The Shift Leadership Training for Women With Sherri Lassila



The Shift Leadership Training for Women With Sherri Lassila


A 9-month Mentorship, Training and Mastermind With Top Evolutionary Leaders

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Are you ready to take your leadership and life’s work to the next level?

Do you desire to connect with other empowered women in a co-creative setting who can help you make your full vision a reality?

Do want to use your unique gifts to make a profound positive impact on the planet?


Develop your knowledge with the The Shift Leadership Training for Women With Sherri Lassila course. Purchuse at here with price $2500 $261. You will get the full course with the same content as Salepage.

The Shift Leadership Training for Women With Sherri LassilaThe Shift Leadership Training for Women With Sherri Lassila

A 9-month Mentorship, Training and Mastermind With Top Evolutionary Leaders

Registration Closed

Are you ready to take your leadership and life’s work to the next level?

Do you desire to connect with other empowered women in a co-creative setting who can help you make your full vision a reality?

Do want to use your unique gifts to make a profound positive impact on the planet?

Are you inspired to become more actively engaged in creating a world that’s aligned with your values, launching an innovative project, or starting a business that can shift things for the better?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, you’re an emerging “Feminine Leader of the Shift” — a woman who wants to lead in a more feminine way that’s heart-centered and effective, spiritually-based and practical, philanthropic and successful. And our world desperately needs YOU!

Join us, along with a select group (only 40 spots!) of other powerful feminine leaders, who also believe it’s time for women to step fully into leadership at all level.

Unprecedented Opportunities for Women in Leadership

We’ve reached an incredible turning point in our human history… where the need to embrace the feminine, especially in leadership, has never been greater. This integration represents a vital evolutionary step for women.

In the United States, especially following the recent elections, we’re witnessing a rising wave of women coming forward and stepping into leadership roles at an unprecedented rate.

Some women are taking an active role in championing causes they’re passionate about or volunteering for local organizations where they believe they can make a difference. Others are ready to answer the call of sacred activism, community organizing or running for office.

In the marketplace, women are seeking roles where they can have greater impact — personally, professionally and for the good of the planet. And many are choosing to launch or expand their own businesses in alignment with this new paradigm.

No matter how this impulse is being ignited within you… the mentors, coaches and guest faculty in The Shift Leadership Training for Women will guide you on your unfolding path toward feminine leadership.

We at The Shift Network, along with Visionary Change Agent and Master Leadership Facilitator, Sherri Lassila, feel that the most important way we can support women to fulfill their highest calling (and make OUR contribution to this critical paradigm shift) is to specifically design this year’s training to equip and empower women so that they can step fully into leadership roles at every level.

Feminine Leadership With Soul

If you are seeking to fulfill your highest potential, learning to embody your full feminine leadership is key.

Powerful feminine leadership turns dreamers into visionary entrepreneurs. It’s time to translate your soul’s vision into tangible reality and move from the status quo to a new reality where you’re truly soaring.

Your feminine leadership has the power to ignite transformation on every level, catalyze those closest to you and connect you to allies in our global community.

Whether you’re well established and working with a large team or a solopreneur in the early stages of a launching a startup, nonprofit or NGO… our seasoned leadership mentors will help you discover how to lead in a way that’s deeply fulfilling, financially abundant and in service to the world.

You’ll discover how you can become more clear, confident, committed, aligned, focused and UNSTOPPABLE as you step into your next level of leadership and life’s work — so YOU can expand your impact and influence as a Shift Leader and unlock your personal and professional leadership potential.

A Collaborative Co-creative Community Invested in YOUR Success
In contemplating your path ahead… you may feel a bit daunted. But if you’re serious about playing a role in shifting the paradigm and becoming a more powerful leader yourself — or simply taking the first steps on your leadership journey — you’ll want to surround yourself with a tribe of like-minded individuals, leaders who’ve gone before you and can act as your coaches, mentors and guides.

They’ll help you release your limitations and play a bigger game, aligned with the deepest intentions of your heart and soul.

In The Shift Leadership Training for Women, you’ll be mentored, supported and empowered by some of the most esteemed leaders and leadership coaches in the world, along with a select group of distinct guest faculty.

You’ll have unlimited access to the world’s top evolutionary leaders — including transformational authors, conscious business leaders, social entrepreneurs, environmental stewards, policy developers, sacred activists and more. They’ll share their expert insights and proven practices to empower you on your unfolding leadership journey (all in one training!).

