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Sending – Dr. Paul Dobransky


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Sending - Dr. Paul DobranskySending is a technology developed based on the theory of Kinesiology. Kinesiology is a theory developed by Dr Ekman a pioneer in the field of emotions and communication. Ekman discovered that all human beings in fact all species actually speak a silent language in their facial expressions one with words sentences and a vocabulary that translates across all cultures.

Ekman has used this technology to train the secret service help the Dali Lama understand universal communication and pioneer a new field of psychology before anyone else. It was a revolutionary discovery.

This language is much more sophisticated and precise than the trivial body language tips that we see so much in this industry. This goes way beyond any routine you have ever heard of

I have adapted Ekmans theory and ideas into a system that is absolutely DYNAMITE when it comes to attracting and relating to women. The best part is

You Can Learn Sending In Under An Hour.

Since this language is innate in all of us there is no need to try to speak using our faces. Doing so would look silly take a long time to learn and ultimately just wouldnt work.

Since we are born with this ability I dont teach you a technique of the face but a technique of the mind. By learning to quickly and easily clear your thoughts and think in a certain way you can project feelings emotions and even words right through your face ? without consciously moving any facial muscles!

Soon after you start testing out the techniques in the Sending DVD Course it will become second nature and effect your sex life in all kinds of ways.

Using the techniques in this course you will gain the power to

Calm yourself and center your emotions allowing you to be in the moment

Dilate your awareness to notice the most subtle cues women send you through their body language vocal tonality and facial expressions.

Have powerful influence over peoples emotions by being able to flood them with good feelings and positive thoughts by just looking at you

Drastically increase your communication skills in everyday life

Become that guy that women just want to be around

Inspire women to approach you before you even say a word

Create moments with your lover where you finish each others sentences.

Increase your presence

See drastic improvements in your creativity and energy levels

You will discover how to seduce women in a way that seems so easy and powerful that you will think This shouldnt be legal

Find women become deeply sexually attracted to you rather than just fleeting giggly social attraction

And much more

I am offering this DVD course for the ridiculously low price of 197.00 and I assure you it will be one of the most valuable additions to your self help library.

How You Can Get It.

I am being serious when I say that this product is packed full of completely one hundred percent NEW material. You have never heard anything like this before unless you have an advanced degree in psychology or have trained with the U.S. Secret service.

Thats right the secret service uses similar technology to influence people and detect lies. As I have said before this is powerful stuff.

Are you willing to invest 197.00 to learn the secret technology that will make you and your partner think you can almost READ EACH OTHERS MINDS?

I know when you first heard of Sending it might have sounded crazy. I realize this because we demonstrate this in every seminar we have and it always amazes the participants far beyond their expectations. Hell even I was amazed when I first tried it out long ago and that was before I spent years studying it tweaking my technique perfecting the results and making it easy for YOU to understand and apply to your life.

Needless to say it works even better now

Using sending you will be able impress someone special with your cool new tool and have some outrageous entertaining evenings with your friends. Are you ready to attract your soon to be lover into your life just through your presence energy and gaze?

Only today, Sending – Dr. Paul Dobransky – Price $107. You will be supported lifetime. Don’t forget to sign up to receive the email, and earn even more rewards.


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