Winning Publicity Formula


Winning Publicity Formula


This is a very good way to piss off a long list of influential people. Please do not do this, ever. It’s damning to your brand, and to the reputation of the PR industry. Here are six steps on what you should do instead.


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  • 1 PR Secrets to Drive Sales
  • 2 Your Stories = Media Goldmine
  • 3 The Six-Figure Media Game Plan

3 QuickStart

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Foiling Curious Reporters
  • 3 Overcoming The Curse Of Knowledge
  • 4 Making Google a Media Monitor

4 Module 1

  • Module1-Introduction.mp3
  • Module 1 – Magic Sentence Starters An Introduction.mp4
  • Module 1 – Making Headlines Locally & Globally.mp4
  • Module 1 – Where Most Media Releases Go Wrong.mp4
  • Module-1-Magic-Sentence-Starters-An-Introduction.mp3
  • Module-1-Making-Headlines-Locally-Globally.mp3
  • Module-1-Making-News-for-the-Right-Reasons.mp3
  • Module-1-Where-Most-Media-Releases-Go-Wrong.mp3
  • WPF – Module 1 – Introduction.mp4
  • WPF – Module 1 – Making News for the Right Reasons.mp4
  • WPF-Module1-MagicSentenceStartersAnIntroduction.pdf
  • WPF-Module1-MakingHeadlinesLocallyGlobally.pdf
  • WPF-Module1-MakingNewsForTheRightReasons-1.pdf
  • WPF-Module1-WhereMostMediaReleasesGoWrong.pdf

5 Module 2

  • Module 2 – High Conversion Media Release Template
  • Module 2 – How To Find Your Winning Angles.mp4
  • Module 2 – Introduction.mp4
  • Module 2 – Magic Sentence Starters.mp4
  • Module-2-MagicSentenceStarters.mp3
  • Module-2-Seeking-Your-Stories-Angles_01.mp3
  • Module-2-Welcome_01.mp3
  • WPF-Module2-FairytaleFun.pdf
  • WPF-Module2-HowToFindYourWinningAngles.pdf
  • WPF-Module2-MagicSentenceStarters.pdf
  • WPF-Module2-MediaReleaseChecklist-1.pdf

6 Module 3

  • Module3-CredibilityQualifyingStatement.mp3
  • Module 3 – Credibility Qualifying Statement.mp4
  • Module 3 – Introduction.mp4
  • Module 3 – Kick Arse Quotes.mp4
  • Module-3-Introduction.mp3
  • Module-3-Kick-Arse-Quotes.mp3
  • WPF-Module3-CredibilityQualifyingStatements.pdf
  • WPF-Module3-EightMediaReleasePitfalls1.pdf
  • WPF-Module3-KickArseQuotes.pdf

7 Module 4

  • Plug-Play-Guide-To-Media-Release-Templates
  • Module4-PhoneScriptsThatNailThePitch.mp3
  • Module 4 – Phone Scripts That Nail The Pitch.mp4
  • Module 4 – Pitches That Hit Home Runs.mp4
  • Module 4 Intro.mp4
  • Module-4-Intro.mp3
  • Module-4-Pitches-That-Hit-Home-Runs.mp3
  • WPF – Module 4 – Fill-In-The-Blanks Media Release Template Walkthrough.mp4
  • WPF-Module4-PhoneScriptsThatNailThePitch-2.pdf
  • WPF-Module4-PitchesThatHitHomeRuns.pdf

8 Module 5

  • Module 5 Headlines To Hook & Reel.mp4
  • Module-5-Conversation-Keep-Me-Safe-Techniques.mp3
  • Module-5-Headlines-That-Hook-Reel.mp3
  • Module-5-Introduction.mp3
  • Module-5-Media-Release-Distribution.mp3
  • Module-5-Photo-Magic.mp3
  • Module-5-Sprinkle-Magic-Words.mp3
  • WPF – Module 5 – Conversation Keep Me Safe Techniques.mp4
  • WPF – Module 5 – Intro Video.mp4
  • WPF – Module 5 – Media Release Distribution.mp4
  • WPF – Module 5 – Photo Magic.mp4
  • WPF – Module 5 – Sprinkle Magic Words.mp4
  • WPF-Module5-CompellingVideo.pdf
  • WPF-Module5-HeadlinesToHookReel.pdf
  • WPF-Module5-KeepMeSafeInterviewTechniques.pdf
  • WPF-Module5-PhotoMagic.pdf
  • WPF-Module5-SprinkleMagicWords.pdf
  • WPF-Module5-TheGoldilocksWindow.pdf

9 Module 6

  • Mdule-6-Switchboard-Gauntlet_audio.mp3
  • Module 6 – Intro.mp4
  • Module 6 – Monetising Media.mp4
  • Module 6 – Overcoming The Gatekeeper Gauntlet.mp4
  • Module 6 – TheUltimateNewsFormulaBlueprint.mp4
  • Module-6-Intro_audio.mp3
  • Module-6-Monetising-Media_audio.mp3
  • Module-6-The-Ultimate-News-Formula-Blueprint_audio.mp3
  • Overcoming-the-Gatekeeper-Gauntlet-SCRIPT.docx
  • Overcoming-the-Gatekeeper-Gauntlet-SCRIPT.pages
  • WPF-Module6-MonetisingTheMedia1.pdf
  • WPF-Module6-OvercomingTheGatekeeperGauntlet2.pdf
  • WPF-Module6-TheUltimateNewsFormulaBlueprint1.pdf

10 Bonus


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One that’s powerful and won’t piss off your media listing

So, you’ve determined you’re geared up to make an statement to media. You’re starting a brand new venue, launching a product or pronouncing a partnership.