During this comprehensive 9-month mentorship, designed to fully equip you on your path of feminine leadership, you’ll be guided step-by-step through interactive sessions, exercises and coaching (one-on-one and small group) to move you from dream to reality, concept to market, mission to manifestation.

You’ll be uplifted by our team’s devotion to seeing you fulfill your destiny — and they know what’s possible when a vision like YOUR OWN is manifested in the world!

Plus, not only will you receive expert guidance, you’ll be networking with an incredible caliber of powerful, conscious women. You’ll be learning and growing together inside a collaborative, co-creative community where you’ll have an opportunity to both give and receive wisdom.

With exclusive access to your Shift Leadership mentors, the resources, coaching, training and circle of support, you’ll take a quantum leap in your leadership capacity.

Are You Ready?
This training is ideal for women who feel it’s their time to step forward in a bold new way. It’s been designed for women who want to live on purpose and have a greater impact in the world through their life and their work. Women who are ready to step away from a masculine model of power to become a co-creative partner with the evolutionary impulse.

If you feel momentum building in you as you read these words, if your heart is opening and you feel a quickening in your pulse, if you’re already beginning to think about what you most want to work on in your first coaching sessions… You’re READY.

During this unparalleled 9-month program, you’ll:

  • Expand your capacity to be a cultural change agent — helping to model a new paradigm of leadership, shaping a workplace and world where we can ALL fully thrive
  • Integrate and embody a new way of living and leading that’s fully authentic, inspired and aligned with your highest potential
  • Redefine success, leadership and power for yourself and our world
  • Learn to stay centered and hold your power in challenging situations
  • Unleash greater power and flow as you put your purpose into action in new or bigger ways
  • Develop your unique, authentic and soul-filled speaking skills to engage and inspire your audience
  • Take a huge developmental leap in the core capacities of “inside-out leadership”
  • Realize the next level of your potential as a leader, by unleashing your full power, leading from a state of flow and staying at your growing edge
  • Launch or expand an initiative to put your soul’s mission into action at a higher level
  • Practice and refine the key leadership capacities you need to maximize your influence and impact with others and groups
  • Develop or hone the practical leadership skills to take a vision from an idea to a highly successful initiative
  • Create evolutionary partnerships with like-minded women leaders who can help you stretch beyond your comfort zone, transcend blind spots and embody your higher potential

About Your Facilitator

Sherri Lassila is an executive coach, leadership facilitator and visionary change agent, whose work has transformed the lives of hundreds of women around the world. With a Stanford MBA and MA in Education, multiple coaching certifications and a deep spiritual practice, Sherri is known for blending transformational inner work with practical results. After launching her own company as well as a nonprofit organization, she now facilitates leadership programs at Stanford University Continuing Studies and the Stanford Graduate School of Business Alumni Center. She’s also co-led Stanford Business School’s Women In Management Groups program. In addition, Sherri has been a facilitator at Wisdom 2.0, the well-known conference blending technology and wisdom traditions.

In Sherri’s ongoing programs, she creates highly supportive yet challenging environments where women expand their authentic power, connection, presence and impact. She has worked with entrepreneurs and women in transition, as well as senior leaders in Fortune 500 companies, startups and nonprofits.

Sherri offers tailored support to her clients and course participants, instead of a one-sized cookie cutter approach. She has supported her clients to raise millions of dollars in venture capital funding, achieve significant promotions (while staying true to their values), transition into more meaningful work, launch new company-wide initiatives, negotiate with strength and savvy, significantly increase self-confidence, set stronger boundaries, improve delegation skills and reduce stress – among other notable outcomes.

Some of Sherri’s clients have included:

Naomi Mahoney, Vice President, Digital Services, Charles Schwab
Jan Vorfeld, Head of Operations, One Medical Group
MaryAnn Voli, Managing Director Asia Pacific, PotentialSquared
Cristina Spencer, Founder, Shine On Women
Jamie Askin, President, Good Food
Lisa Van Ahn, Founder, I Am Initiative; Owner, LVA Fitness
Kirsten Romer, Co-Founder, Impact Guild; Leadership Coach
Julia Zarcone, Executive Director, Cantabile Youth Singers
Sherri’s clients have also included executives at Hewlett Packard, Clorox, Pacific Bell, Gap, Genentech, Kaiser Permanente, Nickelodeon, Expedia, CARE USA, Conscious Capitalism Bay Area, Wisdom Women, Linkage Women In Leadership Institute, Minted, Danaher, Achoagen, Pacific Theatres, California State Universities and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Sherri is passionate about expanding pathways for making a difference in ways that honor rather than sacrifice our families and personal lives, and evolving a culture that reflects our higher values and wisdom.

