Sacred Money Archetypes 2022 – Denise Duffield-Thomas



Sacred Money Archetypes 2022 – Denise Duffield-Thomas


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Sacred Money Archetypes 2022 – Denise Duffield-Thomas

Most people think that there’s only one way to make money…

Hustle and grind.

It’s a very easy trap to fall into as an entrepreneur, and you’re certainly not alone!

Maybe you’ve followed a successful business guru and followed their business strategy that claims to make you millions… but it didn’t work for you.
You likely feel frustrated and like a failure, “Why hasn’t it worked for me?”
Working harder isn’t the answer (maybe you’re already feeling the burnout.)
If you’re doing business in a way that feels forced, stuck and unnatural to you
If you’re doing tasks that are outside of your zone of genius
If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, lonely, and confused in your business…
You know that something has to change… Now!

I’m sure you’re not new to the online business world

– like me, you’ve probably done a million courses on marketing, sales and confidence.

And you’re constantly reading business and personal development books, listening to podcasts, and dreaming about the possibilities for your own life.
And I bet you’ve done a lot of personality tests too.
Most creative entrepreneurs I know are hungry for insights on how to grow a business. You’re ready to develop more confidence or create new habits, so you can grow into your full potential.
Working for yourself is an incredible privilege – one that gives you creative freedom, uncapped earning potential, and the chance to make a significant impact.
I know a lot is happening globally, but we still live in an incredible time.
Creative people who have a dream have the tools and technology to make it happen – without a big investment or financial backing from investors.
Imagine what our grandmothers could have created with all the tools we have available to us.
Freedom, choice, and the privilege of experimenting with creative dreams.

But here’s the big problem:

How do you know what works?
How do you know whose advice to follow?
And what do you do when you face that inevitable fear, resistance, and procrastination?
Personally, I’ve wasted thousands of dollars following business advice that just didn’t feel authentic to me.
Most business gurus teach what they know.
But ultimately, what works for them doesn’t automatically work for you.
Your working pace, creative process, or motivation might be completely different from other people’s.
And it can be especially hard to find a mentor who looks like you or understands the stage of life and business you’re at.
Most male business coaches don’t get it.
So if you’re following cookie-cutter advice, it can lead to frustration or burnout.

Not everyone is happy when you attempt to do things differently.

Your industry peers tell you not to rock the boat.
Your business besties tell you to keep your prices “affordable.”
Or your mentor shames you for your lifestyle, family, or health needs.
When the message is “Do what it takes to succeed,” what does that mean?
I see people feeling isolated, discouraged, deflated, and kept small by some of the well-meaning but dogmatic business advice floating around.

We’re all different.

We have different values, working styles, and ways we want to show up and serve.
You have to learn to trust that your path is valid.

You don’t have to change who you are to make

more money.

If you try to change your unique personality, you’ll:
  • Keep pushing and working harder and harder to make more
  • Continue to do things you don’t love or aren’t naturally good at
  • Struggle to attract ideal clients
  • Hire the wrong people for your team
  • Overwork, underearn and struggle to grow your business.
  • Have that horrible feeling that maybe something is wrong with you
  • Continue to feel unmotivated by not fulfilling your potential
  • Begin to think that maybe you’re not meant to be successful or wealthy.

Imagine how much money and impact you could be leaving on the table by not following a business model that suits you!

What will it cost you to keep going in business in an inauthentic way suppressing who you really are?
What would the impact be of another 12 months stuck in hustle and grind for you, your health, and your family?

What if there was a magic key to unlock more flow and abundance in your business?

A way to make things feel easier and more fun while still 

growing your income?

What if you could design your business to flow perfectly for your personality.
A compass to show you which way to go and how to grow with ease.
And to make you more magnetic and irresistible to your ideal clients?
What if you could unlock the potential of your Money Archetype to:
Earn more money from your natural strengths and gifts
Specifically how you can use your Money Archetype in your marketing and business to bring more money in with less effort! (It’s totally different for everyone)
Stop your repetitive financial mistakes and overcome your money challenges
You’ll be surprised how your personality leaks money unnecessarily or sabotages easy wins. Each Archetype combination does it differently.
Design your business model, and passive income offers to play to your strengths.
Plus understand the Money Archetype of your team and how to hire the right people to bring balance and abundance to your business.
Attract more of your ideal customers
When you learn how to market directly to their money personality and how you can naturally help them with yours. This is GOLD, it’s like having a secret superpower.
Build your business in alignment with your personality
So you can finally feel in flow with money and usher more grace, ease and abundance into your life.

Your Profitable Profile

Learn how to use your Archetype’s gifts and challenges to build a path to a more abundant, creative future.
You’ll get an in-depth understanding of all the specific strengths, challenges, and pitfalls, so you can plan out your roadmap to success.
You have access to the Profitable Profiles of all 8 archetypes, so you can explore your top 3 in-depth but also understand other people in your life – your family, friends, team members, and of course, your clients.
In this module you’ll learn:
  • How to get the most out of this course as your Archetype so you actually take action and get results
  • The Secret to fulfilling your SMAslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
  • Your Helpful/Harmful Archetype behaviors and how they impact your business.
  • Your unique Contract with money and the powerful beliefs you need to shift to attract more abundance.
  • The TRUTH about what your Archetype needs to know about money.
…and more

How to Leverage Bankable Business Models

How to tweak, upgrade or pivot your business to better align with your Archetype.

