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Social Media Elite – Matthew Loop Download. Here’s How to Attract an Extra 12, 25 or 40+ New Patients Per Month from Facebook, YouTube, Google, Insta, a…

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Only $92 $377 , Get Social Media Elite – Matthew Loop full Course.

The ULTIMATE Social Media Practice Growth Training for Chiropractors

This training, Social Media Elite, is the first and last course you’ll ever need when it comes to most effectively using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google. The strategies I share are what the world’s busiest chiropractic offices are using right now to grow their impact, influence, and monthly revenue.

Stop getting scammed by the newest Johnny Come Lately ads agencies! They supposedly “do the promotion for you” and promise the world. How has that worked out for you in the past?

Look… It takes minimal work to learn how to profitably use social media yourself. What you can measure you can improve, too. If done the

way I teach, this skill set will pay you over and over again for years to come.

Unlike most other programs out there this is a COMPLETE system without any filler. You’ll finally discover what it takes to create a consistent new patient flow that you couldn’t turn off even if you wanted to.

You’ll learn some of the most insanely viral and super easy ways to boost your traffic, conversions, practice income on a small budget.

Here’s What You Get

Social Media Elite comes with over 65 video tutorials that walk you step by step on how to most profitably use Facebook organic, Facebook advertising, Instagram, Google, SEO, LinkedIn, and YouTube. This system was created for chiropractors by a successful chiropractor. It works for any type practice and comes with a six month money back guarantee.

When you invest today you’ll receive:

The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Blueprint. This is an entire module of content-packed tutorials and trainings. You’ll learn how to use Facebook ads to generate an EXTRA $15,000 – $50,000 per month in practice income. This is still the holy grail of online outreach if done correctly.

This includes done-for-you new patient getting Facebook ads that you can copy and use today to profitably grow your practice with the world’s #1 social network.

Facebook Organic Marketing. These strategies don’t cost you a dime to implement. Who knows how long they’ll be free since Facebook charges for everything. Get while the gettin’s good. 

This also includes my famous “How to Get 5,000 Local Facebook Fans in 30 Days” presentation. This webinar is one of the most popular events I’ve ever hosted and you’ll get to see what so many are raving about!

Instagram Practice Marketing Tutorials. Discover how to get large amounts of local traffic and recognition from the worlds LARGEST mobile photo sharing website. Hardly any doctors even know about these secret methods. Also, included is the brand new training on how to get an extra 2,500 local Instagram fans in the next three weeks ($47 value)

YouTube Video Marketing Training. In this module I reveal how to dominate the search engines with devastating accuracy time and time again using simple videos. My clients average an extra 5-8 New Patients / month with this one tactic alone! 

This module includes our dummy proof YouTube video marketing secrets ranking checklist. Learn how to crush-it and get your content ranked high on Google while generating a tremendous amount of revenue with video.

TikTok Marketing Tutorials. Learn how to use the MOST DOWNLOADED app in iTunes and leverage it to get tens of thousands to potentially millions of views on your content! TikTok has taken the world by storm and has over 500 million users. It’s open season and hardly any chiropractors are tapping into it’s full potential. 

LinkedIn Marketing and Advertising. This module shares high leverage patient attraction strategies that less than 5% of the profession is using. It’s one of the BIGGEST opportunities chiropractors have this year to targeting affluent business owners. While so many have focused on Facebook, LinkedIn has been neglected. That’s great news for you and I!

One method I reveal shows you how to get seen almost every time by your market and achieve 40% click through rates and low cost per clicks under .65 cents. If this is new to you, don’t worry. If you’ve been doing this awhile that last statement should’ve made your eyes light up.

Prepare to have your mind blown as you get FIRST MOVER advantage.

Google My Business (formerly Google Maps) domination blueprint training where I show you how to swipe the #1 listing on Google Maps away from competitors. This formula works like clockwork and could easily net you an extra 12-20 new patients / month from Google Maps.

This includes access to our highly sought after Google Maps “review-crusher” email sequence, protocol, and scripts. These get you Google reviews quickly. Makes the asking process simple and increases patient follow-through.

Search Engine Optimization (basic / advanced videos) tactics that work for your chiropractic website. Learn how to blanket the 1st page of Google without spending any money!

Task-List and quick-start manual. This makes you an unstoppable public relations machine and gives you some structure as to what should be done on a regular basis.   

And more.

Here’s What the Program Will Do For You

  • Show you how to attract your desired number of new patients per month, whether it’s an extra 12, 25, or 40. Our top clients do over 70 per month from social media platforms. That shows you what’s possible.

  • Teach you how to rank #1 on Google and dominate the search engines so you can be found everywhere. These high leverage “systems” will benefit your practice for years and years to come.

  • Make you the most recognized chiropractor in your town so you’re positioned as the go-to health expert.

  • Show you how to FLOOD your website with qualified local traffic. Most Docs don’t get enough visitors to know if their site is great or not.

  • Help you 2-3x your practice income by working SMARTER and less hours. You’ll have more freedom and flexibility to do what you love.

  • Allow you to become an UNSTOPPABLE public relations machine so that anywhere prospective new patients go, they see your content. You’ll have an unfair competitive advantage.

  • Finally provide you with a proven internet marketing strategy. This is what separates those DC’s that attract a few new patients per month versus those that attract a few dozen each month.

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