Take a Quantum Leap in Your Feminine Leadership

You can’t unleash your FULL leadership potential alone… you’ll need collaborators, structures, practices and a network that meets you where you are and supports you to the next level. Plus… you need to develop new leadership capacities and skills.

The best leadership development is experiential, action-oriented and integrative, intentionally designed to guide you from where you are to where you want to be.

The Shift Leadership Training for Women features 4 Key Pillars of Leadership. The content is not taught or experienced in a linear sequence, but rather woven throughout the 9-month mentorship. Here are the main threads we’ll cover through 9 months of coaching, collaborating and applied learning in a small group setting.

Overview of the Curriculum

Course sessions are on Thursdays at 12:00pm Pacific.

Pillar I: The Inner Game of Feminine Leadership
Unleashing Your True Purpose, Power & Flow

Redefine success, leadership and power for yourself and our world
Align with your higher guidance, true purpose and unique zone of genius
Expand your authentic confidence and leadership presence
Transcend doubt and unleash greater power in new and challenging situations
Move beyond your inner glass ceiling and habitual patterns that hold you back

Pillar II: Fulfilling Your Vision
Taking Your Soul’s Mission From Idea to Reality

Unleash greater power and flow as you put your purpose into action in new or bigger ways
Design soul-aligned “action leaps” with cycles of innovation, feedback and adjustment
Learn to be be more strategic with your time and energy, so you are working smarter, not harder
Practice using tools for “Dynamic Steering” to navigate through uncertainty and change with greater grace and ease
Integrate and embody a new way of living and leading that’s fully authentic, inspired and aligned with your highest potential

Pillar III: Impact, Influence & Interconnection
Building Relational Intelligence to Lead Others With Ease

Learn authentic and soul-filled speaking skills to engage and inspire your audience
Expand your impact and influence with others, including calling forth their genius and higher potential
Harness the power of “Generative Communication” and “Powerful Relating” so your relationships are empowering rather than draining
Learn to connect in the “we-space” that exists between beings, as well as harnessing the collective field
Stay centered and hold your power in challenging situations

Pillar IV: Leading the Shift
Embodying a New Possibility for Yourself & Our World

Expand your capacity to be a cultural change agent — helping to model a new paradigm of leadership and shape a workplace and world where we can all fully thrive
Learn to build powerful communities and coalitions that are aligned with your vision
Experience a developmental leap in the core capacities of inspired leadership from the inside-out

Detailed Curriculum

Pillar I: The Inner Game of Feminine Leadership
Unleashing Your True Purpose, Power & Flow

Most of us have inherited a more masculine model of “success” from our family, our culture, our colleagues and friends. But as many women have followed that roadmap to success, it often has NOT resulted in a life that feels fully aligned with our deepest heart and soul. So we begin Pillar I by inviting you to redefine success, leadership and power for yourself, envisioning a world where you (and others) can truly thrive.

From there, you’ll need to align your leadership and your work with your deepest values and greatest gifts. You’ll need to stand in your authentic power and presence, so others will be inspired to support you. To support this unfolding, we’ll be using two proven processes to help you align more consistently with your essence and purpose.

And as you rise to the next level of leadership, you’ll find that you are continually required to evolve, expand your comfort zone and transcend your inner barriers to success. You have probably already done tremendous inner work to liberate yourself from conditioned ways of being, so you’ll continue to be supported in moving even further beyond self doubt. As a result, you’ll activate your authentic confidence, more completely recognize your full value, and realign with what matters most deeply to you.

Guest faculty Tim Kelley will play a key role in this pillar, helping you create a more consistent and reliable connection with your source of higher guidance. With that connection in place, you can ongoingly access intuitive wisdom and download “just in time” information about the next steps for unfolding your true purpose. Tim will join the program LIVE to personally coach you, and his methods will become part of our learning community and ongoing curriculum.

