Precision Striking – Boxer’s Start-Up Guide + Bonus



Precision Striking – Boxer’s Start-Up Guide + Bonus


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Develop your knowledge with the Precision Striking – Boxer’s Start-Up Guide + Bonus course. Purchuse at here with price $100 $28. You will get the full course with the same content as Salepage.


2 hr Instructional Video (digital download)
16 page Workout Guide E-book

It has taken me over 18 years to learn and assimilate the information taught in this video so that a beginner taking up the sport of boxing can maximize their early development and save hundreds of hours of pain and agony trying to figure things out.  This guide will not only teach you how to box, it will save you from potential injury and the unnecessary repercussions of training, as well as teach you how to train independently and guide your own progress.

In this 2 hour comprehensive instructional video and 16 page training handbook I want to give you everything I possibly can to help you achieve your personal goals as they relate to boxing without you having to join a boxing gym. As part of this product I also offer a video review of your technique and training, which is something I normally charge $80 for.   You also get access to my closed Facebook training group where you can share your experience with like-minded practitioners.

My guess is that you have the desire to develop yourself through boxing, but right now joining a boxing gym is not feasible for a number of potential reasons:

1. There are no legitimate boxing gyms in your area (this was my situation as a young teenager).

2. You boxed years ago and want to start training again. You know the fundamentals but could use a quick refresher to get you back up to speed.

3. You want to join a boxing gym and want to be prepared for the process of training, you don’t want to be embarrassed or ‘taken to school’ by a coach or gym mate who is not interested in your development.

4. You already train seriously in another sport or combat sport and paying gym fees to learn boxing doesn’t make financial sense right now, boxing is often as expensive as almost any other sport.

5. You travel a lot and have family obligations that don’t allow for a predictable schedule, you want to train boxing at your own convenience.

6. You have a child or family member that you think would love boxing, but you want to let them try it out at home before taking them to the boxing gym.

7. You are an aspiring female boxer and don’t feel that the boxing gyms in your area have a welcoming and developmental environment for women.

8. You are headed off to school or vocational training and want to get started in boxing.

What I Want You Get Out of This Program

I have designed this program to help you get the most out of boxing with virtually no equipment or pre-requisite skills. You will learn boxing in terms of the individual components such as stance, footwork, offense, and defense, and you will learn how to integrate these components into a tactical flow including how to start a boxing sequence, what combinations to throw, how to escape and exit the exchange, and how to maintain continuity. Right now you do not need any equipment to take part in the training this guide has to offer, and all of the skills in this guide will carry over to the heavy bag, other training bags, the focus pads, partner drills, and sparring (when the time comes).



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