Rise With Reels – Reels Queen



Rise With Reels – Reels Queen


Rise With Reels – Reels Queen

Module 1: Crafting Your Reel

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve already dabbled in Reels, you’ll get a complete breakdown of how to craft a Reel from start to finish.

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Rise With Reels – Reels Queen

What’s Inside Rise With Reels?


Module 1: Crafting Your Reel

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve already dabbled in Reels, you’ll get a complete breakdown of how to craft a Reel from start to finish.

By the time you’re done, you’ll be confident shooting, editing, and uploading your Reels – and they’ll look like they were made by a PRO!

In this meaty module, you’ll learn…

The key to creating successful Reels that convert your followers into FANS (it’s simple but crucial)

How to get music for your Reels – including the 3 main ways to get music on your account if you don’t already have it, how to use unique audio from TikTok, and how to stop your music from getting flagged

How to find all of the best trending music for your Reels and create your own unique version so your Reels stand out from all the rest

How to create voice overs

How to nail lip-syncing Reels – we share our tips and tricks for making you look great!
How to shoot and edit Reels inside and outside Instagram so you have more creative freedom
How to get creative with GIFs, stickers and filters, remove the TikTok watermark, re-edit your Reels after you’ve posted them, and create cover images that attract more views
How to use PIP (Picture in Picture) to create two video clips side by side or place smaller video clips on your Reel
How to add and align your text so it’s not squished or cut off the screen (whether you’re using an iPhone or an android device)
How to add a caption, cover image, save it as a draft and press post!


The Instagram Reels Planning Sheet so you can cut your planning time in half!
The Ultimate Checklist for Creating Reels: a PDF that walks you through the simple but crucial steps you need to follow to create your scroll-stopping Reels

Module 2: Generating Standout Content Ideas

Coming up with great content ideas is one of your biggest struggles. But if you want your Reels to bring more engagement, more followers and more sales, they need to be relevant, interesting and entertaining.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this meaty module, you’ll learn…

Get a list of content ideas for your Reels – we have separate content ideas for service-based business owners, product-based business owners, industry professionals, and personal brands. So many ideas!

Find out the 4 content pillars your Reels need to cover so your audience stays interested!)

Finally understand how to structure your Reel with a hook that keeps your audience engaged from the second they see your Reel, and a call to action that encourages them to take action – immediately!

Learn how to find the best hashtags for attracting your audience, and understand how to use hashtags
Learn how to make a viral Reel that makes you stand out from the crowd and brings your target audience straight to you. (We even break down the trends we’ve seen in viral Reels!)
How to fill your content calendar with Reels – without you having to spend all your time filming and editing
Understand the common mistakes that hold Reels back so you can avoid making them!
Get our personal strategy for repurposing a Reel into 7 different types of content – without breaking a sweat – so you can maximise reach and engagement!
Module 3: Creating Scroll-Stopping Transitions
The Reels that get the most attention have that WOW factor. They’re entertaining, visual, and you LOVE to watch them over and over again.
If you want Reels like that, it’s time you master how to create scroll-stopping, seamless transitions.

In this meaty module, you’ll learn…

Find out the science behind nailing transitions so you can create Reels that attract the attention you want!
Learn the camera techniques, camera angles and camera movements to use in your Reels so you can produce fun, creative and stand out videos! (We have degrees in film, television and video marketing. We are your GIRLS when it comes to cinematography!)
Discover the one word that is crucial to mastering seamless transitions
Get access to 12 exclusive over-the-shoulder transition tutorials, where we guide you through creating different types of transitions like transitions with clothing, the kick/fall into bed transition, wipe, whip, prop drop, mirror effect, looping and so much more!

Module 4: Reels That Sell

As a business owner or personal brand, you’re creating Instagram content so you can generate more revenue.

If they’re not making you money, your Reels aren’t doing their job. Let’s change that!

In this meaty module, you’ll learn…

Learn the 5 ways to sell your product, service or personal brand through Instagram Reels in a way that feels natural and comfortable
Discover the key elements of selling without selling (whether you’re selling a physical/digital product, a service, or yourself)
Figure out the secret to selling in disguise so you’re persuasive but not pushy
Learn how to launch with Reels so you can attract more people and more revenue
Learn how to create a launch strategy that is centred around Reels and has maximum impact
Gain the confidence to build a social media strategy using Reels (for service-based businesses, product-based businesses, and personal brands)


The Target Audience Planning Sheet so you can nail your target audience and figure out how to serve them better

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