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Spiritual Gifts – Home Study – Julie Renee


Spiritual Gifts – Home Study – Julie Renee Download. This is the first time out for this exciting new program and there are sure to be many wonderful s…

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Whether you want to have more spiritual gifts or you have special gifts and you’d like to enjoy and appreciate them this class is for you! In our Spiritual Gifts program we’ll be clearing away things that both prevent you from experiencing your gifts and having full access to them. We’ll of course be using the most up to date, revolutionary charts and quantum techniques to accomplish this goal and get you more access to and more enjoyment of your spiritual gifts!

This is the first time out for this exciting new program and there are sure to be many wonderful surprises, blueprint clearings, awareness and openings and I’m sure a few tears of joy! How often to we really take the time to celebrate and enhance the gifts we’ve been given? How often to we actually use them for good to help our self and others on our path to full self-expression? Well we’re getting it together and putting into action the gifts that are abundantly ours by divine birth rite.

We may also touch on other gifts of spirit and we progress through the class, and have an excellent line up of spiritual gifts that are sure to awaken the divine in each one who participates!

Why Understand Your Spiritual Gifts

Why should you even want this? Accessing your healing powers? Oh my goodness, imagine if you were fully unleashed to heal yourself to 100% and assist others in the same way, would that not be a most wonderful and amazing gift to fully experience? What about being able to read between the lines to have a kind of awakened listening tool related to clairvoyance, that you could just tune in and understand when someone is in pain and unable to tell you what’s going on, because they have no access to their own awareness? What about having your voice be a blessing, having people heal and deeply feel peace when you speak or sing?

Be more than your set of circumstances, and what life is throwing at you. Choose to live in your spiritual gifts and enjoy the higher frequencies of love wisdom as you mature in your wondrous life!

5 Spiritual Gifts

Training One:

The gift of healing. We will explore the beautiful gift all of our students on some level. We enjoy the gift of healing our self and the amazing gift of healing others. Sometimes however programs and interferences can get in the way of this manifesting on an outer level to any great extent. So the project is to to clear you so that you’ll being able to heal both yourself and others naturally, filled with grace and ease

Training Two:

Part 1: The gift of knowing and being able to with certainty and confidence move forward in your life feeling directed by high self and the divine fortified with love wisdom.

Training Two:

Part 2: The gift of vocal transmission as of an activation whether using your voice as I’m speaking or singing or sounding to project a healing transmission. We know the human voice is the closest expression to our god essence. When we learn to harness its power, the power of transformation and healing, of love emanating we have a great ability to illuminate transform and heal ourselves and those around us!

Training Three:

Part 1: The gift of the listening through the ears of God and hearing what is being said between the lines being able to interpret and presence a person’s highest expression of self, being able to stand as both their witness and they’re opening to step into a greater expression of self.

Training Three:

Part 2: Divine connection. Having immediate access to wisdom from the higher realms, asking for assistance and being on the higher wavelengths to be heard by the supreme being and divine helpers. In our final session we’ll clear away obstacles to getting direct, inspired illuminating, wisdom that supports your fullest transformative experience in life!

Support materials

Divine Connection

Have you ever felt a connection with the Divine? Many people I work with say that they do not. I understand having this void can cause disappointment. Some people feel lost, unloved and left out. The Q5 Divine Connection meditation can help you shift into the God Connection Zone, so you will feel loved & fully supported in all areas of your life.

  • Breathe in positive Pink and Gold
  • Experience the beauty of the Quantum Pleasure Field
  • Clear your brain of stress and negativity
  • Amplify Love, Power, and Generosity
  • Feel your Divine Worldly Connectedness

You don’t have to experience another day disconnected, lost, and alone. Remember you are cherished, you are loved and cared for. It’s about time you accept it and live it right now! This is the fuel everyone needs when their spiritual connectedness is waning. This is the time to quickly check in and experience the splendor of being human in a spiritual body, connected in love to the Divine.

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