Secrets of the Top 2% – Brendon Burchard



Secrets of the Top 2% – Brendon Burchard


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Secrets of the Top 2% - Brendon BurchardThere is a defined path to becoming a member of the most successful people on earth. These are their secrets, and this is the path. Join Brendon Burchard, the world’s leading high performance coach, as he shares 8 lessons of the world’s most influential, wealthy and happy people.

Success must be a joyous journey, a practice and a discipine of expessing ourselves and pursuing dreams

The Program

7-Module Online Course that you can access anytime. anywhere fo life

Module #1

Intenion & Mindfulness

Module #2

Competence & Expertise

Module #3

Self-Discipline & Productivity

Module #4

Attitude of Service

Module #5

From Fear to Courage

Module #6

Teamwork & Leadership

Module #8

Wealth Building

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