Your First 1K 2022 – Mariah Coz



Your First 1K 2022 – Mariah Coz


Your First 1K 2022 – Mariah Coz

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Your First 1K 2022 – Mariah Coz

Your First 1K 2022 - Mariah Coz

Your First 1K 2022 – Mariah Coz

Here’s what you get when you enroll today:

  • Guided, step-by-step list building and digital product creation & launching lessons.
  • Everything you need to launch a small, simple digital product and put it on evergreen in just a few weeks
  • Course Community for finding collaborators and networking

In YOUR FIRST 1K®, you’re going to do 3 simple but powerful things for your online business:

1. Attract and build an audience and email list of raving fans around your offers (so they are the perfect fit when you’re ready to sell!)

2. Launch a simple, small digital product and put it on an evergreen funnel for year-round sales. This simple digital product is the foundation of your future signature programs!

3. Cultivate your confidence as a course creator and coach. Prove to yourself you can sell online and that people love what you offer!

Fed up and frustrated with vague “strategies” and outdated “tips and tricks” about growing your audience and creating a simple digital product? 

You’re in the right place.

If you’re frustrated with your list size, your stagnant audience growth, and the slow progress


(You know, the one that calls you on your BS and won’t let you waste your time on strategies that don’t work!).
Let’s be real – at this stage, you’re not thinking about “7-figures” or “scaling”. You’re just getting started and looking to make those first few sales!
You may be just getting started but you’ve got big dreams and plans for yourself. You have a vision for your future and know your business is going to impact thousands of people with signature courses, powerful coaching programs and more.
But today, you need to lay the foundation for where you’re headed. You don’t need to get bogged down in any of that fancy stuff right now – what you need is just some proof of concept that people are interested in buying your digital products!
At this stage, you just need 2 things:
1. You need to prove to yourself that you can sell SOMETHING to SOMEONE online (aka, you need that Confidence!)
2. You need real sales to validate your offer idea and get you into momentum moving forward (aka, you need some Cash!)
This is exactly what Your First 1K® is designed to do!

A lot of people think that building their email list and making their first digital product is some mythical, magical secret. It’s not.

It’s about creating value, educating your readers, and getting in front of the right audience.

This is a step-by-step process that takes you through growing your email list and creating your first, small, evergreen digital product.

In Your First 1K®, I’ll show you how to grow your list of email subscribers, and how to create and sell your first tiny digital product (like a workshop, email course, or download). You’ll get all the tools, the strategies, and the support you need to reach Your First 1K®!

For the first few months of my business, growing my audience and income felt so slow! So what changed?

  • I stopped screwing around and implemented real, effective, high-ROI list building techniques.
  • Nothing spammy or icky – just some hard work and strategic planning (as in, I stopped throwing pasta at the wall).
  • I stopped trying to make pennies with ads, sponsored posts or affiliate links, and instead created a really valuable digital product for my readers, which they were happy to pay for.
It doesn’t have to take ages to grow your readership or monetize your blog, platform or skills. You just have to have to spend time on the right things – things that really work.

It’s all connected.

The biggest mistake I see aspiring course creators and digital product CEOs making is that they build their email list separate from creating their own products, when in reality the two are completely related and need to happen in tandem.
So many people build up their email lists first (usually in a way that takes forever), and then when they go to create and sell their first product they have the WRONG audience. Yikes.
This is why you need to build your list and create your products in a cohesive and connected way, where it all ties together. When you start with the end in mind, building your list AND your product becomes so much easier.
Your First 1K® is the foundation of building your future online course & coaching company.
But you gotta start small and simple. You gotta walk before you can run. Everyone starts form scratch with that first sale!
By starting with the end in mind, we can build a powerful audience on a platform that you own (your email list) that become your future customers for life.
What starts out as your $29-$99 small digital product, has the potential to evolve into a $500 premium course or even the foundation of a $5,000 group coaching program in the future!
It starts with planting the seed now.
  • •Validate your offers with a simple digital product that’s easy to put together.
  • •Build an email list of raving fans who will become customers for life.
  • •Get started with a simple evergreen funnel you can build in a day so you have a solid foundation.

Stop creeping, start climbing. 

Many new content creators, aspiring course creators and coaches start off monetizing their platforms in really backwards ways, because an “expert” told them that display ads, sponsored posts and affiliate links were the way to be successful and make money. They start by making $20 a month, then $30 a month, then maybe $100 a month, and they do this for months and months creeping up the ladder, wondering when this “big break” they were told about is going to happen.
But that is not the right way to approach monetizing your platform!
You can do better. You can sell your own digital products to an audience on a platform that YOU own.
We will show you how.