This module outlines the pros and cons of standard business models for your Archetype and gives you examples and inspiration to try for yourself.

Discover the “perfect” business for your Archetype and how to leverage your strengths and avoid those pesky challenges that are holding you back.

The products you offer, clients you serve and even how you price can differ for will be entirely different for every Archetype. One Archetype’s idea of a good business is another’s idea of hell.

But unfortunately, you don’t know until you’ve tried it. So this course could save you a lot of time, money and pain!

In this module you’ll learn:
  • How to choose or change a business model that works for your Archetype
  • The 4 Core Business Models and to design your perfect mix for ease and profit.
  • How I structure and run my business including products and revenue streams to fit my Archetype.
  • The sneaky pitfalls that trip up your Archetype in each Business Model and the hidden money-making opportunities you might be missing.
  • Dozens of product and service ideas for each Archetype.
…and more

Your Ideal Client

Attract more income and ease by serving the clients that match your strengths.

You might serve everyone, but there’s no doubt that you gel better with certain personalities or enjoy working on particular problems more than others.

You’ll discover how to identify those ideal clients – the ones who are looking for you and are the most enjoyable to work with.

We outline together what you can offer each Archetype to either help them enhance their strengths or overcome their challenges.

I’ve included an already filled-in Client Matrix, with all the ways each Archetype can interact and benefit each other, plus all the potential clashes.

That can save you so much heartache.

In this module you’ll learn:
  • The Secrets to finding your Perfect Client Match and the clients your definitely should NOT work with
  • Discover how to recognize the Archetypes in your current clients and identify new money-making opportunities for you and them.
  • The Quickest way to identify someone’s Archetype and determine whether you can or should work with them
  • The hidden desires and strengths of each Archetype and how you can unlock them to help your clients win.
…and more

How to Leverage Your Marketing

The secrets to using Money Archetypes in your marketing for maximum return and minimum sleeze.

Marketing is the key to making money – and using your Archetypes makes all your effort so much more powerful and effective.

This isn’t a Marketing 101 course. Instead, we go straight to the short-cuts for your Archetype.

We touch on branding and outline how to enhance your Archetype’s natural magnetism in ways that feel authentic to you.

You’ll learn the best way to market yourself and your business – to double down on your natural gifts and find the marketing medium that suits you – not what everyone is using or pressuring you to try.

For example, a Celebrity and a Connector could both have podcasts but could experience success in totally different ways.

This information can not only supercharge your marketing efforts and can make ad spend more effective, but reduces things like no-shows on your sales calls and can reduce your refund rate too.

In this module you’ll learn:
  • My Million-Dollar Marketing Formula and how to use your Archetype for maximum marketing impact
  • The biggest marketing sabotages that your Archetype has to overcome and how they could be killing your marketing.
  • Easy tweaks to make your offerings, emails, and sales pages more attractive to each Archetype, so you’ll know the exact words they need to hear.
  • Powerful mindset-shifting affirmation so marketing feels fun and easy
…and more

Creating Passive Income

The TRUTH about how your Archetype can make money with less work.

What is your true path to wealth? How you can float downstream and stop working so hard?

When you unlock a new level of passive income in your business you’ll have more energy, capacity and resources to grow.

You’ll learn tools to evaluate future projects, staff and business ideas, and the confidence to be who you truly are.

In this module you’ll learn:
  • Why passive income is essential for your Archetype but why you’ll resist and sabotage your Passive Income Plan
  • Which types and sources of passive income work best for each Archetype and how to get started
  • Proven passive income ideas for each Archetype that you can implement and sell
  • Your Passive Income Roadmap including action plan and mindset tips to start making money fast.
…and more

How to Hire and Lead Your Dream Team

Design and attract the support team you need to thrive.

Hiring support in your life, home and business is key to outsourcing your weaknesses and increasing your capacity.

The right support team will help you to stay in your zone of genius and leverage your strengths, without getting tripped up or distracted by work that doesn’t fit your personality.

Learn to identify the hiring gaps in your business and structure your team for productivity, harmony and profit.

In this module you’ll learn:
  • The five-step process to identify who to hire and when.
  • The secrets to using the Archetypes in advertising and selecting the right people for your roles.
  • The mistakes and sabotages that hiring brings up for each Archetype.
  • The easiest way to outsource at home to create your First-Class keyless life.
  • How I really use the Archetypes to balance roles and personalities in my high-performing teams.
…and more

Integration: Living the Archetypes for Impact and Freedom

The direction to wealth and achievement calls for ongoing boom and implementation.
With your newfound information of the Money Archetypes, you’ll maintain to find out new money-making possibilities for your avenue to extra profits and impact.When you develop your commercial enterprise via way of means of moving into the energy of your precise Archetype combination, you’ll experience extra alignment and cause in all regions of your life.Moving from information to mastery of the Archetypes calls for being capable of draw at the strength and strengths of all Archetypes to thrive in each situation.

In this module you’ll learn:
  • How to integrate the energy and strengths of each Archetype in your business
  • How to unlock the gifts of specific Archetypes when you need them to make more money
  • The mindset strategies you need to stay in alignment with your true personality.
  • Visualization and manifesting strategies to connect with each of your inner Archetypes.
…and more
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