In this pillar, you’ll:

Redefine success, leadership and power for yourself and our world
Align your life’s work with your higher guidance and true purpose
Understand your unique zones of genius, empowering you to lead from strength and confidence
Move beyond your inner glass ceiling and breakthrough habitual patterns
Connect to your intuitive guidance and make decisions in alignment with your deepest vision
Align more fully with the creative forces of life to experience greater synchronicity and flow
Enhance your authentic confidence and more fully “own your value”
Unleash greater power and flow as you put your purpose into action
Unhook from the voice of your inner critic and overcome self-doubt so you can unleash greater power — especially in new and challenging situations
Transform your relationship with yourself to one of self-love, trust and confidence

Pillar I Guest Faculty:
HeatherAsh Amara, Building the Inner Strength of a Warrior Goddess, Author, Warrior Goddess, Founder, The Toltec Center of Creative Intent

Tim Kelley, Accessing Higher Guidance & Discovering Your Purpose
Global Change Agent, Founder of True Purpose Institute

Recorded Bonus Teachings:
Claire Zammit, Leading With Feminine Power
Co-creator, Feminine Power Programs, Co-founder, Evolving Wisdom

Jean Houston, Humanity’s Journey of Transformation & Your Exceptional Role
Author, PhD Scholar, Leader in the Human Potential Movement

Marianne Williamson, The Call to Feminine Leadership
Spiritual Teacher, New York Times Bestselling Author

Susanne Cook Greuter, Vertical Development & the Leadership Maturity Framework
Leading Expert in Mature Ego Development & Self-actualization

Pillar II: Fulfilling Your Vision
Taking Your Soul’s Mission From Idea to Reality

This part of the journey is all about developing a compelling vision that expresses who and what you stand for, and then translating it into a specific project with ongoing coaching.

From there, step-by-step, you’ll be supported in taking action on your vision — which will require mastering practical skills to turn your dream into reality. You’ll take inspired actions to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone and make meaningful progress toward manifesting your vision.

As you move into your chosen project, you’ll invariably face issues of limited time and resources, while also wanting to maintain a sense of balance in your life. So you’ll discover principles and practices for effectively managing your precious hours and finances. You’ll also learn to establish systems for optimum success.

In addition, we’ll show you a proven methodology for navigating day-to-day challenges and conflicts, as well as bigger decisions and opportunities — in a way that maintains consistent authentic alignment, and updates your “inner GPS” as you go.

This powerful process integrates best practices from mindfulness, emotional intelligence, transforming limiting beliefs, and a wide variety of healing and coaching modalities into an easy-to-use method.

In this pillar, you’ll:

Take “Inspired Aligned Action Leaps” to bring your vision into reality
Engage in rapid experimentation and be willing to learn from your mistakes and do things differently
Respond effectively to feedback and emerging conditions, while staying true to yourself and your dreams
Operationalize new integrated methods, mindsets and ways of being and doing
Make choices that are fully aligned with your Essential Self, deeper values, inner wisdom and intuitive knowing
Stretch into bold inspired action that expands your comfort zone and reinforces new ways of being
Balance your wellbeing and self-care as you expand your work
Learn to use your time more strategically and productively and balance competing commitments
Navigate more skillfully through uncertainty and change to recover more quickly
Partner with the unknown on a deeper level, suspending the need to know everything so you can uncover new creative solutions

Pillar II Guest Faculty:
Marcia Wieder, The Art of Enrollment: How to Inspire Others to Join You in Your Vision
Founder, Dream University

KC Baker, Clarifying Your Message, Sharing Your Voice (2 Interactive Sessions)
Founder, WomanSpeak & The Women’s Thought Leadership Speaker Agency

Stephen Dinan, Manifesting Your Vision From The Ground Up
Founder & CEO, The Shift Network

Recorded Bonus Teachings:
Lisa Nichols, Becoming the Divine Messenger You Were Born to Be
Motivational Speaker, New York Times Bestselling Author

Mari Smith, Connect With Effect: How to Reach the People That Matter Through Facebook & Beyond
Top Social Media Expert

Brett Thomas, Strategic Prioritization for Maximum Leverage
Transformational Business Coach

Lisa Sasevich, Creating Your Irresistible Offer
Founder of the Invisible Close

Pillar III: Impact, Influence & Interconnection
Building Relational Intelligence to Lead Others With Ease

This pillar focuses on how you’re leading and relating with others. Relationships are a key ingredient of leadership, and many aspects of what you’ll want to do in the world happen in and through relationship with others. So you’ll learn to relate in a way that deepens your connection with others and also expands your impact and influence. As a result, you can inspire others, co-create and find synergy and mutuality.

