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Intro to Course

•2 mins
How to Get Help & Make Requests

1. Getting Set Up

We walk you through setting up the exact template we use for our paying clients, then give you a tour of how to use Ahrefs, the main tool we’ll be focusing on throughout the rest of the course.
Installing Our Google Sheets Template
•1 min

A Note on Free Trials

•2 mins

Ahrefs Keyword Research Overview

•13 mins

2. Identifying Your True Competitors

The first step in completing your spreadsheet is to identify the *right* competitors to analyze. We never skip these three methods.

Ask Your Client Directly (using these questions)

•6 mins

Use Sparktoro to Find Sites Your Audience Trusts

•3 mins

Use Ahrefs to Find Competing Domains

•2 mins

3 Creating a Master List of Everything Your Competition Ranks For

Once you’ve identified the right competitors to analyze, it’s time to export all their SEO data into an organized, searchable Master List. Find a term you want to rank for? Use the Master List to open the exact page on your competitors site to take notes on what you can do better.

Exporting (Relevant) SEO Data Per Each Competitor

•8 mins

Adding the Data to Google Sheets, Removing Duplicates and Organizing

•10 mins

Stylizing, Formatting, and Making the Data Readable

•6 mins

How to Interpret The Master List (and put it to good use)

•6 mins

4. Planning Your Marketing Funnel Around Easy-To-Rank-For Keywords

Reviewing the structure of a Marketing Funnel, then walking through the process of organizing each phase of yours based around traffic-driving keyword opportunities.

Importing Your Master List Into Ahrefs to Make it Filterable

•5 mins

 Resource: Save this Funnel Image

•94.2 KB

Applying Informational Intent Filters and Exporting Back Into Google Sheets

•8 mins

Applying Commercial Intent Filters and Exporting Back Into Google Sheets

•7 mins

Organizing the Data and Making Each Tab Readable

•10 mins
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5. Creating an Expert-Level Content Strategy

It’s one thing to come up with a bunch of data. It’s another thing to actually be confident interpreting said data, then knowing exactly how to put it to good use.
What Topic Clusters Are and Why They’re Important for Growing Your Traffic

How to Plan a Topic Cluster Using Your Completed Spreadsheet

•13 mins

6. Estimating ROI in SEO and Content Marketing

Forecasting ROI is often an abstract hurdle for SEO pros, while managing expectations is crucial for avoiding disappointed clients. Everyone needs to be on the same page about how long it might take to see substantial results and how those results can reasonably be forecasted (to justify the up-front investment).
In this section you’ll learn how we go about projecting future traffic, and most importantly, future earnings for the businesses we consult for. Be conservative in your estimates, demonstrate you know what you’re doing and leave room for them to be surprised by your successes down the road. It’s always better to under-promise and over-deliver than vice versa.

Using the ROI Calculator

•6 mins

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