YOUR FIRST 1K® is designed for implementation. It’s simple, but comprehensive. 

We give you templates, scripts, and training so you’re not starting from scratch.

  • Step by Step lessons with easy-to-follow list-building and digital product creation strategies so you can start now, from where you are.
  • Foundation and Blitz strategies so your website becomes a conversion machine, & you create influxes of new subscribers.
  • Tried and true strategies and templates that hundreds of our students have used to grow their email list and sell their first digital product.
  • Resources & tutorials, easy to understand graphics and examples so you see how to implement the simple strategies into your own business.
The Your First 1K® program is an accelerated step by step plan to launching your small digital product and putting it on evergreen, with simple but powerful list-building strategies to grow your audience.

Each module includes easy-to-follow lessons, templates, and scripts so you never get stuck!

WEEK 1: Choose Your Digital Product & Create a Simple Sales Page
  • Choose one of 7 types of simple digital products that is suited to your strengths and easy for you to create and deliver
  • Determine your perfect price point for your digital product
  • Create a simple sales page that showcases the value of your digital product using our template and outline
  • Includes our “fill in the blank” Simple Sales Page Copy Template to make writing your sales page quick and painless!
WEEK 2: Write Your Launch Promo Emails and Promo Posts
  • Write powerful promotional emails for your digital product launch with our templates and scripts
  • Create promotional posts for your social media to promote your digital product
  • Prepare to go live with your digital product launch
  • Includes our “fill in the blank” Launch Email Sequence Template so you can write your promotional emails and social media posts with ease
WEEK 3: Launch Your Digital Product
  • It’s time to launch your digital product to your audience!
  • Open the cart, send your emails, post with confidence, and welcome your first customers
  • Celebrate your launch – you just took a huge step in your online business
  • Includes our day-by-day Launch Calendar, tracking tool, and checklists to keep you on track
WEEK 4: Deliver Your Digital Product
  • Depending on your digital product delivery type, you’ll publish your digital product to your new customers (either a video, a downloadable, a template or tool)
  • Get initial feedback from your first customers for social proof
  • Prepare to go evergreen with your digital product
  • Includes our Customer Survey form examples and Why Didn’t You Buy survey examples
WEEK 5: Set Up & Publish Your Simple Evergreen Funnel
  • Create the simplest one-page evergreen funnel to sell your digital product year-round
  • Use our strategic templates and page layouts to craft a perfect funnel page
  • Track your opt ins and sales and optimize your metrics
  • Includes examples of funnel pages that convert and our metric tracking tool
List Building Blitz & Foundations: Attract Email Subscribers
  • Optimize your website for list-building with foundational strategies
  • Set up a simple, high value lead magnet to attract the right audience
  • Create Content Upgrades that amplify your content into list-building machines
  • Collaborations and Relationship-based audience growth (Guest posting, getting featured and more)
  • Viral List-building: Create a viral giveaway to grow your audience
  • and more!

This program is designed to be implemented in just a few focused weeks, and includes 12 months access to the program, content and community.

Here’s why this will help you become more successful, faster:

You can launch and evergreen your digital product in just a matter of weeks.

I know you are super motivated to create your digital products and lay the foundation for your future courses and programs. I know you’re ready for all the freedom, impact, and fulfillment that comes with it.

Now here’s the truth: no matter how motivated you are, if we give you lifetime access…you’ll never take action and the procrastination gremlin could get in your way.

I know, I know! But we’ve tested it extensively, and the reality is that our clients who have 12 months access get the best results and they get them QUICKLY.

12 months is the PERFECT container of time for you to make massive progress and nudge you to beat the procrastination gremlin that’s standing between you and your goals!

You’ll make the most of our time together and accomplish more than you thought possible in the 12 months.

We actually care about your results. We care that you implement these strategies. That’s why we designed this program to be 12 months…to give you more than enough time to implement everything and then some, but to make sure you actually do take action!

Raving fans and email subscribers. A solid foundation.
The tools to build an audience and launch a small digital product.

Are you ready to get your first 1,000 email subscribers and make your first small digital product? 

Only today, Your First 1K 2022 – Mariah Coz – Price $619. You will be supported lifetime. Don’t forget to sign up to receive the email, and earn even more rewards.

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