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Reseller Tax Academy – Mark Tew


Reseller Tax Academy – Mark Tew


Reseller Tax Academy – Mark Tew

Reseller Tax Academy - Mark TewIf you’re an online seller wondering how to stop leaving money on the tablehow to optimize your business finances, and achieve peace of mind, then you already know that you need to get on top of your tax situation.

Here’s What You Might Not Know

Optimizing your tax situation will often produce a direct positive impact on your time, your business profitability, and even your health.


The real value comes from educating yourself about how to optimize your tax situation and not get caught in a downward cycle of procrastination.


In this program, we discuss not only how to clean up a tax mess but also the simple ways to avoid finding yourself in that position again.


No more wondering if you can do this or that, because you’ll have knowledge that will give you confidence.


The relief that comes from knowing your finances are in order can work wonders for your how you feel, and in turn have a significantly positive effect on your business.


The increased confidence and extra time you’ll find will allow you to focus on what you’re good at, leading to positive growth and more dollars in your wallet.

The 4 Reasons Most Resellers Fail At Taxes

(and how to guarantee you won’t!)

1.You Don’t Know Where To Start

Optimizing your taxes isn’t always particularly complicated. But there are MANY moving pieces and potential failure points along the way.

What type of entity should I have? Do I need bookkeeping software? How do I pay myself? How much should I set aside for taxes? What if I haven’t been tracking anything?

There are just some of the MANY questions you’ll have to answer along the way.

Most resellers approach their accounting & taxes as just another “thing to do.” But the thing is, you can’t treat the financial piece of your business as something to check off the list. Doing it right is immensely valuable and will yield significant savings and peace of mind throughout the rest of your life.

Time to respect it for what it is – a critical component and OPPORTUNITY for your business – and approach it accordingly.

2.Good Information Is Hard To Find

Some information can be easily found online – such as how to make chocolate chip cookies or how to jump start a car. If you’ve ever tried searching for answers to your reseller tax questions, however, you may have had a different experience.

Even if you can find a few pieces of the puzzle, you might not be able to put them together. And you might second guess yourself about the pieces you do find. Or you might find some pieces that appear to be the perfect fit, but that in reality belong to a totally separate puzzle!

You can always go straight to the IRS website. Most of the answers are there. The problem is that there’s a massive amount of information to sift through, and most of it seems like it’s in a foreign language.

You may start to feel like comprehending your tax situation is beyond your reach. The good news is that it’s not!

If you had a step-by-step guide that explained what to do, in normal language, by someone familiar with YOUR business, the result would be night and day.

3.You Get Overwhelmed And Put It Off

I have personally surveyed thousands of business owners, and the pain point that is consistently at the top of the list of things they dread about their businesses is…you guessed it…taxes.

It’s only natural to gravitate toward the business activities we’re good at and enjoy. I know some resellers who LOVE shopping and sourcing inventory, so that’s all they do, and the numbers side of the business is neglected.

They might subconsciously believe that accounting, tax planning, and tax preparation are too complicated to even attempt, so they start to feel overwhelmed and ignore those aspects of the business.

The overwhelm isn’t inevitable. It comes from not being armed with the necessary knowledge. It comes from not having the appropriate tools.

Acquiring that knowledge and those tools is well within your ability, and once you do it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

4.Taxes Are Complicated

Duh. This we know. What else is there to say? With a tax code that’s thousands of pages long (and publications explaining the tax code that are hundreds of pages long), it’s no wonder that we get glazed eyes and walk away.

Believe it or not, it is possible to break all that information down into relevant, understandable nuggets of wisdom that will help you run your business better.

Reseller Tax Academy Course Overview

What’s Inside Reseller Tax Academy

Module 1 – Introduction to Taxes

Connecting Taxes Directly to Your Success

Now that you are ready to turn this thing around, it’s important to understand how integrally connected taxes are to your overall success.

Here, you’ll more fully understand the importance of tax planning for your business and be motivated and empowered to take your business to the next level through optimizing your taxes.

Whether you work with a professional or are more of a do-it-yourself type, this module will help break it all down to help you validate which course of action will help your business attain maximum results.

Module Highlights

Understand how taxes relate directly to your ultimate goals.

Learn about the resources you can use to optimize your business without spending a fortune.

Download my Questions to ask a CPA cheat sheet, and ensure you are getting the right kind of help.

Module 2 – Tax Basics for Online Sellers

Laying Your Basic Tax Foundation

Now that you’ve caught the vision of just how much of a positive impact getting your tax ducks in a row can have, we continue to lay the foundation with the basic tax building blocks.

You’ll gain an understanding of which taxes you’re subject to, how they fit together with your business, and how to avoid surprises.

