - Strumpi LTD

Playpauseyoga – Strumpi Ltd

Take your Yoga Practice to the Next Level

PlayPauseYoga Is the first course that makes learning or improving yoga easy and accessible to everyone.

The Goal is the Journey


The Goal is the Journey

How to Breathe

Inhale and Exhale in a Flow

How to give rhythm to your Practice



How to use the PlayPauseBe Deck

How to use the PlayPauseBe Expansion Deck


Cat Cow

Shoulder Warm Up

Seated Side Stretch

Seated Gentle Twist

Wrist Warm Up


Open Chest


Thread the Needle


Sun Salutations A

Sun Salutations B


Mountain Pose

Standing Forward Fold

Chair Pose

Twisted Chair Pose

Crescent Lunge – High Lunge

Triangle Pose

Warrior 1

Warrior 2

Reverse Warrior 2

Wide-Legged Forward Bend

Extended Side Angle Pose


Dancer Pose

Tree Pose

Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose

Warrior 3

Eagle Pose



Upward Facing Dog

Locust Pose

Bow Pose

Bridge Pose

Upward Bow (Wheel) Pose

Camel Pose

Fish Pose


Shoulder Stand

Plow Pose


The Clown or Tripod Headstand

Downward Facing Dog


Arm Balance

Upward Table or Upward Plank

Plank Pose

Plank to Four Limbed Staff Pose (Knees Chest Chin)

Side Plank

Crow Pose

Eight-Angle Pose


Side Crow

Seated Postures

Child’s Pose

Seated Forward Fold

Half Split or Split

Low Lunge Pose

Pigeon Pose

Wide Legged Forward Fold

Boat Pose

Head-to-Knee Forward Bend

Seated Twist


Half Moon

Standing Split

Super Soldier

Forearm Stand


Slow Down

Supine Twist

Reclining Bound Angle Pose

Happy Baby

Knees to Chest

Feet Up the Wall


Fetal Pose


Extra Poses

Malasana Pose

Hero Pose

Puppy Pose

Low Squat

Airplane Pose

Shiva Squat

Goddess Pose

Humble Warrior

Side Lunge Ninja Squat

Seated Side Strech

Is PlayPauseYoga For You?

PlayPauseYoga has been created both for beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners. It is but is also suitable for advanced practitioners that want to deepen their knowledge and broaden their perspective.


You’ll be guided through each yoga pose from the easiest to the most advanced. You’ll learn how to breathe properly, stay grounded, and how to keep the correct alignment for the poses.


You’ll possess an amazing tool to further improve your practice, learn new things and focus on those poses you tend to avoid in your daily practice.

What Is Going To Happen To Your Yoga Practice?

This course will bring you multiple long-term benefits.

  • You will stop doing the same sequences over and over again. You will soon be adding new positions to your practice, and start loving the ones you didn’t like
  • You will correct bad posture issues. Damages from practicing yoga the wrong way can manifest years later. The course will teach you how to listen to your body and how to be safe even in the most advanced positions
  • You will develop clarity on what you want to get out of your daily practice
  • You are going to feel more connected with yourself, you will start practicing mindfully, at your own speed following your own breath
  • Your physical and mental strength will expand as well as your flexibility and general well-being.

What Are You Going To Find In PlayPauseYoga?

Once you purchase the course you will have instant access to a member area where you will be able to consult the lessons whenever and wherever you want.

We decided to structure the course in a way that makes learning easier, faster and long lasting. To be able to efficiently digest a discipline as vast and as complex as yoga the only way is to divide the information into many smaller bites.

The PlayPauseYoga Method is built around this concept, and the idea that only when information gets absorbed by our subconscious – then we can access it, use it, and combine it with other information already stored in our brain.

Remember when you learned to ride a bike or drive a car? In the beginning even though you “understood” consciously how to do it, you still struggled…

That’s because the information had not yet reached the subconscious. Now you can probably drive or ride a bike listening to the radio, looking around, thinking about things that have nothing to do with it. That’s because your subconscious has absorbed the information and can access it without effort.

We want you to achieve the same with yoga.

Here Are Some Of The Things That You’ll Love Inside PlayPauseYoga:

  • PlayPauseYoga is a yoga course like no other…
  • Understand every nuanced detail in performing the exact positions included in the PlayPauseBe deck.
  • Never doubt the way you’re entering, holding, and exiting yoga poses ever again!
  • Develop your own mindful self-practice within days of consistently using the course materials… and learn every move in the deck within weeks.
  • Ease your way into a healthful yoga practice by knowing EXACTLY where safety should be a concern… and never over-stretching, over-working… or injuring yourself!
  • Good breathing is all about “belly breathing,” right? Wrong! Learn the three areas of the breath that you need to be mindful of for deep oxygenation.
  • Why it’s absolutely critical that you use props to ease into certain moves… and when you can stop using them.
  • The simple three-steps to take (that uses the proportions of YOUR body) to get perfect hip distance so you don’t strain one side of your body (so simple, but so important later! See lesson 13).
  • Learn the most critical pose you must return to mid flow, when you’re losing your breath or rhythm…
  • How to avoid the incredibly common mistake people make when moving into the beautiful Dancer Pose — and how to “be like a drop of water!”
  • What never to do when doing backbends so many people do this and overextend their lumbar spines (leading to weeks of chronic pain).
  • PLUS — An easy way to start doing the “complex” Eight Angle Pose. Illona shows you the exact steps that make it seem as easy as Downward Dog!

Only today, PlayPauseyoga – Strumpi LTD – Price $27. You will be supported lifetime.

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