That said, relationships often involve conflict. And in the face of conflict, you may lose connection with your center and then block access to your full power and flow. In these situations, you may have a tendency to over-compromise or have difficulty saying no. You may come on too strong and then find you are unable to access the full wisdom and potential of others.

So you’ll discover how you can be connected with others in a way that naturally brings forth your fullest creative potential while also calling forth the genius of others. And as you bring out the best in each other, co-creativity and synergy can thrive! You’ll begin to develop networks of highly developed people who inspire your highest potential.

You’ll also learn to stay true to yourself in the face of conflict or challenge. You’ll practice navigating emotions — your own as well as those around you. You’ll discover how to respond skillfully to what’s needed in the moment.

Finally, you’ll practice a higher order of human relating that’s possible among conscious evolutionaries. As we recognize our inherent connectedness and learn to harness the power of the relational field, we unleash greater than imagined possibilities.

In this pillar, you’ll:

Expand your impact and influence with others, including calling forth their genius and higher potential
Harness the power of “Generative Communication” and “Powerful Relating” so your relationships are empowering rather than draining
Transform patterns that have held back your full leadership potential with others (including perfectionism, over-accommodating, people-pleasing, undervaluing your work and more)
Discover powerful ways to transform disagreements using deep listening and transparent, vulnerable, authentic sharing
Clear and prevent blame, resentment and guilt, keeping a clear relational field
Practice setting clear boundaries with others and making clear requests
Build relationships of higher integrity and trust
Practice the art of inspiring and calling forth the genius, higher potential and commitment in your co-creators
Learn to relate from your “soul essence” to find greater synergy and co-creativity with others
Connect deeply and authentically with like-minded women, inspiring and supporting each other as you express your purpose more fully

Pillar III Guest Faculty:
Katherine Woodward Thomas, Powerful Relations & Generative Communication
New York Times Bestselling Author, Marriage & Family Therapist, Inspirational Speaker

Patricia Albere, Awakened Mutuality: Leadership Inside the New Paradigm of Unity
Founder, Evolutionary Collective

Recorded Bonus Teachings:
Daniel Goleman, Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence
New York Times Bestselling Author, Emotional Intelligence

Joan Blades, Respect in the Workplace
Co-founder, &

Chade-Meng Tan, Search Inside Yourself: Enlightened Leadership Worldwide
Google Pioneer, Bestselling Author, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

Karl Steyaert, Transforming Conflict
NVC Trainer & Conflict Transformation Specialist

Pillar IV: Leading the Shift
Embodying a New Possibility for Yourself & Our World

As an evolutionary leader, you want more than just being successful in the cultures and structures that exist — you want to shape the world in alignment with your true wisdom and values. It’s our mission to consciously build a healthier and more sustainable culture, workplace and world, rather than remaining unconsciously limited and pulled off-center by what we’ve inherited.

This kind of leadership requires new ways of thinking, decision-making, action and collaboration. We need to become consistent models of the changes we want to see and consciously design “micro-cultures” — prototypes of the world we want to create. We need to harness all the resources at our disposal — our time, our talents, our financial resources, our “human networks,” our political capital — in service of our greater vision.

Given that collaboration is a key to success in today’s world, you’ll discover how to build partnerships that are truly effective — leveraging the unique genius of each player. You’ll also experience exciting and powerful breakthroughs around your vision when we explore practices together as an “evolutionary community.”

Finally, this module will give you a chance to integrate all of your learning from this program so you can expand and replicate this kind of evolutionary partnership, community and culture going forward — in your life, your workplace and the world.

In this pillar, you’ll:

Expand your skills and capacity to be a high-impact cultural change agent — helping to model a new paradigm of leadership where we can all fully thrive
Discover how to harness greater collaboration and community building to unleash the power of our collective field… for your individual and shared missions
Develop collaborative practices as an evolutionary community, staying in consistent alignment with our true gifts, deepest values and fullest power
Understand why a “field of empowered relationships” is required to become a high-impact evolutionary leader, and how to create a new level of partnership that catalyzes your higher potential and supports your vision
Expand your network to include people who both stretch and support you, as well as those who mentor and sponsor your work in the world
Create an upward spiral of success by forming your own personal advisory board, as well as a mastermind circle that inspires you to constantly uplevel your game
Clarify how your vision ties into a larger “Shift” you want to catalyze on our planet, and align it with your economic, social and environmental goals
Use appreciative inquiry skills to draw out the collective wisdom of a group and advance a shared vision
Learn collaborative leadership methods and skills to partner more effectively with others
Understand the best practices of higher consciousness organizations, and how you might apply them to your work

