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Sex IQ – Harry Mete


Sex IQ – Harry Mete Download. Battles of the Sexes illuminates how couples can recognize chemical dangers to their bonds and gives singles valuable insi…


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You probably don’t want to hear this, but you must know:

  • Only 5% of men give women multiple vaginal orgasms.
  • 95% of men think they’re good in bed (or adequate) when they’re not.
  • 70% of women don’t have orgasms during intercourse because 70% of men don’t know what they’re doing.
  • 80% of women have never had vaginal orgasms.
  • 70% of women have faked orgasms and 50% of women regularly fake orgasms because they don’t want to bruise the man’s ego.
  • 45-55% of married women cheat on their husbands.
  • 70-90% of non-married women cheat on their boyfriends. Especially women who are younger and have very little religious, moral or family obligations.
  • The main reason husbands divorce wives is because of female infidelity.
  • The main reason for female infidelity is because husbands aren’t giving their wives orgasms.
  • The non-paternity rate is 10-15% worldwide. This means the mother has lied or is mistaken about who the real father of her child is.
  • Women cheat on guys who don’t give them orgasms, but they won’t tell the guy he isn’t giving them orgasms.
  • When you give a woman multiple orgasms, she will become sexually and emotionally addicted to you. She will never cheat on you, she always wants to have sex with you and she wants to fulfill all your sexual fantasies.

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