The One Call Sale COMPLETE + bonuses – Ari Galper



The One Call Sale COMPLETE + bonuses – Ari Galper


The One Call Sale COMPLETE + bonuses – Ari Galper

For Trust-Based Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Consultants and Business Owners Who Are Tired Of Hearing “Let Me Think About It” And Want To End The Chasing Game Forever… The One Call Sale® is a Life-Changing Trust-Based Selling Program


The One Call Sale COMPLETE + bonuses – Ari Galper

For Trust-Based Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Consultants and Business Owners Who Are Tired Of Hearing “Let Me Think About It” And Want To End The Chasing Game Forever… The One Call Sale® is a Life-Changing Trust-Based Selling Program

  • How to stop giving away “free consulting” and over-educating your potential clients so they stop shopping around and decide to select you as their only choice
  • Discover why you need to end over-delivering on value to try and get the sale, and instead, shift to providing 100% clarity on their problems (you’ll learn they are very different concepts!)
  • How to stop selling (yes, radical thought!), instead, build deep trust so they resonate with you at a human level, not as a “solution provider”
  • Discover the psychology behind your potential client’s trust-based buying process and why they care less about your solution, and much more about if they trust you or not
  • Secrets to easily moving the sales conversation into an onboarding conversation, so you don’t have to “close the sale” (this is a cathartic experience!)
  • How to create your own “Sales Road Map” so you become a “category-of-one” in your prospect’s mind, so they view you as a problem-solver and not someone who only cares about the sale
Long Sales Cycles Are B.S.!! You Can Make Your Sale In One Scheduled Consultation – But Only If You’re Open To A New Trust-Based Selling Mindset!

You know the drill, you schedule a call with a potential prospect for your offering, you have a great conversation with them, they give you positive signals they are interested in working with you, they even ask you for a proposal… then you end up “chasing” them and they disappear on you!

What the heck is going on with that?

If you are hearing at least one of these after your initial consultation with your prospect, something is seriously wrong with your sales process:

– “Sounds good…”
– “I need to think about it…”
– “We need a proposal from you”
– “I need to digest what you told me…”
– “Send me a follow-up email and I’ll get back to you…”
– “I need to talk to my partner about this and will let you know the outcome…”

Hearing those statements is what makes selling painful.

You’re a professional, and the last thing you want to do is put yourself into a position of having to “chase” someone to make the sale.

Frankly, it’s demeaning, creates subservience, lowers your perceived value and, in many cases, it can eliminate the word “professional” from who you are.

Chasing can make you feel like you’re intruding on someone else’s time. It can make you feel awkward and can destroy any credibility you attempted to build with your potential client.

Most likely, from your previous experience with selling, you have become conditioned over time to assume “chasing” is a normal part of the selling and business development process.

Not in our world it’s not!

Look, no one likes being “sold” and most of us don’t like “selling”. The “selling/sold” dynamic, as necessary as many think it is, makes everyone feel uncomfortable and inauthentic. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way… and I’m going to show you how in our new course: The One Call Sale®

Here are the session topics and what you’ll experience in this once-in-a-lifetime breakthrough program:

(This course is focused on your initial scheduled consultation with your potential client, not on making cold calls. You’ll have instant access to the video recordings when you join!)


Session #1: “The Doctor Will See You Now”

You’ll discover…

  • How to shift your sales conversation from a relationship building call (that often goes nowhere) – to a nurturing doctor/patient diagnostic conversation where you write them a “prescription”
  • Why you need to let go of your goal of “making the sale” so they feel you really care about them, without a hidden agenda
  • How to ask the right questions to go below the “iceberg” so that they can see you are not leading them to a sale
  • Why being aware of your self-talk will allow you to stay in the “mindset”
  • Short cuts to creating instant trust, without having to create a long-term relationship first
  • How to self-diagnose what went wrong if they say “I need to think about it” (that is code for “I don’t trust you.”)


Session #2: “How Do You Feel & Where Does It Hurt?”

You’ll discover…

  • How to actively listenl for deep issues, while being 100% present, instead of just hearing (you’d surprised how different they are!)
  • How to shift from trying to be their friend, to a doctor/patient relationship, where they share with you the truth of their situation
  • Why you need to stop selling the future – telling them how life will be better for them if they choose you – and why that will continue to lose you the sale
  • The key opening trust-based languaging to use in your consultation – that keeps you in control and puts the responsibility for the sale on them and not on you (this will be a game-changer for you!)
  • How to go deep underneath their issues to a “safe place” where they feel comfortable putting an ROI on their problems
  • Discovering the “magic moment” when they are ready to be onboarded with your solution, without you having to “move them forward”


Session #3: The Prescription: Sales Road Map (Part 1)

You’ll discover…

  • Why creating your own Sales Road Map is the biggest breakthrough you’ll ever experience (that’s a promise!)
  • How to use your Sales Road Map to create trust and certainty so you are the only choice for your ideal client
  • Discover why your potential clients really don’t care about how you solve their problem, and why what they really care about is, the way in which you solve their problem (they are very different propositions!)
  • Why we make the mistake of adding multiple “steps” to our sales process, when all they really want is their problem solved
  • How to avoid ever doing proposals again so you can finally get out of the “proposal” business! (If you don’t think this is possible, wait till you see what I’m going to show you!)
  • What trust-based languaging to use when you hear: “I’ll run this past my partner/husband/wife and I’ll get back to you…” (Wait till you hear the strategy for this one!)


Session #4: The Prescription: The Sales Road Map (Part 2) – Live Case Study!

You’ll discover…

  • A live case study walk-through of a Sales Road Map in-action, bringing in high value clients on a regular basis, with a complex sale, on only one sales consultation! (This will blow your mind!)
  • The exact trust-based languaging to use to get to the truth of whether you both are a fit or not and what to say to onboard your prospective client from the beginning to the end of the Sales Road Map walk-through
  • How to help your potential client put their “toe in the water” with you, so they experience your true value and the sale just happens naturally, without any closing techniques or pressure (this is the dream come true!)
  • Ways to leverage your trust-based selling process so it puts you in a category-of-one – so you become the only choice, even if you’re in a commoditized industry
  • How to ensure you’re always creating a seamless two-way dialogue all the way to the point where you both decide you’re a fit together
  • How to experience truly effortless selling, without resistance, so you love using trust-based selling every day!

Only today, The One Call Sale COMPLETE + bonuses – Ari Galper – Price $297. You will be supported lifetime. Don’t forget to sign up to receive the email, and earn even more rewards.

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