Pillar IV Guest Faculty:

Devaa Haley Mitchell, Leveraging ALL Your Resources for Maximum Impact
Co-founder, The Shift Network, Founder, Inspiring Women With Soul Programs

Amy Fox, Working Together For Collective Change
CEO, Mobius Executive Leadership

Recorded Bonus Teachings:

Bert Parlee, Polarity Management: Identifying and Managing Unsolvable Problems
CEO, Spectrum, Former Chief of Staff, Integral Institute

Ocean Robbins, The Power of Partnership: Building Bridges Across Great Divides
Social Entrepreneur, CEO, Food Revolution and Founder, YES!

Frederic Laloux, Best Practices of Higher Consciousness Leaders & Organizations
Author, Reinventing Organizations

Monica Sharma, Whole Systems Transformation & Achieving Measurable Results at Scale
Former Director of Leadership and Capacity Development at the United Nations

Chris Attwood, Creating Enlightened Alliances
New York Times Bestselling Author, Motivational Speake
Two Intimate Retreats in 2017
April 10-13 & December 2-5 in Petaluma, California

Two in-person retreats will build on what you’ll discover in the 4 Pillars, providing a place for learning and an opportunity to drop into a deep space of collective presence where our higher potentials and visions can emerge with greater clarity.

During these intimate gatherings, you’ll bond with and receive deep support from like-minded evolutionaries. You’ll practice a higher consciousness way of relating that allows you to feel profoundly seen and calls you and others to the next level growth and leadership.

These retreats will combine meditation, movement, nature, experiential exercises, deep reflection, bonding, ritual and practical skills and process to expand your impact and influence in the world.

In the April Retreat, you’ll experience a deepening process to further crystallize your vision and project, and your next steps for making it real. You’ll practice articulating your gifts, what you stand for and your emerging vision and project. You’ll receive the kind of transformational feedback to improve both your project ideas and your skills in presenting them.

You’ll also experience and learn how to create a group field of high resonance and wholehearted trust — a kind of unity that also enhances and requires the unique contribution of each individual. Finally, you’ll explore how to take the practices of retreat into your daily life at home to nurture your fullest potential.

For the December Retreat, you’ll have an opportunity to focus on integration and next steps for sustaining and expanding your vision and amplifying your impact as a leader. We’ll celebrate your leadership growth and progress on your project, as well as assess and fine-tune your vision based on learning throughout the program.

You’ll give an updated presentation about your initiative, and receive feedback from your peers and core faculty about what you’ve offered.

Together, we’ll plan next steps and set up a system of support for maintaining momentum on your mission and project, and sustaining your leadership growth over time. Finally, you’ll integrate what we’ve learned about building evolutionary community and culture, and develop your plan to expand this kind of community and culture in your workplace, community or other contexts where you lead.

Location: Our retreats will be hosted at EarthRise, a beautiful, conscious retreat center located within the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) campus… just 35 minutes north of San Francisco.

This is also the office headquarters for The Shift Network, and you’ll have an opportunity to meet some of our senior leaders. Amid 194 acres of rolling hills, you’ll have time to enjoy hiking trails that meander through native live oak woodlands and the surrounding open space, which offers panoramic vistas of the Northern California landscape.

**Please note that your food, lodging and facility fees at Earthrise retreat center are NOT INCLUDED in your program tuition. See FAQ for anticipated costs.**

Individual Executive Coaching
6 Sessions With Executive Coaches Sherri Lassila & Susan Cannon

Working one-on-one with an executive coach will help you take your mission and leadership to the next level, and is key to your ability to unlock still more of your potential, fulfillment and impact.

Over 6 individual sessions with one of our master coaches, you’ll:

Set personalized leadership development goals that build on your strengths and enhance key areas of improvement
Develop a powerful vision for yourself, your work and the business/organization/community you lead
Translate your vision into a project or initiative that takes your work and leadership to the next level of impact
Receive a personalized action plan for making your project a success
Stay true to yourself and your purpose as you integrate feedback from multiple sources on your vision and project
Steer dynamically toward your vision — resolving challenges and responding effectively to changing conditions, se


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