Most new resellers have a rude awakening at tax time. This is the module that teaches you how to steer clear of those shocking moments.

Module Highlights

Connect the dots from income tax to self-employment tax to avoid surprises,

Learn how sales tax affects you and how to manage it.

Understand what your tax responsibilities are during the year and how to easily check them off your list.

Module 3 – Getting Started – Assessing Your Current State

Evaluating Where You Are Now

Looking at your business through the lens of your new foundation will allow you to truly assess the current financial and tax state of your business.

You will consider aspects of your business you may not have thought about before.

Once you have a solid grasp on where your business is, you’ll have a clearer vision of what you need to do to get to where you need to be.

Module Highlights

Learn to distinguish a “hobby” from a “business” and see which is more beneficial for you.

See what it truly means to “set up a business” and how to do it correctly.Get a preview of the power that comes from knowing your numbers

Get a preview of the power that comes from knowing your numbers.

Module 4 – The Optimal Structure for Your Business

Determining the Best Business Structure

Business entity structure plays an important role in maximizing your reselling business potential. The misinformation on this topic is abundant, and in this module we will methodically drill down into the detail of each relevant type of business entity that you should consider.

Resellers leave massive savings opportunities on the table by not structuring their business properly, and this module will ensure that you are not one of them.

Module Highlights

Discover how to protect yourself with an LLC and if you need one.

Gain an understanding of the benefits and misconceptions surrounding S corporations.

Learn how to organize multiple businesses.

Module 5 – Inventory

Learning How to Deal with Your Inventory

There’s no getting around having to account for your inventory in this business.

Here, you’ll become an expert on how to deduct inventory, how to track inventory, and we’ll tackle the misconceptions surrounding inventory. You’ll come of out of it feeling confident about (rather than feeling like running away from) accounting for your inventory.

Module Highlights

Deduct & track all of your inventory properly to stay compliant and for maximum visibility.

Account for all of those personal items you sell and learn how to leverage them to reduce your tax bill.

Manage inventory donations and how to deduct them properly.

Module 6 – Deductions You Need to Know

Maximizing Your Business Deductions

Deductions are not the only piece to the tax optimization puzzle, but they are a significant one.

Resellers lose out on so much money because they either aren’t claiming all of the deductions they’re entitled to or they aren’t doing so correctly.

In this module, we dive in to the deductions that are absolutely crucial for resellers to know about and then some.

Module Highlights

Learn how to take advantage of the QBI deduction (worth 20% of your profit!).

Discover the truth about the home office deduction and how to maximize it.

Understand how to track and deduct mileage, meals, travel, and other common reseller deductions.

Module 7 – Cleaning Up a Tax Mess

Sorting Out Your Current Tax State of Affairs

You’ve now acquired essential tools that will enable you to build a future of financial efficiency and savings. But what about the mess that’s been accumulated up until now?

You definitely don’t want financial mistakes or tax errors coming back to bite you.

In this module, we’ll again put your mind at ease by dispelling the myth that the IRS is out to get you, and show you simple steps you can take to make those messy years go away.

Module Highlights

Secure peace of mind by reframing how you think about the IRS.

Learn the truth about IRS audits and how to be ready for them.

Implement simple proactive (rather than reactive) tax strategies anyone can use.

Module 8 – Knowing Your Numbers

Keeping Your Numbers at the Forefront

You’ve heard the saying “rubbish in, rubbish out.” You can’t do a whole lot tax optimizing if the numbers are a disaster. We want to get the ones books in order!

Accurate accounting is the muse to a hit tax making plans and optimization. Being acquainted together along with your numbers is floor 0 for being assured for your business.

When you don’t recognise your numbers, you experience lost. You suppose you’re making money, or as a minimum you desire you are. And it’s now no longer pretty much understanding in case you are worthwhile or now no longer. Knowing your numbers opens the capability for all styles of useful choice making.

Module Highlights

Follow the basics of where to start with bookkeeping setup and day-to-day operation.

Track and review your numbers for maximum insight into what’s driving your business.

Analyze your business trends, make decisions based on that information, and the follow through by taking action.

Module 9 – Putting it All Together

Combining Everything You’ve Learned and Taking Action

There are many moving pieces to efficiently and effectively optimizing your business for long-term financial and tax savings.

In this module, we put it all together using a step-by-step road map you can follow to jump into action on your way to being fully optimized, paired with that tranquil peace of mind that has been so elusive until now.

Module Highlights

Use my Getting Started Checklist to get you started on your way to being properly organized and fully optimized.

Internalize the steps you can take right now, and see them in the context of the bigger picture.

Only today, Reseller Tax Academy – Mark Tew – Price $103. You will be supported lifetime. Don’t forget to sign up to receive the email, and earn even more rewards.


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