Perhaps you’ve been advised the manner to do that is with the aid of using writing a media release, after which sending it as a BCC to a massive listing of journalists.

This is a excellent manner to piss off an extended listing of influential people. Please do now no longer do this, ever. It’s damning on your brand, and to the popularity of the PR industry. Here are six steps on what you must do instead.

Carve out your priority media

My mantra is to do less, more effectively.

I know that I can’t email 100 journalists in a day and even if I did, the outcomes I want will come from only 20 on that list. Instead, I identify who are my top priority journalists with the below criteria:

Topic relevance

You need to find journalists interested in your industry or type of product, who have covered similar stories or scoops before. If I’m launching a new hospitality venue, I’m not going to email a fashion correspondent…

Target audience

Talking to the wrong audience is futile. Download the outlet’s media kit for audience demographics – where do their readers/listeners/viewers live, what are they interested in, what do they do for fun. Are they an audience interested in your product, and are they likely to visit your website?

Key words

Conduct a search for your products’ key terms on Google news. Note which news outlets organically appear on the first few pages of results?

For example, my key words for CommsClass are ‘PR Consultant Melbourne’. When I type this into Google News, the outlets that rank first include The AustralianAdNewsMarketing Magazine Australia and Digital Journal. If I was going to pitch a story, I know that these outlets need to be made a priority.

Domain authority (DA)

DA is a rating that predicts how properly a internet site will rank on seek engine end result pages. When you earn an internet editorial from a better-rating DA which drives traffic – via a link – in your personal internet site, this earns you credibility with Google(!).

Here is wherein you could Download the Moz Tool bar to screen your personal area authority, in addition to the ones for different media sites. When placing collectively your media list, handiest encompass retailers which have a website authority better than your personal internet site.

After checking off those 4 standards you have to have a notably applicable and effective – however short – media list.

Service remaining media, with an RSS or subscribe function

If you’ve constructed media lists withinside the past, you’ll locate that a lot of them don’t make this new precedence list.

Of course, those relationships are nevertheless crucial and also you want to carrier them with updates if they’re truly fascinated and/or awaiting it.

I advise putting in place a weblog web page to your web website online wherein you could residence media updates, with a subscribe function. Use RSS, or ship the replace via a good mailing machine like MailChimp which automates unsubscribe links.

Ask those media if they’re glad to be subscribed. Don’t worry – if they’re truly fascinated and you’ve got a relationship, they won’t mind. In fact, they’ll admire you’re asking their permission and can be much less probable to delete the emails.

Personalise your media angle

Back to your priority list, your crème de la crème.

You now have a short but effective list you can spend more time on. You need to brainstorm a personal idea for each that will gauge their interest, with the end goal of generating coverage.

In some cases, the announcement you think is newsworthy will need another hook. Sorry.

This is called a ‘media angle’. Here are some examples, but depending on your announcement there are 100 ways to skin the cat, so to speak.

The fundamental is to read, watch or listen to their segments/columns and consider how you could place your news in a way that fits with their content.

Picture opportunities

Print publications or highly visually blogs will often run stories if there is a great photo to accompany it. The more colourful and grabbing the better.  Email the editor with a colourful and descriptive idea for them to shoot, or if they run supplied imagery, provide your own.

Trend or round up stories

Show that your product is part of a wider trend. You’ll need proof – so other examples of the trend. And potentially a high-profile spokesperson to comment. Better yet is if you can supply qualified research/statistics that prove your idea. Just make sure you’re using a reputable source – journalists won’t publish unattributed opinions.

Recipe sections

Applicable to F&B and hospitality, recipes are a great way of earning publicity. Be sure to downsize the quantities, add an introduction, and check the copy is error free. Also, having quality photography will make (or break) your chances of getting the recipe published.

Know your timings

Different styles of publications work to different deadlines so it’s essential you check, before you pitch.

For example, you wouldn’t email Gourmet Traveller Magazine about an event happening in three weeks’ time, as their lead times are a minimum of 3 – 6 months. Here’s a rough guide:

  • Online: can publish immediately – but best practice would be pitching at least two weeks prior
  • Newspaper: Weekly supplements (six-eight weeks) / EGN or daily pages (two-four weeks)
  • Magazine: three – twelve months, depending on frequency …

What is Everything Else?

Everything Else is a product category on Amazon that is meant to be a catch-all for items that don’t fit into any other categories. Over time, as the Amazon catalog has grown and more specific product categories have been added, Everything Else has become less useful and more of a junkyard for cast off and forgotten listings.

Until recently, however.

Why are items listed in Everything Else when they shouldn’t be?

The solution to this within reason simple. Some dealers are the usage of Everything Else as an possibility to get round Amazon’s gated class requirements. For example, DVDs with an MSRP of over $25 are now gated Selling positive merchandise and bran… More and require permission to list. So we’ve visible a few dealers create new listings in Everything Else to get round those requirements. We’ve observed similar “workarounds” for different gated or restricted Selling positive product categorie… More classes as well.

Amazon doesn’t like this. It simply makes the catalog extra of a multitude than it already is and finally ends up creating a worse consumer experience.

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